South Park

Season 10 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • This episode shows how insensitive some adults are

    Cartman has a point that Ceasar's way of "rehabilitating" is abuse, Those people in nanny shows and Ceasar Milan are practically the same, "Nanny 911" seems to treat children there like "pets", There's no such thing as "Pack leaders or the most dominant person in a family, Children just need to learn how to respect and behave, sure children can be hyperactive at times, Parents think that they are out of control, But for kids it's simply playing games, nannies or caretakers can't change their behaviour, only their parents can change them. Children don't need discipline at these situations (like spanking them when they did something bad etc.) they need counseling, parents need their children to understand that what they did is wrong, if they use physical discipline, kids might think that they're parents hate them which causes them to behave more badly.

    Also don't think that giving what they want can stop their whining (like when they want candy/food etc.)It only makes things worse, like Cartman's mom, Lianne keeps giving Cartman whatever he wants when he wants it. She seems to let Cartman take over her life. Since Lianne keeps giving Cartman anything he likes cartman thinks that he should get everything he wants.

    Whoa... I'm being off-topic right now