South Park

Season 3 Episode 5

Tweek vs. Craig

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The boys (sans Kenny) take shop class so they won't be sissies. They also let their instructor, Mr. Adler; know that both Tweek and Craig are troublemakers. Meanwhile, over in home economics, Wendy is mad because she wanted shop class and Kenny is delighted because he is in home economics. Is the reason for Kenny's delight that he might be a sissy, or is there just less danger of being killed? For a distraction in their shop class, Cartman bets with Stan and Kyle that Craig will be able to beat Tweek in a fight. They instigate a fight between the two that will take place after school. The shop teacher is having live action daydream about a woman. When Tweek and Craig both go home after school, the boys go their respective houses to instigate the boys. The fight is set again for the following day. Mr. Adler has an unsuccessful date, since he is still obsessing over his live action daydream.

The next day the boys hold a press conference for the big fight. When the words begin to fly between our boys, they break out into a fight, while Tweek, Craig, and the other children just sit and watch. In home economics the teacher instructs the girls and Kenny on tips for the 1st date. In shop Mr. Adler keeps having his daydream. After school its time for the big fight, but neither boy really knows what to do. The fight is postponed, while the combatants are trained in the art of fighting. Jimbo and Ned teach Tweek the art of boxing (dirty), while Cartman gets Craig instructed in the fine art of Sumo wrestling. Mr. Adler's dreams continue about the woman who he never got to say goodbye to.

In home economics the teacher instructs the girls and Kenny on nagging tips. The home economics teacher suggests to Kenny (to his horror) that she is going to transfer him to shop since his lack of home economic skills won't get him a husband. Its fight time and the boys begin their fight; meanwhile Mr. Adler makes plans to commit suicide using a table saw. Mr. Adler gets distracted from this task, when Kenny transfers into the and the Tweek and Craig's fight breaks its way into the workshop. The boys' fighting results in Kenny being killed by a circular saw. When Mr. Adler retrieves Kenny's body, he sees in Kenny's face the images of the woman and some of his other dead relatives.

At the hospital the children go to visit Tweek and Craig and the boys confess their guilt to them about how they manipulated them into fighting. They proceed to do it to them again, causing Tweek and Craig to get out of their hospital beds and start fighting all over again.

Kenny dies when Tweek and Craig's fight knocks him into a circular saw and from there a bucket of nails.
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