South Park

Season 3 Episode 5

Tweek vs. Craig

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • "You son of a b***h!!

    Very funny. The boys goading Tweek and Craig to fight resulting in one of the best scenes in South Park history, coupled with their shop class teacher Mr Adler, who is haunted by the death of his fiance and his reliance on nicotine gum.
  • Very funny. "How do I resist an @$$ so great?"

    The boys are taking shop class and they try to setup a fight between Tweek and Craig, but when the day of the big fight arrives, neither boy knows what to do. After they get some training they get down to business, meanwhile Kenny is enrolled in a Home Economics course and is having a good time and the shop teacher, Mr. Adler, has a recurring (live action) dream about a woman. Ok to start out, I thought just from the title, it would be unorgininal and unfunny but, it turned out to be really good and funny. Tagline: "How do I reisst an @$$ so great?"-Craig
  • "But master, this is a$$ is unlike any I've ever seen. How do I overcome an a$$ so great?"

    I rather liked this episode. The boys are forced to choose between going into Shop class or Home Ec. Not wanting to get made fun of, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle choose Shop class while Kenny (for obvious reasons) chooses Home Ec. Anyway, the Shop teacher asks the class who is the biggest trouble-maker so that he can watch out for them and the boys become split. Cartman says that Craig is the bigger trouble-maker, while Kyle and Stan say that Tweek is. This of course starts a fight between them and they make a bet to see who would win a fight and they eventually manipulate the boys to fight each other. As a "B" plot, the Shop teacher has random flashbacks of his love whom he lost in an airplane accident. This episode was pretty entertaining... not the best, but it has some classic moments in it. Like Craig and his family all flipping each other off at the dinner table, and Tweek learning how to box by fighting Ned. While it's not going to win any awards, it was worth the watch and yes, even a few revisits.
  • Tweek Vs Craig

    This is a good episode, it contains a funny cripple fight and a memory from Mr. Adler that repeats itse;f. I love this episode because Kenny McCormick works in the girl's room instead of in the boy's shop and that really made me chuckle a bit. Mr. Adler's memories are really funny and I think even if they are sad - they brighten up the atmosphere. Tweek Vs. Craig introduces some silly characters as well as some great ones. I think that even though the fight isn't incredible - the build-up is pretty good. ;D Funny episode, with good scenes.
  • Cartman thinks that Craig is tough then Tweek; Stan and Kyle think that Tweek is tougher then Craig. Who's right?

    This is actually one of my favorite episodes. We get to learn a lot about Tweek and Craig's characters and we also get to see just how far these little 3rd graders will go for entertainment. It may not be the best episode of South Park ever, but it is definitely one of the funniest, if you ask me. One of the best things about it, is the fact that it has Cartman's famous line "Respect my authoritah!" The dream sequence reaccuring joke got a little old, but other then that, this is a very good episode. So all in all, I really enjoyed it.
  • Not the greatest episode ever but it has it's moments.

    Cartman thinks that Craig is tougher than Tweek, but Stan and Kyle think Tweek is tougher than Craig. So while they are in shop class they make up a bunch of stuff each other said to make them fight.

    Meanwhile the shop class teacher keeps having memries of his dead wife. "Richard swim me higher!" It's funny the first few times but then it gets a bit old.

    Another funny scene is when Cartman is being a sumo wrestler and training against Craig. When the martial arts master tells him to resist the ass, Craig sasy "how can I resist an arse so great" Indeed.

    In the end Tweek and Craig just pretty much beat each other up and no one wins.

    At times it was a very funny episode but for the most part it just didn't have the same feel as other classic episodes.
  • Meh..

    This episode disappointed me a fair bit. All the scenes with Craig and his family in it were pretty funny, but the rest was dull and boring. Mr Adler is a stupid one time character who I hope I never see again, along with his wife, ,she annoyed the hell out of me. I liked TWeek in the episode, as always and he was a shoe-in to win the fight from the moment the episode started. I had a laugh when Kenny was scared to go to Shop class because of all the inpending death he faced in there and Mr Adler on the saw was good.
  • "You may someday be doctors, or lawyers, or scientists. Most of you, however, will be pumping gas or cutting sheet metal. And that's why we have shop class."

    First off I would like to say this, I did not really care for this episode, and let me tell you why. That dream got so damn annoying "Richard! Richard!" god please gag me. So I took off a few points for that. But the fight between Tweek and Craig was funny [how can I resist an ass so great]. And Kenny in Home Ec was funny, we also learned that he is aware of his deaths, he was terrified of shop class. Overall this was a funny episode, but the dream thing just went on for too long.
  • South Park's construction paper format has always been an easy one to play with.

    South Park's construction paper format has always been an easy one to play with. Sometimes they use real photographs, sometimes they use live action video. They always seem to do a good job incorporating these elements, and this episode is no different.

    The whole Tweek vs. Craig storyline is funny, but the highlight of this episode is the series of live action videos that details the shop teacher's tragic romance. It seems that, in classic romance style, his fiance died in a plane crash, and he didn't get to say goodbye. Aww, how touching. It's comic gold. South Park has once again utilized its animation style to great effect.
  • Stan and Kyle say Tweek is tougher than Craig. Cartman says Craig is tougher than Tweek. Now, they will fight!

    Stan and Kyle believe Tweek is tougher than Craig, but Cartman disagrees. They try and get the boys to fight. The boys chicken out. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman convince Tweek and Craig to fight. Soon, all the kids want Tweek and Craig to fight. This is a really cool episode. Espically because we finally get to learn more about Tweek and Craig's characters.
  • Stan and Kyle think Tweek is tougher, Cartman thinks Craig is tougher. There's one way to settle this: FIGHT!

    This was one of my favorite episodes of all time and I think it si oen of the most underrated episodes as well. Part of the reason I love it is because we see a lot of Tweek in this episode. So Stan/Kyle think Tweek is tougher than Craig but Cartman dissagrees. They begin trying to provoke a fight between the 2 bosy to prove who is tougher. Meanwhile, the boys have shop class for a week and their teacher is a strict pyscho who is addicted to nicotine gum. Kenny takes home-ec because he fears all of the dangerous tools used in shop class. A must watch!
  • The battle to end all pretended battles.

    The boys have to take shop class to make themselves men and prove that they can do anything they want. Mr. Adler actually doesn't make sense as a teacher because he's haunted by his ex-girlfriend and so, he enforces the "Don't screw around" rule because of his own experiences. Tweek and Craig are both pressured to fight each other just for entertainment and for Cartman to make money. Kenny decides to be in home ec for the ladies and all the pervertness might come out one day. Tweek boxes, Craig sumos versus Cartman's ass, they fight, Kenny dies, boys apologize but relent, all in all a good episode.