South Park

Season 3 Episode 5

Tweek vs. Craig

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When the plane in Mr. Adler's dream explodes it shows that the pilot room is Fine after it, while the explosion had caused the plane to completely explode. Surely it would have blown his wife up immediately.

    • Running Gag: In every flashback of Mr. Adler's wife, she keeps saying Richard in each scene.

    • The woman in the picture and in the flashbacks of Mr. Adler is played by Pam Brady, South Park's assistant writer.

    • When Mr. Adler kept on having the same dream of his wife, there's a shot of her wife screaming in her plane, then blood splattered on her face but where did the blood come from?

    • When Tweek and Craig started their fight, look at Butters, his hair changed from gold to yellow in the next scene.

    • When Mr. Adler told the boys the rules of Shop Class, Look at the picture of his late wife, she's on the left side, but in the next scene when Mr. Adler picked it, she's on the right side.

    • When Stan yells, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" Stan and Kyle both have their gloves on. Then when Stan says, "Dude, this is pretty f***ed up right here", Stan and Kyle's gloves are magically off.

    • When the guys are talking about teaching Craig and Tweek how to fight, it shows Cartman standing right next to Craig, when the camera zooms out the next second, Kenny is standing between them.

    • In the wood shop room, When Mr. Adler has his first dream , he wakes up and the pencil case is next to his name then he talks to Stan and they are on the other side of the table.

  • Quotes

    • Kyle: Craig's going down, Cartman!
      Cartman: Pretty soon, you'll be eating those words.
      Kyle; No I won't, 'cuz you'd eat them first, tubby!

    • Cartman: Craig's been ready for this fight for days. He doesn't even view it as a challenge.
      Kyle: He'll view it as a challenge when Tweek's kicking his ass!
      Cartman: What's that? Kinda sounds like diarrhea coming out of someone's mouth!

    • Martial Arts Teacher: Body like a stone! Mind like a meat loaf!

    • Mr. Adler: That true, Craig? You a troublemaker?
      Craig: No.
      Mr. Adler: Well, you'd better not be, because in shop class we- (Craig flips him off) Hey! Did you just flip me off?!
      Craig: No.
      Mr. Adler: Yes, you did!

    • Mr. Adler: Now, does anybody know why we have shop class? (Stan raises his hand) Yes?
      Stan: Because we had to choose between this and home ec and we didn't want to be sissies?

    • Jimbo: Now Tweek, boxing is a man's sport. Nothing is more man than boxing. It is man at his most man.


    • Mr. Adler: Quit screwin' around. You're horsing!

    • Cartman: Oh, you didn't see it? Tweek's family was on the news saying what a wuss you are Craig.
      Kyle: Yea, and then Craig's family came on and said that Tweek was the wuss, and punched Tweek's mom in the hooters.
      Tweek: Ahh! You son of a bitch.
      Tweek and Craig start fighting again

    • Ned: What you got beeyotch?

    • Clyde: Hey what's going on?
      Kyle: Tweek and Craig are gonna fight!
      Clyde: Really? Cool…It's funny because Tweek and Craig both went home about 15 minutes ago.
      Kyle: What?
      Token: Yea, they left.

    • Jimbo: Well looks like we'll have to apply the Offenheimer technique. PUNCH HIM IN THE BALLS TWEEK!

    • Jimbo: You're in luck; Ned here used to be the state champion until a grenade blew his arm off.
      Ned: Mm, I can still kick ass.

    • Cartman: When I have you guy's 10 bucks I'm gonna use it to buy the sweetest big screen TV in the world.
      Kyle: That's more than 10 bucks you stupid fat ass!
      Cartman: But if I get 10 bucks from each of you that's like $2000.

    • Mr. Adler: Quit screwin' around.

    • MORAL#1:
      Woman: Richard, you have to go on. I want you to be happy.
      Adler: But I never got to say goodbye to you.
      Woman: Then say it now, Richard.
      Richard: Goodbye...
      Woman: There. Now are you happy?
      Adler: No
      Woman: Of course you aren't. Saying goodbye doesnt mean anything. It's the times that we lived in that matters, not how we left it.
      Adler: You're right... You're right!
      Grandma: Richard! It's me! Grandma!
      Adler: Grandma?! Hi, Gram
      Corey: Hey, Richard! Remember me?!
      Adler: Uncle Corey! Wow, you're all alive again!
      Corey: No, we're dead!

      Stan: Hey, guys. How are ya feeling?
      Tweek: Ahh!
      Craig: Uhh.
      Stan: Yeah, well, we have something to say.
      Kyle: We wanted to see who was the toughest. WE made you fight each other. WE made up all that stuff we said.
      *Craig flips off boys*
      Cartman: Yes, you can flip us off Craig, we deserve that. We just came by to apologize, we feel so bad.

    • Kyle: Whoa did you hear that, Tweek?
      Tweek: (Exhausted) What?
      Kyle: Craig just called you a boner.
      Tweek: Agh! You son of a bitch!
      (Fights Craig again)
      Kyle: We just have to keep pouring gas into the fire.
      Stan: Yeah!

    • Cartman: Well then I guess you won't care about what Tweek said about your mom.
      Craig: Nope.
      (slams door)
      Cartman: GODDAMMIT!
      (knocks and Craig opens the door)
      Cartman: I guess you won't care about what he said about your guinea pig.

    • (Cartman and Craig are Sumoing)
      Cartman: Respect mah authoritah!! (Shoves his ass at Craig)
      Craig: Oh, Jesus! I can't take it!
      Sumo Trainer: Fight back! Resist the ass!
      Craig: How can I resist an ass so great!?!
      Sumo Master: It is only an ass! You must overcome the ass with your mind!

    • Mr. Adler: You are here because you are America's future. You may someday be doctors, or lawyers, or scientists. Most of you, however, will be pumping gas or cutting sheet metal. And that's why we have shop class.

    • Sumo Master: There is indeed great power in your ass, Eric. Perhaps you should consider sumo as a profession.

    • Ned: (while boxing Tweek) What you got bee-och?

    • Sumo Master: It is only an ass. You must overcome the ass with your mind!

  • Notes

    • During the DVD commentary for this episode Matt stone states that Mr. Adler is based on a teacher he had in elementary school. Whenever Matt tries to tells us the real name of the teacher, it's bleeped. This is because whoever this person is, they had not given permission for Parker and Stone to use their name.

    • No new episode aired the following week, because everyone should have been out seeing the movie.

  • Allusions

    • Rocky
      The music that plays each time that Tweek and Craig are about to fight is reminiscent of the music from Rocky, a 1976 Academy Award winning film about an underdog boxer that prepares to fight a tough opponent.

    • The part where Stan says "Let's get it on" is the famous catchphrase from Judge Mills Lane.

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