South Park

Season 9 Episode 8

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on Comedy Central
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After playing in a boat, Stan and Cartman accidentally flood the nearby town of Beaverton. The adults however find another cause for the flood: Global Warming.

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  • Parody of the day after tomorrow.

    This episode is better than the movie it parodies. Stan and Cartman are playing in a boat and wreck it into a damn.Everyone is the us thanks to stans dad thinks globlal warming is the cause. The whole town hides in the community center thinking it is freezing outside Stan kyle and cartman try to rescue peole form the the town the flooded but make things worse eventually the military saves everyone.

    This episode is pretty funny. I like how everthing is exaggerated in the movie it is negative 400 degrees outside 600 billion people have died. It is also funny when Randy puts on winter gear and marches out into the summer heat to save stan.

  • VERY SILLY.SOUTH PARK STYLE.Randy is the funniest character in this episode.he also creates the episode s tension.

    two days before the day after tomorrow vs night of the living homeless.which one is better...night of the living homeless.TDBTDAT is funny and the stupidness of Randy is the show s classic.NOTLH is extremely humorous, using crtoon violence humor and and imaginative sequence.both are great episode.the bad thing about two days before the day after tomorrow is that they only use randy mostly for its jokes.south park is known for its unique humor with different characters personality.this one,only used randy.but still,a very decent way to kick off the second half of season nine.RECOMMENDED.this episode uses a unique humor called "exaggeration".like saying the outside temperature is 40 billion degrees below zero,and the whole is shocked.that is one of the humor is south park i really enjoy.try to catch these unique jokes and laugh along with them !moreless
  • Stan and Cartman accidentally destroy the Beaverton dam, but everyone is convinced that Global Warming is responsible. In a hilarious parody of The Day After Tomorrow Stan, Kyle, and Cartman try to save the people of Beaverton.moreless

    A great parody episode. Lots of great quotes such as the "excuse me cliché dissenting Republican." I love how so many scenes are very similar to the movie the Day After Tomorrow. It's also a great episode because they stick to one story and do not try to do too much. I thought the Jew Gold joke towards the end of the episode was dumb. But, I liked how they tried to blame the Crab People for the Beaverton Flood and the whole "I broke the Dam" thing at the end of the episode. All in all a great episode worth watching multiple times.moreless
  • Global warming is going to strike: two days BEFORE the day after tomorrow. Oh my god, THAT'S TODAY.

    This by far has got to be one of the best representations of a movie and current event that South Park has ever done. I was laughing throughout the whole episode, all the moments were absolutely funny. Based on The Day After Tomorrow and Hurricane Katrina, Stan and Cartman sneak into a boat lake and ride a motorboat when they crash into a Beaver Dam that soon floods the whole city. As South Park is only concerned with figuring out who did it, Stan and Cartman must keep the secret in an action-packed adventure with global warming and jew gold.moreless
  • Perfect episode! Well planned and everything, this episode made me laugh so much, I have never laughed this much watching south park.

    Well this episode is a total classic and a must see by everyone, Stan breaks a damn and the whole town thinks it's global warming, they all prepare for it and the kids no its not real and go to save the people of the town that flooded. They go and try to save them but they still fail and cartman requests for some jew gold, its really funny. I laughed so much during this episode. Mush more than the others. This is a total must see episode for everyone. If you dont watch this episode then you dont know south park!moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In the community shelter Mrs. Brofslovski addresses Garrison as "Mr.", rather than "Mrs".

    • During the meeting where Randy speaks in front of the politicians and others, the "cliche dissenting republican" is nowhere to be seen in the wide shots when we see the whole crowd. When the camera is on him, he has people behind him, so he must be sitting at the front desk. Yet in the wide shots he isn't anywhere to be seen.

    • In this episode Stan and Kyle's dads call Butter's dad "Stephen." However, in Asspen in season 6 his name is Chris.

    • Beaver Bait & Tackle: A store flashed briefly on the screen when the boat is going backwards indicates the possibility that the people of South Park don't go fishing, but go beaver-ing.

    • Before Stan gets the boat moving, there is only one dock behind them; however, when the boat starts going backward, it jumps two docks, not one.

    • When Stan's father says "don't be a fag," it should have been censored, because it was stated by Mr. Garrison in the past that you can't say the word "fag" unless you are gay.

      Response: They only bleeped out fag in "It Hits the Fan". That's just what they did for that episode. Any other time it's said, it's not censored.

    • As Stan and Cartman are about to crash into the beaver dam, we can catch a glimpse of the boat's red & green navigation lights. In the show, the green light is on the port (left) side & the red one is on the starboard (right) side. But in real life, they're on the opposite sides.

    • When you pull a boat into a "finger slip," you're supposed to back in so that you can walk off the swim platform onto the dock. Since Stan was throwing the boat into reverse, the owner for some reason pulled in forward.

    • Although Kenny was seen for a few seconds in some of the early shots with Stan and Cartman in the boat, he isn't seen anywhere else in the episode and Stan or Cartman didn't acknowledge he was there, leading us to believe that Kenny was originally supposed to be in episode (perhaps dying in the boat explosion?) but was written out.

    • Not that Stan would necessarily know to do it, but when you start any non-outboard power boat, you have to run the blower fan for approximately 4 minutes to let the gas fumes out of the engine compartment. Whether he knew to do it or not, the Coast Guard requires a placard be placed next to the ignition to inform the Captain to perform this operation. Also, why wasn't the boat tied to the dock?

    • Despite Comedy Central advertising otherwise, this episode was not the season premiere. It is merely the first episode in the second half of season nine.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • (After Randy finishes his speech, it wasn't long until Frank starts laughing).
      Randy: WHAT FRANK?
      Frank point at the board to show what Randy drew, a male body part.
      Randy: Oh goddamn it.

    • News Reporter: Reports are coming in slowly but the death toll is said to be in the hundreds of billions.

    • Cartman: (Walking up to Stan and Kyle) Hey guys! (Kyle looks angry).
      Cartman: God Dammit! You told Kyle didn't you?

    • (Stan and company crash the boat into the oil refinery)
      Man on roof: (sarcastically) Oh, thanks, that's a lot better!

    • Scientist #1: Listen. Listen! We finished running the tests.
      Scientist #2: Global warming is going to strike two days before the day after tomorrow.
      Randy Marsh: Oh my god. That's today!

    • Cartman: Hand over the gold!
      Kyle: What gold??
      Cartman: You know what I'm talkng about!
      Kyle: No, Cartman, I have no idea what you're talking about!
      Cartman: All Jews carry gold in a little bag around their necks! Hand it over!

    • Man: No, I broke the dam
      Woman: No, I broke the dam.
      Stan: I BROKE THE F**KING DAM!

    • Cartman: He he, I broke the dam, he he.

    • General: Global warming didn't cause the Beaverton flood. We know now whose fault it is. It was... (pause) Crab people!
      Theme Song: (out of nowhere) Crab People, Crab People, Taste like-

    • Officer: Sir! More people in Beaverton are calling. They say they're trapped in floods and fire now.
      General: Tell them that the government can't help them, but that we're very sorry.

    • Stan: We can sneak out of here, get a boat, and go help them off their roofs. That way, I can do the right thing, but still lie about it.

    • Sheila: Mr. Garrison, are you all right?
      Mrs. Garrison: I'm in pretty bad shape. My...leg is broken and my...left boob is leaking.

    • Cartman: (to Stan) Ah ah ah, ah, I know what you're thinking, Stan. You're thinking, you'er gonna go tell Kyle. Look, I know you think he's your best friend, but Kyle is a Jew rat! He has his Jew ethics while he hoards his greedy Jew gold, and he will Jew you out if you tell him about this!

    • Stan: Somebody's gonna help the people off their, their rooftops, right?
      Randy: That's not important right now, son. What's important is figuring out whose fault this is.

    • Mitch: We're not sure what exactly is going on inside the town of Beaverton, uh, Tom, but we're reporting that there's looting, raping, and yes, even acts of cannibalism.
      Tom: My God, you've, you've actually seen people looting, raping and eating each other?
      Mitch: No, no, we haven't actually seen it Tom, we're just reporting it.

    • Cartman: (about the boat not starting) Maybe you have the parking brake on.
      Stan: Boats don't have parking brakes, dumbass!

    • Randy: Ladies and Gentlemen, if Global Warming has in fact already caused the Beaverton flood, then this is only the beginning. The effects are going to spread. What we are looking at is a global warming catastrophe the likes of which we've never seen.
      Geologist 1: Excuse me, sir, but, ...when? When is this going to happen?
      Randy: My colleagues in the scientific community are still running tests, but... we believe it may happen... the day after tomorrow.
      Geologist 2: Excuse me, I'm sure we're all very impressed with your wild theories, Doctor uh, Marsh, but the fact is no statistical proof has ever been confirmed that global warming exists. Are you suggesting we shut down the economy?!
      Randy: With all due respect, cliché dissenting Republican, the economy isn't going to matter... the day after tomorrow.
      (doors open and scientists come in)
      Scientist 1: Listen! Listen! We've finished running the tests!
      Scientist 2: Global Warming is going to strike... two days before the day after tomorrow.
      Randy: (alarmed) Oh my god...That's today!
      (geologists panic)

    • (after crashing in the dam)
      Cartman: Dude! Stan! You are in serious trouble!
      Stan: You said you'd take responsibility to your Uncle Roy!
      Cartman: I don't even have an Uncle Roy! That was just some guy's boat I knew about.

    • Man #1: It's George Bush's fault!
      Man #2: Yeah! George Bush doesn't care about beavers!
      Man #3: George Bush didn't break that beaver dam! It was terrorists and Al Qaeda!
      Man #4: They've been secretly building beaver dam WMDs for years now!

    • Stan: Dude! Dude, did you see the news last night?
      Cartman: Yeah.
      Stan: You saw all those people trapped on their roofs?
      Cartman: Yeah, that was pretty funny.

    • Stan: I know what did cause the flood.
      Kyle: George Bush?
      Stan: No.
      Kyle: Terrorists?
      Stan: No.
      Kyle: Communists?
      Stan: No.
      Kyle: Chinese radicals?
      Stan: No.
      Kyle: Cartman?
      Stan: Sort of.

    • Gerald: Maybe we should...strip these jackets off and warm our bodies next to each other.
      Randy: Don't be a fag!

    • Kyle: Look, maybe WE can help the people of Beaverton.
      Stan: How?
      Cartman: Why?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Originally "Team America: World Police" Matt and Trey's puppet movie, was going to use the script of "The Day After Tomorrow" obviously in a much funnier way.

    • The episode was originally going to end in a song, but they rewrote the ending the morning the episode was going to air.


    • Spartacus:

      At the end of the episode where the adults proclaim one after the other "I broke the dam", "I broke the dam" etc. this is a clear allusion to the classic scene in the 1960 film Spartacus where the Roman gladiators similarly proclaim "I'm Spartacus", "I'm Spartacus" to proclaim solidarity and to protect the real Spartacus from being punished by the Romans.

    • National Weather Service Goof:

      The giant penis Randy Marsh draws on the map of America is most likely based on a real National Weather Service wind distribution map for Hurricane Rita, which bore an unfortunate resemblance to a giant penis.

      It can be seen at this website.

    • Weekend at Bernies:

      The scene in the marina may have been inspired by the 1989 movie, Weekend at Bernies. There is one scene where the protagonists, Richard & Larry, are trying to escape from a hitman with their dead boss and they can't get their boat to move. Eventually the rope breaks and they crash into everything in the marina at high speeds. Also, both Richard & Cartman said "we're not moving."

    • Peas and Carrots:

      When Randy gives his warning speech, the geologists start saying "peas and carrots" aloud, over and over again.

      This is a standard phrase that extras (background actors) mouth to make it appear that they are actually saying something even though they are in fact silent.

    • Rolls-Royce:

      The boat "Roy's Royce" is Roy's play on the expensive line of luxury cars made by Rolls-Royce.

    • Crab People:

      The crab people were first introduced in episode #104, "South Park is Gay," when it was revealed that the "Queer Eye" guys were actually crab people trying to take over the world by making every man feminine.

      Crab people also are referenced in episode #122 when the boys are trying to come up with ideas for a new episode and Cartman comes up with "crab people". The other boys shoot the idea down.

    • Kanye West:

      The phrase "George Bush doesn't care about beavers." is a reference to the infamous comment that Kanye West made during an Multi-Network telethon where he accused President Bush of "not caring about black people."

    • Current Event/Hurrican Katrina Aftermath:

      This episode was inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when people blamed the goverment for what happened.

    • The Day After Tomorrow:

      The episode title is a spoof of the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, which the movie deals with global warming, a climate shift, and floods.

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