South Park

Season 9 Episode 8

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Parody of the day after tomorrow.

    This episode is better than the movie it parodies. Stan and Cartman are playing in a boat and wreck it into a damn.Everyone is the us thanks to stans dad thinks globlal warming is the cause. The whole town hides in the community center thinking it is freezing outside Stan kyle and cartman try to rescue peole form the the town the flooded but make things worse eventually the military saves everyone.

    This episode is pretty funny. I like how everthing is exaggerated in the movie it is negative 400 degrees outside 600 billion people have died. It is also funny when Randy puts on winter gear and marches out into the summer heat to save stan.

  • VERY SILLY.SOUTH PARK STYLE.Randy is the funniest character in this episode.he also creates the episode s tension.

    two days before the day after tomorrow vs night of the living homeless.which one is better...night of the living homeless.TDBTDAT is funny and the stupidness of Randy is the show s classic.NOTLH is extremely humorous, using crtoon violence humor and and imaginative sequence.both are great episode.the bad thing about two days before the day after tomorrow is that they only use randy mostly for its jokes.south park is known for its unique humor with different characters personality.this one,only used randy.but still,a very decent way to kick off the second half of season nine.RECOMMENDED.this episode uses a unique humor called "exaggeration".like saying the outside temperature is 40 billion degrees below zero,and the whole is shocked.that is one of the humor is south park i really enjoy.try to catch these unique jokes and laugh along with them !
  • Stan and Cartman accidentally destroy the Beaverton dam, but everyone is convinced that Global Warming is responsible. In a hilarious parody of The Day After Tomorrow Stan, Kyle, and Cartman try to save the people of Beaverton.

    A great parody episode. Lots of great quotes such as the "excuse me cliché dissenting Republican." I love how so many scenes are very similar to the movie the Day After Tomorrow. It's also a great episode because they stick to one story and do not try to do too much. I thought the Jew Gold joke towards the end of the episode was dumb. But, I liked how they tried to blame the Crab People for the Beaverton Flood and the whole "I broke the Dam" thing at the end of the episode. All in all a great episode worth watching multiple times.
  • Global warming is going to strike: two days BEFORE the day after tomorrow. Oh my god, THAT'S TODAY.

    This by far has got to be one of the best representations of a movie and current event that South Park has ever done. I was laughing throughout the whole episode, all the moments were absolutely funny. Based on The Day After Tomorrow and Hurricane Katrina, Stan and Cartman sneak into a boat lake and ride a motorboat when they crash into a Beaver Dam that soon floods the whole city. As South Park is only concerned with figuring out who did it, Stan and Cartman must keep the secret in an action-packed adventure with global warming and jew gold.
  • Perfect episode! Well planned and everything, this episode made me laugh so much, I have never laughed this much watching south park.

    Well this episode is a total classic and a must see by everyone, Stan breaks a damn and the whole town thinks it's global warming, they all prepare for it and the kids no its not real and go to save the people of the town that flooded. They go and try to save them but they still fail and cartman requests for some jew gold, its really funny. I laughed so much during this episode. Mush more than the others. This is a total must see episode for everyone. If you dont watch this episode then you dont know south park!
  • I Broke the Dam!

    The beginning of this episode was totally hilarious, Stan and Cartman were playing in Uncle Roy's motor boat and then they crashed into the large beaver dam. Everyone in South Park have gone chaotic and misunderstood. Cartman doesn't want Stan to seek Kyle for assistance to tell everybody the truth about the flood in Beaverton. The fat boy also believes Kyle is hoarding the gold. It's too bad that Kenny didn't appear in this episode, despite the fact he's still alive somewhere. What would really happen if Kenny actually appear in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"?

    The title is similar to the feature film, "The Day After Tomorrow". Stan tries to confess to everyone after the flood, but the people don't feel like punishing a little boy for what he did. The ending is really funny as Stan continues to tell the truth, but he'd rather forgt about it since no one would listen.
  • ALL YOU JEWS GIVE ME YOUR JEW GOLD! lol classic.... really if you are a jew im just kidding. i dont hate any kind of relgion

    wow.... matt and trey are the best! they never run out of ideas no matter what! ah ha... ah ha..... this episode is obviously based on the movie "The Day After Tommorrow" Cartman convices stan to drive a speed boat and he runs it into a dam and floods the city. the towns folk think it is global warming and stans dad and 2 other people get out on a very hot day wearing snow coats, boots, and hats, and all faint thinking it is snowing out side. eventually the boys get trapped on a building and cartman wont let kyle leave unless he gives him his jew gold. kyle says he doesnt have jew gold and eventually caves but eric is not fooled and says that is fake gold and calls a surban jew double bluff or something like that and kyle gets very angry and hands eric the real gold. so the day ends with stan learning a new lesson and tells the town that he broke the dam. the towns folk is thinking that stan is just being noble and teaching them a lesson. so everyone is saying "I broke the dam" and stan is yelling at them saying "NO! im not being noble! i actually broke the F***ING DAM!" every time some says they broke the dam. this is one of the funnyest episodes i have seen of south park.
  • This is basically an insult to Hurricane Katrina and The Day After Tommorrow. Not recommended.

    South Park goes paranoid after some incorrect scientists claim that global warming is hitting the USA. I\\\\\\\'m pretty sure that 80% of you who are reading this review have seen the 2004 blockbuster film \\\\\\\"The Day After Tomorrow\\\\\\\". And then, I\\\\\\\'m sure that 99.99999% of you know what Hurricane Katrina is. Basically, this episode was written satirizing those two events and making a very retarded and illogical episode. Now THIS is what I call unoriginality and insults! The dialogue is lame, the characters behavior is stupid, I can\\\\\\\'t believe I wasted half an hour watching this junk! Sigh, let me go out and find my taped season 3 episodes...
  • 133rd Episode

    This episode is very entertaining for many reasons:

    -> Cartman stealing a boat and Stan crashing it
    -> Cartman saying Kyle had jew gold
    -> Randy continuously saying the day after tomorrow in his speech
    -> People blaming George Bush and Beaver dam WMDs for the collapse of the dam
    -> The news reports stating facts that couldn't possibly be true about the amount of deaths in an area with ten times less the population

    There are so many funny moments in the episode, like Randy putting on layers to go out into hot weather which he believed to be 700 million degrees below zero and the town thinking Stan meant he metaphorically broke the dam and all of this adds up to be quite a funny episode.
  • Stan and Cartman destroy a dam.

    After stealing a boat, Stan and Cartman drive aimlessly on the water. They can't control the boat and it finally crashes into a dam. This dam blocks all the water from over flowing into Beaverton. Now that the dam is broken, the whole town of Beaverton is completely under water. People are stuck on the rooftops, waiting for aid of any kind. Stan and Cartman try to hide the fact they broke the dam but eventually Stan's conscience gets to him. Stan goes with Kyle and Cartman to Beaverton to save the residents. Meanwhile, the town thinks the flood was caused by Global Warming. Eventually, Stan confesses but the town metaphorically says they broke the dam too so Stan gets off the hook. A great parody of Katrina, although it was a sad event. And another great rip on Global Warming.
  • I tip my hat to Matt and Trey for speaking about something that everone is so afraid of.

    I noticed that all three, maybe four people who didn\'t like this episode said that it made fun of Katrina victims and was pro-Bush and blah blah blah. They miss the point entirely and fail to realize that it\'s a cartoon and was meant for entertainment. The show didn\'t make fun of the victims of the disaster, but they way that it was handled. This episode managed to do that while keeping the original comedy one would think of when they think of South Park. The wang on the map, the overexaggerations, and the Randy Marsh moments (Whenever Randy does or says something profoundly stupid is considered to be a Randy Moment) are what should be looked at in this episode, not just the hurricane that was the focal point of the parody.

    Here is a small request to the people who bashed this episode: please get a sense of humor.
  • One of the worst episodes in the world!

    This episode is stupid. The storyline doesn't make sense, and how they can blame anybody from breaking the dam?? Who's idea was this?? Trey or Matt?? Anyway, at the very end of the episode, all the citizens of South Park says "I broke the dam", then said it over and over again. What a waste of time to watch this.
  • where the F*#! was Ken?

    You left Kenny out.. YOU BASTARDS!!!! Kenny has a huge roll in SP, and he wasn't in this episode, I don't care if he dies, he's my hero! Kenny rules, pathetic, dead, heroic, wise, smart ass, broke, hair, hat, speaking, or muffled, Kenny's the man.... Screw you guys, I'm going home (!!!!)
  • Comedy genius.

    I haven't watched South Park in years. Not because I got tired of it, I just zoned out. When it hit our screens it was brilliant and fresh, and the film was a truly excellent animated comedy. I was surprised to read recently it's been on the air for over nine years, and wondered if Trey and Matt were still keeping it fresh. By chance I caught this episode on TV tonight, it must have been the first run, and it is fantastic. Topical, original and most importantly hilarious, much in the same fashion as Team America, I strongly recommend this episode to anyone who likes sick but clever comedy and I hope all of the latest episodes of South Park are this good.
  • Ok even if you don't like it you gotta agree that the ending was HILARIOUS!

    "No I actually broke the dam."
    "I broke the dam"
    "I broke the dam"
    "Godammit no I literally broke the dam by crashing a boat into it!"
    "I broke the dam"
    "I broke the dam"
    "I broke the f***ing dam!"

    That made my day. The rest was ok (I have no idea what people are complaing about) but this thing just cracked me up.
  • Terrible.

    South Park has taken a turn for the worst in season 9. Surprising, as season 8 was probably one of their best. This episode was definitely the WORST of season 9, if not of the whole series. The ending made me feel embarrassed if I had friends in the house.
  • Good episode that makes fun of what happened or more accurately what didn't happen during the Katrina and Rita tragedy.

    This episode is a great example of why I watch this show. They take real events and make fun of them. Then at the end of the show you realize that there is a moral to it like a political cartoon. This episode starts off with the kids crashing the boat into beaver dam causing a huge flood. This is obviously an allusion to the devastation caused in New Orleans. Then when this crisis is shown on the news everyone isn’t interested in helping the people but instead they want to choose someone to blame. Eventually they agree that it is global warming that caused it. This causes the whole town to panic causing traffic jams and mass buying just like what happened in Houston during Hurricane Rita. In the end the kids try to admit it but everyone thinks they are merely feeling guilty because they didn’t help. Finally everyone takes the blame. That is the moral. During the aftermath of Katrina and Rita everyone is in some way to blame and no one entity can be blamed for the disaster.

    I couldn't give this episode a better rating because there were some parts that were just plain stupid. Like that person dying of global warming.

    ~Torish R. Sisko~
  • A Clever Idea

    This episode just goes to show how creative Matt and Trey really are. It took them no time at all to come up with a clever episode that parodied the recent national headlines. I also loved there take on Global Warming. This episode also had many laughs, and I loved the towns peoples inability to take Stan's statement as literal and not metaphorical, which just goes to show tha sometimes, people need to think about things less.
  • Another Politically Influenced South Park With A Twist.

    On tonight's episode of South Park it's another one of their politically themed episodes that tie into what's going on in modern society. This can be annoying once you realize that they keep doing this every week but then you get into it and it gets funnier as well. This South Park deals with Hurricane Katrina, FEMA, and the movie "The Day After Tomorrow." It's funny how it starts and how it ends because the characters in South Park make the scenario all their own. With what's going on in the world it's good that they can make a clever joke out of it. This is the episode that starts off the season and is one to Tivo for the long run, a must watch.
  • A funny shot at fear-mongers, the media and Jerry Bruckheimer (again!)

    This was the second episode I'd seen from the 9th season, and since the other was kind of a disappointment, I was using this one as a gauge of how 'South Park' was faring in the writing department. I was happily surprised that this episode was just as funny and well written as most of the classic ones.

    Trey and Matt once again show off their ability to kick out a relevant script thats up to date with current news in a short time. This episode has several allusions to the Hurrican Katrina disaster that devastated New Orleans, and the writers take no time in getting in their shots at the news media and those who rose panic during the crisis. The episode is more of a parody of big-budget action movies (following the path set by 'Team America') than it is of the disaster, though. There are some particularly funny moments with Stan's dad as he and his crew go looking for his lost son. The only weakness in the episode were the obviousness of some of the jokes. Their attacks on the media are hardly subtle, and i also though Cartman's 'jew money' jokes were too irritating and unfunny. Still, it was a good episode and lots of fun.
  • Funny!

    I luved when that guy thought he was dying of Global Warming! It was funny, and when he drew the p***** on the map!!!! LOL!!!! I thought that it was a great episode! I also luved how Stan and Cartman crashed into the beaver dam. He didnt even no the guy who had that boat! The ending was awesome!
  • This episode is a good example of South Park longevity, because it shown what fine writers the show have and the good selection of topics to write on. Two Days Before the Day after tomorrow is one of my favourite episodes due the heavy poli

    This is episode is fresh air to the show, mixing up with present political events and mixing up with the satyr and popular culture parodying the movie The Day after Tomorrow; all the events are fuse in a good script that show the similarities can be between fiction and reality and how they interact together in the minds of the popular culture.

    Some of the point that show this episodes as veridical facts are that how the media go and make fear from nothing just to have rating at their time slots, is so clever to see how the journalist lie to the viewers only to have more rating than their competition, and how people react wrong in times of need only breathing more fear to other people as the form of gossip, but in all the tragedies are people willing to risk their life’s to see others well and save.
  • Great episode! I like these new episodes. I think it is the best of the new ones. It was very accurate and had lots of comic relif even know it was based on a tradgey.

    Great episode! I like these new episodes. I think it is the best of the new ones. It was very accurate and had lots of comic relif even know it was based on a tradgey. I especially like how it commented on the 'blame game' if you will. It exceeded my political and comic expictations.
  • The adults once again have no idea what's going on, when Stan and Cartman crash a speed boat into a huge beaver dam, effectively flooding Beaverton. Surely the flood must've been caused by global warming.

    It seems as if many South Park episodes follow this particular formula now. The boys do something bad and the parents concentrate on something completely different and irrelevant for the entire episode. South Park continues to point out the flaws in our society.

    Overall, a good start to the new season. There wasn't really anything too extreme done, but that is to be expected from an episode this early in the new season. If the past is any prediction of things to come, each episode after this will get progressively better and continue to push the limits of television.
  • this episod wasnt that great

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  • Wan't the best south park esode. It was good jsut not sp standards. It's funny though, I like the 'two days before the day after tomorrow is today! part hahaah. And i like cartman and kyle and stan...whre was kenny?!!?!? I miss kenny!!!!!! And stans dad w

    Wan't eh best south park esode. It was good jsut not sp standards. It's funny though, I like the 'two days before the day after tomorrow is today! part hahaah. And i like cartman and kyle and stan...whre was kenny?!!?!? I miss kenny!!!!!! And stans dad was reeeally funny aswell
  • This episode may lack what it needed to fully grab the audience's attention, but I personally think that this is a very well written episode from beginning to the end.

    "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", apparently a reference to the movie title "The Day After Tomorrow", happens to be one of my favorite recent episodes of South Park. Its script and storyline was fresh, and everyone's stupidity in this episode has kept me enticed towards their string of humor. I also think that South Park is doing well, if not better than before. Their newest episodes have influenced alot of viewers, and lead towards their achievement in Best Animated Program from the Emmies.

    While I'm content that South Park's new methods of entertaining their viewers are still flowing the same, I still miss the old episodes, where it was all humor and half moral values. But either way it goes, South Park remains a favorite between me and my brother.
  • Cartman and Stan crash a boat creating a flood. Liberals blame the flood on George Bush and Terrorists. Cartman tries to cover up while the town hides, parodying the Day after Tomorrow. Through scene after scene of clever humor, the boys come to terms wit

    It's wonderful that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have the guts to stand up to liberals who have nothing better to do than bash our president. Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow parodied absurd claims as well as a mediocre movie. Cartman has some great moments in the episode as well.
  • South Park returns after a lengthy hiatus with a bang.

    This episode really was very good. First off, Stan and Cartman are at the docks in Cartman's "uncle"'s boat, making the noises of an engine. Cartman dares Stan to drive the boat, and if anything happens, Cartman will take the blame. After Stan drives it into a beaver dam and it blows up, Cartman tells Stan that he will be in serious trouble. Stan reminds Cartman that he will take the blame, but Cartman informs Stan that he doesn't even have an uncle, and he doesn't know who the boat belonged to. When Stan comes, he sees on the news that everybody is blaming either President Bush or Global Warming. When Stan asks his father if the people of the flooded town, Beaverton, will be saved, he is told by his father that saving them isn't as important as how important it is to find out who did it.

    I don't want to go through the rest of the story, but overall, this was a great episode and exactly why I enjoy watching South Park.
  • If you thought this episode was \"great\" or \"the best of season 9\" you have obviously got your head way up Matt and Trey\'s ass. You have lost all ability to be objective and love anything and everything they create. However, unfortunately, you are ent

    I believe some other reviewers hit this episode pretty much right on. For the most part it was dull and scored very few genuinely big laughs. I don\'t think it \"was too soon\" for the Katrina mockery because I don\'t think its ever too soon. I am no fan of restrictions on free speech or opinion regardless of the moral baramoter. But as another reviewer mentioned, they did miss the point with their \"program moral\" in this episode; something they do quite rarely. It wasn\'t that politicos were blaming each other during the catastrophe and that\'s why no-one got help in the south, it was because of various mismanagements prior to and during the hurricane that the true tragedy occured (leaving victims helpless). You can blame a host of entities for the devastation: god, Bush, global warming, Fema, New Orleans governance, whomever or whatever, but you can\'t say it was the \"blame game\" this time.

    The blame game only came about afterwards, and rightly so (just because its annoying doesn\'t mean it doesnt have to be done. For example identifying the true internal problem during Katrina may lead to better handling of another future natural disaster). No one died because the media concentrated on faulthoods afterwards. The media may have certainly over-hyped the death toll, etc. and that was this episode\'s funniest mockeries, but they did not worsen the situation, it was already bad before they even started.

    Unfortunately, this episode was far below my expectations and not just because the political statement was poorly concieved, but because the show just wasn\'t that funny. The end was good, and there were some semi-successes in the middle, but in the end most attempts at humor were floundering. Overall a below average south park episode, which made for an about average episode of any typical TV comedy.

    But just like any show or anyone, no-one\'s perfect, and although South Park has become a paragon for comedic television, even Matt and Trey are allowed to slip up once in awhile. Just sucks when it\'s the season premier (of sorts).
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