South Park

Season 3 Episode 8

Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stan's parents bring him to Mr. Mackey's meteor shower party, but he gets sent down to the basement to be with the kids that he considers "Melvins" Butters, 1st grader Dougie and Pip. The "Melvins" start dressing up in ladies clothing and playing Charlie's Angels, Stan initially refuses to play. "Charlie's Angels" convince Stan to be their Bosley, and he gives them the mission of looking for a way out. Kyle and Stan's fathers experiment with their latent homosexual tendencies, by masturbating in front of each other in the hot tub. Outside Mr. Mackey's house, the ATF is setup convinced that the party-goers are going to commit mass suicide.
One of the ATF agents goes to the door of the party and winds up joining the party. The "Angels" and Bosley make it upstairs, where Bosley asks them to get him a TV and some cookies. Randy and Gerald's experiment radically changes the dynamic of their relationship, when Randy wonders if what they've done makes them gay. A couple who leaves the party early is shot to death by the ATF. Bosley and the "Angels" see the TV coverage of the ATF siege around Mr. Mackey's house. The boys try to tell their parents about the ATF. They are listening to them and neither is the ATF. The ATF starts playing a Cher outside the house, just as Mr. Mackey starts his own copy of her new album.
Bosley and the "Angels" check the TV coverage and find out what the ATF is up to. They decide they must act before the ATF makes a big mistake. Bosley and the "Angels" make a videotape that they plan to give to the real. Gerald keeps trying to get Randy to talk with him about their experiment. Some more party-goers leave and are shot for their trouble. Butters (Kelly Garrett) is sent out on a rope to deliver the videotape.
Butters delivers the tape to the media. Gerald confronts Randy and Randy goes off reveal their secret, but it turns out that every man at the party has done it in front of another guy at one time or another. After the viewing the videotape the reporter almost stops the ATF from doing anything else they'd later regret. Their big gun goes off destroying some nearby houses. Realizing their mistake they quickly pack up and leave. Stan learns that he can get along with "Melvins", that is until Kyle arrives to tell him the unbelievable story of his night.
Kenny doesn't die in this episode, because he never appears.

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