South Park

Season 3 Episode 8

Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Stan and the "Melvins" are doing their report you can hear a tune in the background - it is the same tune that Cartman sang "Wild Wild West" to in the previous episode "Cat Orgy" (where the action takes place the same night but in Cartman's house).

    • Even though they're brothers; this is the first episode that shows Randy and Jimbo talking to each other.

    • The leader of the ATF is named after Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans.

    • Goof: Pip says to Stan that "Jim" found a way upstairs at about 5:53 into the episode, but the kids names are Butters and Dougie.

    • Mr Mackey has Edvard Munch's classic painting, The Scream hanging in his bedroom.

    • When the ATF first looks in the window at the party, you can see Mrs. Cartman on the phone. She is talking to Eric about the babysitter, as shown in the previous episode "Cat Orgy", when Eric calls his mom at the party to "bust" the babysitter. This is the link that ties the first and second episode of the "Meteor Shower Trilogy" together.

    • When a group of people exit Mr. Mackey's house, they're shot by ATF 'warning shots'. In the next scene when the ATF is looking back at the house, the bodies in front are gone.

    • When "the Melvins" (Angels) think about their 1. mission, Pip scratches his mouth with his right hand/arm, while >ANOTHER< right hand/arm is hanging quietly besides his body.
      This scene follows right after the scene where Gerald and Randy jump into Mr. Mackey's Whirlpool (at 4min 24).
      < andi.rayo >

    • If you watch closely, there is a lady in the party with black hair and a red dress on. When everyone leaves the first time, she comes out and gets shot. a little bit later, when they show the party again, there she is, alive and well. She exits a second time and gets shot again.

    • Why is Pip at the party and with the other kids that have been put in the basement? In episode 2x08 - Summer sucks Pip reveals he has no parents. Why would he be at the party in the first place?

  • Quotes

    • ATF Leader: (over a megaphone) Attention cult people, do not commit mass suicide. There are so many reason's not to kill yourselves. Flowers for instance and back rubs.

    • Butters: Hey Stan, why I sure am glad you're here, because now we'll have even more fun then we... then we was having before. We were having an awfully good time before you showed up however.

    • Stan: Think you can hit the target, Pip?
      Pip: Of course. I'll have you know I was Archery Esquire at Straffordshire.
      Stan: Be sure to hit something nice and solid now.
      (Pip hits the back of Barbrady's head.)

    • Stan: But you know, I learned something today. I used to call you guys 'Melvins,' but you're just kids, like me. We separate you in school because you talk different, or you study too hard, but we've proven tonight that we can all get along.
      Butters: So you mean we can stay friends, Stan? Wouldn't that be swell, huh?
      Kyle: (Walks up) Dude, I'm glad to see you. You would not believe the night I had.
      Stan: You? You think you had a bad night; I had to hang out all night with these freaking Melvins!

    • Butters: Oh dear God, they're gonna set us on fire. Oh great Jesus son of Mary, wife of Joseph! What are we gonna do, huh? Oh sweet Joseph, husband of Mary but not father of sweet Jesus.

    • Butters: (To the adults) Why I'm awfully disappointed with you drinking and carrying on this way, why you should be ashamed of yourself. If you don't get outside right now and tell those Army guys that your not religious fantastics, there's gonna be heck to pay -- heck I tell ya.

    • Randy Marsh: Hey, if you watch another guy masturbate, does that make you gay?
      Jimbo: What!?
      Randy: Well, I just, I have this buddy, uh, he sat and watched this other guy play with himself.
      Guest: Well, let's go kick his ass.

    • Officer Barbrady: So what does the ATF do when religious fanatics are gonna commit mass suicide?
      ATF Agent: Oh, don't worry, we won't let that happen. Even if it means we have to kill each and every one of them.

    • Pip: Are you sure you don't want to play Stan?
      Stan: No!
      Dougie: What are you. a sour puss?
      Butters: You really ought play Stan, it's an awfully fun game. I've never been to England, but I bet the people are real nice. Are people nice in England Pip? I bet they are, huh? They got those big noses and all.

    • Mr. Garrison: Great party Mr. Mackey. Mr. Hat just grabbed Principal Victoria's ass.

    • Pip: We were just playing a game called 'Whickershams and Degglers.' Do you want to play?
      Stan: No!
      Pip: I'm the head whicker nicker, and you are all little whickershams. We all sing 'The Merry Tune of Stratford' until I say 'Terah!' And then you all fall down laughing, and I join you as I find it funny too.

    • Pip: Cheerio Stan, I do say, it's quite a nice surprise seeing you here.
      Stan: Shut up Pip.

    • Stan: (watching the news) Wait a minute.
      (Stan looks out the window and sees ATF tanks and attack helicopters)
      Reporter: There are choppers here along with several tanks...
      Stan: Dude, that's this house. They think our parents were the religious cults.
      Reporter: We've just receieve photos from the recon team of the actions inside the house, (they show the picture of Stan looking out the window) showing there are indeed innocent children trap inside. Those sick cult fanatic bastards!
      Stan: DUDE!

    • Reporter: Setting the house on fire seemed a little dangerous, Commander.
      Agent in Charge: It is, but we can't let them kill themselves.

    • (Couple left Mackey's house)
      Agent in charge: Hold it right there. Whatever it is you're attempting to do, do not do it.
      Couple: . . .
      Agent in Charge: Your freaky religious cult will not succeed in its plans.
      Husband: What?
      Agent in charge: Do not move or we'll...
      (Couples shot dead)
      Agent in charge: Goddamnit, who was that?
      (some agents raised their hand)
      Agent in charge: Did you see them move?
      Agent 1: I did.
      Agent 2: Yeah, yeah, they moved all right.

    • Guests: Goodbye everyone.
      (they leave the house)
      Agent in Charge: Look out!
      (ATF agents shoot everyone dead)
      Agent in Charge: Hold your fire! Okay, people at the door, that was a warning. Go back inside and tell everyone that they have one minute to surrender.

    • (referring to Stan)
      Dougie: Are you a sourpuss?

    • Butters: Hey what are we gonna do huh? They shot at us, they really shot at us. They ain't gonna stop until were all dead I betcha, us and all our families. (Stan slaps Butters)
      Stan: Get a hold of yourself man!
      Butters: How can you slap my face Stan, huh? Why on earth would you go do that anyway?

    • Pip: Can I be Jaclyn Smith? Can I?
      Butters: No, uh, I get to be Jaclyn Smith. See, I thought of Charlie's Angels and I get to be Jaclyn Smith c-cause I thought of it.

    • Randy: You can't just hang out with your buddy, Kyle, all the time. People will think you guys are, you know, funny.

    • Dougie: I like math.

    • Butters: How come they're actin' that way, Stan? Huh? How come they're laughin' and falling down and such?

    • Pip: Which ladies' garments would you like, Stan?
      Stan: Dude. I'm not wearing ladies clothes and I'm not playing Charlie's Angels. You guys are Melvins and I'm not one of you. So you go ahead and be Melvins and leave me alone!
      Pip: Well. Alrighty, then.

    • Man #1: Well, you know what I heard, I heard that he's gay.
      Man #2: Oh, is he really?
      Randy: Who?
      Man: What?
      Randy: Who did you hear is—is gay?
      Man: Ricky Martin, the singer.
      Randy: Oh.

    • Gerald: Just because we shared an intimate moment in the hot tub, I'm not going to let it—
      Randy: We did not share and intimate moment, okay? That makes it sound gay!

    • Mr. Mackey: Welcome. Mmkay?

    • Stan: (whining) I don't want to go to this stupid party!
      Randy: Come on, Stan, you're gonna have a great time.
      Stan: No, you guys are going to have a great time. Whenever there's a party, the adults get to hang out and have fun while the kids spend the night locked in the basement, eating stale pretzels.

    • Stan: There are no more missions. I have everything I want.
      Butters: But we're angels? What are angels supposed to do without missions?
      Stan: Just play something else!
      Pip: Oh dear! We've angered Bosley!

    • Stan: Dad, they tried to shoot at us!
      Randy: Not now, Stan.

  • Notes

    • This episode is occasionally referred to as "Melvins"

    • While Stan is flipping through the channels in Mr. Mackey's bedroom, we can see briefly on the television:
      - Chef on a cooking show (the only appearance of Chef in this trilogy)
      - The Mole from SP:BL&U on a talk show
      - The "Beefcake" commercial from Episode 103: Weight Gain 4000

    • Cartman & Kenny didn't appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Current Event/Waco, Texas:

      This entire episode is an obvious spoof on the 1993 stand-off between federal agents (ATF and FBI) and cult leader David Koresh and his Branch Davidians cult in Waco, Texas.