South Park

Season 8 Episode 2

Up the Down Steroid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • It's revealed that only Jimmy understands what Timmy says.

    • In this episode, we see the boys playing with ordinary toys for kids. First a board game, then trucks. Perhaps because the kids learned their lesson from playing with ninja weapons in "Good Times With Weapons" (the previous episode).

    • The scene where Jimmy talks about steroids and the camera shows baseball players who took steroids, is similar to the scene where Mr. Stotch is talking about confessing to murder and the camera shows murderers who haven't confessed, in the season 5 episode "Butters's Very Own Episode".

    • During the montage where Cartman is preparing for the Special Olympics he reaches to his left for coffee, and as he does you can see his hand come into frame on his right!

    • When Cartman's mom tells the registration girl that her son is "retarded," the registration girl asks her for his specific disability. However, Mental Retardation is a specific condition. Maybe the registration girl was wanting to know the severity of his mental retardation (Mild, Moderate, severe, ...).

    • First of all, I'm not sure its EVER been said what Timmy and Jimmy's conditions are. Second, I don't believe the writers were thinking about their conditions, they wanted a generic disabled character, BUT if you're gonna make a generic disabled character, it's a good idea to give them Cerebral Palsy because it's one of the most common conditions in kids and one they've most likely seen. SO , my point is, if you want to label them, it's worth guessing they both have varying degrees of CP, and if you wanna get really technical, you can see it in Timmy's arm movements and Jimmy's legs. and by the way, you can stand on 'disabled legs' depending on severity, just not for very long...See? * falls over *

    • Jimmy's last name was Vulmer rather than Swanson.

    • In this episode, Cartman's Mel Gibson poster says "Mel Gibson is (as?) Braveheart". In the next episode ("Passion of the Jew"), the caption is gone.

    • Also, in some scenes after his frequent steroid use, Jimmy could stand on his supposedly disabled legs. Could the steroids be strengthening his leg muscles too?

    • Jimmy's stuttering has been greatly minimized in this episode, partly due to his large role. Is this a side effect of the steroids?

    • Near the beginning of the episode, when Jimmy is working out, there is a girl to the left of him, right behind him lifting weights. At first she has a triangle like mouth, and is struggling with the weights. When he turns to look at all the other people working out, and then it goes back to showing Jimmy & Timmy, the triangle mouth is now normal, and she's fine with the weights.

    • Also, there was another guy there working out, and when it turns back to him, the guy is gone.

  • Quotes

    • Cartman:(typing) How I Will Spend my One Thousand Dollars by Eric Cartman.

    • Cartman:(acting mental,slurring his words) DER! I want to be special olympics!

    • Cartman: You guys, I can't believe they exploit handicapped people like this. I mean, making them compete against each other just for our amusement.

    • (With Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, and Barry Bonds looking on)
      Jimmy: I know now, that even if you do win on steroids, you're really not winners. You're just a p-pussy; you're just a big fat p-p-pussy. And if you take steroids, the only decent thing to do is come forward and say, 'Remove me from the record books, because I am a big, stinky p-pussy, steroid taking jackass.

    • Cartman: If you had seen The Passion you would know that hell is reserved for the Jews and all those who don't accept Christ. That being the case, it is actually me who is worried about your soul.
      Kyle: I came here to talk about you.
      Cartman: Yes, and instead you had a breakthrough yourself. This is really the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life, Kyle. Good luck.

    • Timmy: Timmy, Timmy, Jimmy, erra Timmy, Timmy!
      Jimmy: Don't lecture me on the complexities of sportsmanship!

    • Cartman: I've sometimes looked at people with disabilities as people God put here on Earth for my amusement.

    • Cartman: Mom... Can I get you to do something for me? ... Um, okay, this is gonna sound a little strange, um but stick with me. Um, Mom, would you mind coming with me to sign up for the Special Olympics so I can beat all the handicapped kids and win a thousand dollars?
      Cartman's Mom: Oh no, sweetie, I believe those Olympics are just for special children.
      Cartman: I'm not special? I thought you always said I was special.
      Cartman's Mom: You are hon, but I don't think that's a very good idea.
      Cartman: I'll split the money with you.

    • (Jimmy's girlfriend comes over)
      Jimmy's father: I didn't know you had a girlfriend, Jim. ... I'll leave you two alone. You sure you weren't masturbating, Jim, it's okay if you were.

    • Cartman: I'll act like I have a disability, and when the time comes to compete, I'll kick ass against all the handicaps.
      Kyle: That's really, really terrible, dude.
      Cartman: Terrible? Whatever, you guys's brains just can't compute complex plans like mine can.

    • Olympics Registration Volunteer: Hello there.
      Cartman's Mom: Hello. Um, I would like to sign my son up, please.
      Cartman: (acting retarded) DUUUUUUH!
      Olympics Registration Volunteer: Oh,great! What's his name?
      Cartman's Mom: Eric...Cartman
      Cartman: (acting retarded) CAAAARTMAN! DUUUUH!
      Olympics Registration Volunteer: Okay, age?
      Cartman's Mom: He's 9.
      Olympics Registration Volunteer: Okay, and what's his disability?
      Cartman's Mom: Um, he's retarded.
      Olympics Registration Volunteer: No, I'm asking what specific condition he has. Downs Syndrome, celebral palsy?
      Cartman's Mom: Oh, oh! Um, I'm not sure. Sweetie, what's your condition?
      Cartman: (in his normal voice) How should I know? I'm retarded. (Acting retarded again) DUUUH!
      Olympics Registration Volunteer: I'll just leave that blank for now.

    • Cartman: It wont be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

    • Jimmy: If you try to leave me and I'll kill you B!tch.

    • Kyle: Cartman, I will not stand by and let you cheat your way into winning the Special Olympics.
      Cartman: Why?
      Kyle: Because!
      Cartman: What are you gonna do Kyle, tell on me? Then you'd be a great big, no-good, double-faced, poopy-pants tattletale. Is that really how you deal with your problems? Grow up, Kyle.

    • Cartman: Mom, can I be in the special olympics?
      Cartman's Mom: No honey.
      Cartman: But why?! I'm special!

    • Jimmy: (while beating his girlfriend) Why do you make me do this?
      (His mom walks in)
      Jimmy's Mom: Jimmy?!
      Jimmy (smacks his mom) Shut up b-b-b-b-bitches!

    • Cartman: Well now I hope you guys know that I entered the Special Olympics and lost on purpose so Jimmy could learn his lesson about steroids.
      (Nobody says anything)

    • Cartman: Well, Kyle, I appreciate you being so open with me about this, but as we know, you have a warped perception of reality because you're jewish.

    • The Limit Lyrics:

      (Played when Cartman tries to make himself look handicapped and through the special olympics)

      Push it to the limit (Limit)
      Walk along the razor's edge
      Don't look down, just keep your head or you'll be finished

      Open up the limit (Limit)
      Pass the point of no return
      Reach the top, but still ya gotta learn how to keep it

      Hit the wheel and double the stakes
      Try to wide a open like a bat outta hell, you crashed the gates (Crashed the gates)

      No one thought the back of the own (?)
      Nothing gonna stop me, there's nothing that's gone
      So close now, your nearly at the brink, so push it

      Oh Yeah!

      (Welcome to the limit!!!)

      (Push it to the Limit!!!)

    • Kyle: Cartman if you do this, I really believe that you will go to Hell.

  • Notes

    • On December 23 2005, about a year and a half after this episode first aired, the movie "The Ringer" was released. The comedy features a man who has a similar plan as Cartman to act disabled in order to rig the Special Olympics.

    • Perhaps because the kids have learned their lesson from playing with ninja weapons in the last episode, the boys appear here twice playing with ordinary kids' toys. First a board game, then trucks.

    • Apparently Jimmy is the only one who can understand what Timmy says... much like only the characters in South Park can understand Kenny.

    • Comedy Central accidentally played a voice over promo for Chappelle's Show meant to be used in the end credits in its premiere airing.

    • The boys are seen playing the "Bill Kurtis Investigative Reports game", the same game they played in the 4th season episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA".

  • Allusions

    • Current Event/Steroid Scandal:

      Jimmy:'re just a big fat pussy, and if you take steroids...

      As Jimmy saying this and more the camera pans across Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Jason Giambi who have all broken records and have now been charged with the use of steroids in Major League Baseball

    • Lorenzo's Oil:

      When Jimmy beats up his mom and girlfriend, it plays "Adagio for Strings" then goes to a shot where he punches his wall, falls on the ground, and the camera zooms away in a spiral shot.

      This is a reference to a part in the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil, where Francesco hits his mom, Susan Surandon, after taking steroids for a rare neurological disease.

    • Ben Affleck:

      This episode is based on an HBO Lifestories: Families In Crisis episode entitled A Body To Die For: The Aaron Henry Story starring none other than Ben Affleck as a steroid-abusing high school athlete who ends up beating up his girlfriend.

    • Scarface:

      The montage is a reference to the 1983 film Scarface. Scarface also has a montage with the same song "Push it to the Limit" playing.

      "Push It to the Limit" was also a song used in the videogame 'Grand Theft Auto III,' which used 5 songs off of the "Scarface" soundtrack on it's 'Flashback FM' radio station.

    • Up The Down Staircase:

      The episode title refers to the 1964 young adult novel "Up the Down Staircase," by Bel Kaufman, which was made into a 1967 film starring Sandy Dennis.

    • American Pie:

      Jimmy's Dad: Were you masturbating son?

      This is taking a dig at American Pie. His tone of voice is similar to the same dad in American Pie. Jimmy = Jim. The girlfriend coming over to study is related to Nadia.

    • Kid Rock:

      During the montage where Cartman is figuring out how to be handicapped, he is seen watching Kid Rock perform on TV.

    • Mel Gibson:

      Cartman has a "Braveheart" poster up in his room. He also tells Kyle about "The Passion of the Christ." Cartman has a passion for Mel Gibson.

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