South Park

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 20, 1997 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • In the Spanish language dub, Scuzzlebutt's leg is replaced with Ricky Martín instead of Patrick Duffy; in the Hungarian language dub, it is replaced with Tom Cruise, in the Italian one with "Ridge from Beautiful."

    • In Cartman's tale Scuzzlebutt's left hand was a stalk of celery, but when he goes to personify Scuzzlebutt he holds the celery in his right hand. When Scuzzlebutt showed up to rescue the camping party his right hand was a stalk of celery.

    • At the end, Ned can't shoot Scuzzlebutt because he is out of ammo, but later, he drops his gun and it shoots Kenny!

    • South Park has some tough snow. When the boulder of lava lands in front of Kenny, there's neither steam nor melting snow around it.

    • When the boys are hunting in the forest, then they start to crawl after the rabbit; however, the background behind them is static as if they were crawling in place.

    • When Jimbo asks the children if they want beer, the campfire stays still for two shots.

    • When Cartman begins the Tale of Scuzzlebutt Stan's arms are missing, but reappear the next time he's seen.

    • When Kenny, Jimbo, and Ned are in the boat after Ned shoots the big rocket when they sail away one of the fishes disappear.

    • When Jimbo shoots the eagle his gun changes.

    • When Stan tries to shoot Cartman when he looks like "Skuzzle-butt" his sights appear and reappear.

    • The kids are on one side of the trench then get back across to shoot Scuzzlebutt.

    • When the guys are looking for Cartman, they see a ram. Jimbo starts shooting at it, but when the camera changes views, Kenny is the one shooting at the ram.

    • When they say gin tastes like pee the fire doesn't move, and when Cartman starts to tell his story you can see sationary flames. Also on the line "..Haven't you ever seen Step by Step?" one of Cartman's hands are missing, but only for the close up.

    • When the boys start to army crawl towards the bunny Jimbo and Ned go left, but the boys forward...very...very slowly. It's hard to even tell that they're moving.

  • Quotes

    • Jimbo: (Offers the kids some gin) You boys wanna top one off?
      Kyle: No thanks, that stuff tastes like pee.
      Stan: Yeah, Cartman's pee.
      Cartman: Hey, you would taste my pee.

    • Cartman: Hey, you guys. I know a scary story.
      Kyle: Shut up, Cartman. You can't scare anybody.
      Cartman: Oh, yeah? Have you guys ever heard of (slyly) Scuzzlebutt?
      Stan: What-butt?
      Cartman: Scuzzlebutt is a creature that lives up this very mountain and kills anybody who dares climb at the top.
      Stan: Why?
      Cartman: Because it loves the taste of blood and likes to add pieces to its deformed body.
      Kyle: Deformed like how?
      Cartman: Well... On his left arm, instead of a hand, he has...
      Stan: A hook?
      Kyle: A knife!
      Cartman: No. A piece of celery...
      Stan: Celery??
      Cartman: Yes. And he walks with a limp, because one of his legs is missing. And where his leg should be, there's nothing but...Patrick Duffy.
      Kyle: Patrick Duffy?! Damn it, Cartman! That's not scary!
      Cartman: What do you mean? Haven't you ever seen "Step by Step"?? (continues) Anyway, he lives alone on his mountain and weaves baskets and other assorted crafts. They say that on quiet nights, you can hear him weaving his baskets... (imitates weaving sounds)
      Stan: Cartman, you suck at telling scary stories!
      Kyle: Yeah! Give me that flashlight!

    • Cartman: (in his Scuzzlebutt costume) I am Scuzzlebutt! Lord of the Mountains! Behold my Patrick Duffy leg!
      Ned: What is it?
      Kyle: Dude, it's Scuzzlebutt! Cartman WASN'T lying!
      Jimbo: Holy smoke! We can make a mint killing this thing!
      Ned: We'll be on the cover of "Guns and Ammo".
      Jimbo: This calls for some HJ-14...
      Cartman: (chuckles) Those guys are totally scared...
      Jimbo: Fire in the hole! (fires two missiles)
      Cartman: Holy crap! (dodges the two missiles)
      Jimbo: Damn it! I think I missed!
      Cartman: What the hell is wrong with you people?! (runs away)
      Jimbo: Come on, let's move! Move!

    • (after the volcano rumbled)
      Kyle: What is that?
      Stan: Maybe it's Skuzzlebutt coming to weave us into wicker baskets.
      Cartman: Hey, it might be.
      Kyle: Gosh, I hope he doesn't cut me with his celery hand.
      (Kyle, Stan, & Kenny were laughing)
      Cartman: Screw you guys!
      (Kyle, Stan, & Kenny were still laughing)
      Cartman: Go to hell!

    • Kyle: Dude I don't understand hunting at all.
      Stan: Yeah, it's stupid, let's go watch cartoons.
      Cartman: Ya! Cartoons kick ass.

    • Kyle: Well Stan, you wanna know what I think?
      Stan: What?
      (Kyle farts)

    • Stan: Hey! I'm a dirty little bastard too!

    • Stan: My uncle Jimbo says after this he's gonna take me hunting in Africa!
      Kyle: Wow! That'd be cool.
      Cartman: My mom says there's a lot of black people in Africa.

    • Stan: Uncle Jimbo, we don't drink beer.
      Jimbo: What?!
      Ned: Oh yeah that's right I don't think 8 year olds drink beer.
      Kyle: I like chocolate milk.
      Jimbo: Well, we'll be doin' plenty of drinkin' on this hunting trip. After all, hunting sober is like… fishing… sober.

    • Jimbo: What's wrong with you?
      Stan: I don't wanna shoot the bunny.
      Jimbo: What do you mean you don't wanna shoot the bunny? You're babbling. You're not making any sense. You're hysterical!

    • Stan: Cartman always makes stuff up, Ned. You can't believe anything he says.
      Cartman: Hey, I'll blow your friggin' head off.
      Jimbo: (rushing up) Hey, look out son, that's dangerous. You're gonna spill your beer.

    • Jimbo: Well, here we are. Okay, each of you young 'uns take a gun, a beer and some smokes.

    • Liane Cartman: Be sure to use lots of bug spray, and if you have to poo-poo, don't wipe with poison ivy.
      (Stan, Kyle, & Kenny laugh)
      Cartman: Dude, that's sick mom.
      Liane Cartman: And I know it can get scary up in those woods, but just remember, mommy's not far away.
      (The boys laugh some more.)
      Cartman: (to Jimbo) Drive, drive!
      Liane Cartman: You give your mommy a kissy.
      Cartman: Drive the car damn it, drive!

    • Stan: Yeah, my Uncle Jimbo says we gotta get up there early. Right Uncle Jimbo?
      Jimbo: That's right, Stanley. Animals are much easier to shoot in the morning.

    • Uncle Jimbo: You see boys, the democrats have passed a lot of laws trying to stop us from hunting.
      Cartman: Democrats **** me off!

    • Uncle Jimbo: Now boys, boys, I, I need to get serious for a minute. I want you to understand a few basic rules of hunting, since this is your first time. First, don't ever walk with your gun unless the safety's on. Second, don't shoot anything that looks human and third, never spill your beer in the bullet chamber.
      Stan: Uh, Uncle Jimbo, we don't drink beer.
      Uncle Jimbo: You what?!?

    • What Kenny says:

      1) After Stan says to Cartman "Maybe your mom can give me a kiss too" Kenny says, 'Maybe she can suck my dick."
      2) After Kyle gets the flash light, Kenny says "Hey! What's that?" referring to the volcano.
      3) After Jimbo throws the grenade that kills all the fish, Jimbo says it smells, and Kenny says "Kinda like a vagina."
      4) After Jimbo makes Kenny his official nephew Kenny says "Cool"
      5) After the lava ball lands on Kenny, he says "Nope, I'm okay"
      6) After the lava ball rolls over him again Kenny goes "Ahhh"
      7) After the volcano incident is over, Kenny comes walking back and he says "Hey guys, what's up?"
      8) After getting shot by Ned, Kenny says "oh no!"

    • Cartman: You piece of crap! I'll kill you! (punches Kenny)
      Jimbo: That's the spirit!

    • (The "Lava and You" film)
      Instructor: Natural disasters can be the cause of troubling and undesirable stress, and a volcano is no exception. But what should you do if a volcano erupts near you or your family?
      (flashes to family on a picnic)
      Instructor: Here, we see the Stevens family on a day picnic, but suddenly, daughter hears a noise. It's a volcano. Junior seems worried. But have no fear, Junior. Jane learned in school what to do when you hear a volcano erupt.
      (covers the family with the ground cloth)
      Instructor: That's right, Jane. Duck and cover.
      (lava flows over them, the cloth comes off, and the family is happy)
      (the screen flashes to two boys riding bikes)
      Instructor: So, what will you do when you hear a volcano erupting?
      (boys duck and cover)
      Instructor: That's right, duck and cover. (lava flows over them) Looks like you got the idea. Duck and cover. (back to instructor) Thank you, and goodnight.

    • (volcano rumbles)
      Jimbo: Christ, Ned. What did you have for breakfast?
      Ned: I don't know, man. I've got some bad gas.

    • Assistant Johnson: Mayor, the geologist is here to see you.
      Mayor McDaniels: My geologist? Now? Tell him that the infection is fine and that I don't need another check up.
      Johnson: No, mayor, that's a gynecologist. A geologist studies the Earth.
      Mayor McDaniels: Don't you think I know that? How dare you insult my intellect! I went to Princeton for God's sake! You get out of my office!
      Johnson: I'm not in your office, mayor. I'm talking to you through a speaker.
      Mayor McDaniels: Just send in the geometrist!
      Johnson: Geologist.
      Mayor McDaniels: You are fired, buddy!
      Johnson: Thank you, mayor. It's been great working for you.

    • Randy: Mayor, we have got a very big problem. Mt. Evanston is about to erupt!
      (sinister music plays)
      Mayor McDaniels: What does this mean to the town?
      Randy: Well, this graph shows everything from normal (he points to 0.15) to bad (he points to 3.2). Right now, South Park is here. (he points to "Totally Screwed")
      (more sinister music plays)

    • (Describing "Scuzzlebutt.")
      Cartman: And he walks with a limp, because one of his legs is missing. And where his leg should be, there's nothing but... Patrick Duffy.

    • Jimbo: What the? What's wrong with you?
      Stan: I don't wanna shoot the bunny.
      Jimbo: What the hell are you talking about that you don't want to shoot the bunny? You're babbling. You're not making any sense. You're hysterical!
      Stan: I'm not hysterical. I just don't want to shoot the bunny.
      Jimbo: No nephew of mine is gonna be a tree hugger!
      Cartman: Yeah, hippie! Go back to Woodstock if you can't shoot anything!

    • Stan: I can shoot you, fat ass!
      Cartman: I can shoot you too! (cocks gun)
      Stan: I'll kill you!
      Cartman: I'll fill you full of lead!

    • Kyle: (to Stan) Well, do you want to know what I think?
      (Kyle then farts, and smiles)

    • Cartman: This looks like the gun I used in 'nam.

    • Jimbo: No nephew of mine's gonna be a tree-hugger.

    • Jimbo: You're babbling! You're not making any sense! You're hysterical!
      Stan: I'm not hysterical, I just don't want to shoot the bunny.

    • Jimbo: Look out! It's comin' right for us!

    • Chef: That has got to be the most ridiculous load of pig crap I have ever seen!

    • Ned: Oh! It hurts! It hurts!

    • Jimbo: See that Stan? Now that's a dirty little bastard!

  • Notes

    • The second episode uses animation to give it the appearance of cardboard but is actually computer animated.

    • This is the first appearance of Stan's uncle Jimbo and his hunting buddy Ned.

    • The geologist (whom we now know as Randy Marsh) is based on Trey Parker's father, Randy, who is also a geologist. Obviously at this point we don't know that he is Stan's father, we only find that out later in the episode 'An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig'.

  • Allusions

    • Step By Step:

      When Kyle claims that Scuzzlebutt's Patrick Duffy leg isn't scary, Cartman replies to the media reference of Step By Step by saying: "Haven't you ever seen Step By Step?"

    • Orgazmo:

      The sweet snack Happy Tarts are also mentioned in another piece of Trey Parker's work, the 1998 film Orgazmo.

    • Labyrinth:

      There is a scene in this episode, in which Scuzzlebutt say he wants to be Friends. It sounds exactly like a character named Ludo that says it in the movie Labyrinth. Another similarity, the both are big, hairy beasts.

    • Patrick Duffy:

      Before being Scuzzlebutt's leg, he played the male lead, Frank, on Step by Step, and starred in Dallas, and for those who remember he was The Man From Atlantis.

    • The Naked Gun:

      "Nothing to see here!" - used in the The Naked Gun movies, but it goes farther back, and shows the logical extreme of police trying to move a crowd back from a spectacular accident or disaster.

    • Current Events:

      It's coming right for us! - from an incident in Colorado in which a man shot three Rocky Mountain black bears, a protected species, down from a tree. His excuse: They were coming right for us!

    • Rambo: First Blood:

      While walking in the woods, Cartman refers to "Danforth," a person he supposedly served with in Vietnam.

      That's a reference to the first Rambo movie, First Blood, made in 1982. Where one of soldiers John Rambo served with was named Danforth.

    • Duck and Cover:

      The film "Lava and You" (black and white movie), which advocates ducking and covering to protect yourself from volcanoes, is a parody of the 1951 safety film "Duck and Cover".

      In the film, a cartoon turtle taught children to use the "duck and cover" technique to protect themselves from the atomic bomb (which in reality, is about as effective against A-bomb blasts as it is against lava in the short).

      The government convinced people that if they were under attack from falling bombs they could 'duck and cover' for relative safety. "What do you do when you see the flash?" "DUCK AND COVER!" Usually, though, you would duck and cover under the table or desk. You still do this in case of earthquakes, or hurricane or tornado if there's no cellar around. In case of lava flow, though, you get out of town.

    • Skuzzlebutt:

      Maybe derived from...

      scuttlebutt n. 1, a cask. 2, (slang) gossip.