South Park

Season 13 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2009 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At the Denver Pepsi Center the boys are at a WWE event and are having the best time. Afterwards they decide tomorrow at school they are going to sign up for wrestling class. They go, but it isn't what they expected. There are no costumes and the starting position seems pretty gay. They decide to set up their own wrestling federation. The Wrestling Takedown Federation (WTF) features:

Cartman – Rad Russian / Bad Irene

Jimmy - Hammerclaw

Token – Congo

Stan – Stan the Man

Kyle – Juggernaut

Butters – Triceratops

Kenny - El Pollo Loco

Some onlookers like what they see and word begins to spread and crowds start building. At Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails, the regulars are discussing the WTF storylines. The wrestling coach overhears all of this and tries to explain to them that that kind of wrestling is faked. When he tries to show them what real wrestling is, via videos on his iPhone, they tell him to take his gay porn out of there. The next day the boys have an even bigger turnout for their wrestling entertainment.

The wrestling coach has been fired by the school board, because of the adult themes in wrestling and the "gay porn" they found on his iPhone. Cartman brings in a letter they've received from the WWE. They are sending Vince McMahon out on Saturday to scout them for real wrestling jobs. They are really excited at the prospect and decide they need to bring their performances up and get ready for Saturday. The next day Cartman and Kenny hold a meeting with Stan and Kyle at the Sizzler. Token, Butters, and Jimmy need to be let go; they have the potential to blow their chance at the big time on Saturday. They decide to hold tryouts for new members and one of them breaks into song, which they like. The wrestling coach decides he gonna put an end to the wrestling show, once and for all.

It's Saturday and time for their Ultimate Smackdown and Vince McMahon has arrived. The boys start their show. The wrestling coach has arrived on the scene and is lurking behind the grandstand. Vince McMahon likes the "wrestling" he's seen so far, but wants to see how things develop in the second act. The wrestling coach puts a move on a security guard and then gets himself into position. He loads and fires a bazooka. The shell fizzles out and lands on stage. El Pollo Loco picks it up and the shell starts up again and launches itself and El Pollo Loco into the air. The shell explodes and a a couple of Hispanic crowd members says the Spanish equivalent of "Oh my God, they killed El Pollo Loco! You bastards!" The wrestling coach comes down and pleads to the crowd; he tells the crowd that they took his job. That quiets the crowd and he starts pouring out his heart. When he finishes the crowd applauds and Vince McMahon rewards him with a job as a leading act in the WWE. The boys have lost their chance at WWE stardom and begin to fight amongst themselves. As the boys are just fighting and not advancing any storylines, the crowd loses interest and goes home.

* Kenny (El Pollo Loco) dies when the bazooka shell he picks up launches him into the air and explodes.