South Park

Season 1 Episode 3

Weight Gain 4000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 1997 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Cartman wins a contest for having the best environmental essay, but he can't remember what he wrote about. Wendy suspects that Cartman has cheated and she is going to prove it. Kathie Lee Gifford is coming to South Park to give Cartman a trophy. Cartman prepares for the event by bulking up with Weight Gain 4000. Mr. Garrison is supposed to be directing the children in a play about the history of their town, but Kathie Lee's pending arrival distracts him. Back when he was in grade school with Kathie Lee he believes she cheated to win the talent show. Mr. Garrison gets a gun and goes to the book depository with plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Cartman has expanded to 150 pounds or more because of the Weight Gain 4000 and everyone has begun calling him "Wide Load." The award proceedings are interrupted when Mr. Garrison tries to kill Kathie Lee Gifford, but kills Kenny instead. Wendy exposes the truth about Cartman's paper; Chef makes sweet love to Kathie Lee and Cartman goes on Geraldo.
Kenny dies when he's catapulted into the air and gets shot by Mr. Garrison (who's trying to kill Kathy Lee Gifford) and lands on the flagpole, thus impaling him.