South Park

Season 1 Episode 3

Weight Gain 4000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • Boring for most of the parts, but a few parts were funny

    Cartman wins a national environmental essay contest by plagiarizing Thoreau's Walden. The prize is getting on live TV with Kathy Lee Gifford, who visits South Park. This causes Mr. Garrison to relive a traumatic childhood memory when young Kathy Lee beat him in a talent show. Mr. Hat convinces Mr. Garrison that he must kill her. Meanwhile, Cartman decides to take Weight Gain 4000 so that he can "bulk up" for his big appearance. He becomes so fat that when he is accepting the award from Kathy Lee, the stage collapses at the same moment Mr. Garrison fires at her, hitting Kenny instead. Cartman gets to be on Geraldo, Mr. Hat is committed to a mental hospital, and Chef gives Kathy Lee some sweet lovin'.I thought this was a mediocre episode. Sorry, this episode was just boring and didn't made me laugh very much I laughed a few times her like. Cartman hating rainbows, Chef's part, some of the performance, the commercial, the play when the kids were beating up, :Godd***, that's a fat***, Chef singing about Kathie Lee, and a couple more. Overall, a mediocre episode of South Park. 5.5/10
  • Weight Gain 4000

    The Good:

    -Cartman's determination of the difference between a rainforest and a Pop Tart? Pop Tarts have frosting.

    -For some reason, as the town prepares for the arrival of Kathy Lee Gifford, the Mayor insists that the cows be castrated.

    -Officer Barbrady has no idea where Mr. Garrison might be, even though the phrase "book depository" echoes through his head several times.

    -Mr. Garrison decides which gun he likes best by quoting "Taxi Driver" while holding them.

    The Bad:

    -It's often amusing when television shows attack celebrities, but there aren't enough digs taken at Kathy Lee Gifford. If the writers want to have an episode surrounding a famous person, it would be great to see them really push the envelope in the future.
  • superb

    Cartman wins an essay and Kathy Lee Gifford comes to South Park to talk to him about it. Everyone is thrilled, except for Mr. Garrison, who holds a grudge against Kathy Lee for beating him in a talent show many years ago. Mr. Hat tells him to kill her. Will he? Or will he be stopped by the police?

    Decent episode. Got somewhat boring in parts but overall it was pretty good for the most part. My final grade for this episode is another B. Not horrible but not overly fantastic either, I do not think anyway. Pretty good episode
  • Weight gain 4000...SPOILERS

    This is a geat episode but it doesn't have as many laughs as the previous episode 'volcano'. It starts off with cartman coming first in an essay competition, even though his essay is completely fake and this is just Cartman scheming. As Kathy Lee comes to south park MR. Garrisson has flashbacks of when Kathy Lee beat him in a talent show when they were kids. MR. Hat tells MR. Garrisson to assasinate Kathy Lee.... but will he? Meanwhile Cartman tries to 'bulk up' for his big appearance by using 'weight gain 4000' hence the title of the episode. This is a good episode with a great ending.
  • "Beefcake! Beefcake!"

    Strange occurences continue in South Park as Kathie Lee Gifford comes to town to present Cartman with an award for writing the best environmental essay (even though all the other kids know he cheated). Mr. Garrison's puppet psychosis is explained, and Cartman tries to bulk up for the occasion with limited success. This episode is rather mediocre as a whole, with a loosely formed plot that is still funny in parts, but never really seems to come together. It is safe to say that South Park is at its best when it tackles taboo issues, but this is still a worthy addition to the first season of the budding series.
  • Weight Gain.. I mean Warning: Coiintains Spoilers

    One of South Park's first episode making fun of a celebrity has to be a not very known celebrity. I thought the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone just chose any random celebrity to make fun of because.. Come on. Who knows who Kathy Lee Gifford is? Anyways, this episode was pretty entertaining and it was fun to watch. I've noticed that Stan didn't throw up at all while talking to Wendy and even in front of her face saying that Kyle's mom was making them Tuna Fish Sandwiches. The humor in this episode was still not very good, but it is the beginning of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's career in this episode.

    After Cartman wins an essay that he cheated on, Kathy Lee Gifford gets to come to South Park. Everyone is all psyched, except for Mr. Garrison who holds a grudge for her after she won a talent show contest that Mr. Garrison was in. Now, Mr. Hat tries to convince him to kill Kathy Lee Gifford, so he tries.

    This episode was okay, but it wasn't the best of the best. It's still a good addition to the first season of South Park.
  • Great episode.

    This episode was about Eric Cartman. Kathy Lee Gifford comes to South Park to congratulate Cartman. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison has evil plans for Kathy Lee Gifford. He buys a gun, and plans to shoot her. Luckily, Kyle and Wendy stop Mr. Garrison from shooting Kathy Lee Gifford. Eric Cartman was trying to bulk up to impress Kathy Lee Gifford. He gained like 1,000 pounds and kept saying that that he had muscles, not fat. He was like 2,000 pounds, and Eric Cartman wrote a story about dolphins. This episode was very weird. Overall, I thought it was okay, I give this episode a 8.8.
  • Very Enjoyable!

    I placed this in the "Character Development" catagory because we get more of a glimpse into Cartman and what makes him tick. Plus we get to hear some of what has become his trademark whining. In this episode Cartman wins a nationwide writing contest (with an essay which he didn't write - it was actually "Walden" by Henry David Thereau) and as a result Kathy Lee Gifford comes to visit South Park and present Cartman with an award in a televised event. Cartman decides he wants to look good for the event and so buys the product "Weight Gain 4000" after seeing an ad for it on the TV. As a sub plot, Mr. Garrison is out for revenge on Kathy Lee for spoiling his chances at winning a talent show when he was younger. As you can probably tell (if you haven't seen it), fun ensues. Great episode with plenty of classic South Park moments... loved it!
  • Weight Gain 4000

    So when you decide to watch the third episode you will then see that is is not just the first two that are silly and out of this world with excellence. This Weight Gain 4000 episode is based loosely around Cartman and an advert that is so strange and silly that it makes you giggle. Cartman is so dumb.
    When watching the TV Eric Cartman sees an advert about Weight Gain 4000. Eric thinks that because he will get an award very soon he will have to slim down so he buys this Weight Gain 4000 thinkin` it means to slim you down and he ends up as fat as a tub o` lard!
  • A interesting episode that shows Mr. Garrison's past life.

    This episode, shows how much Trey & Matt are genius. They improved this episode allot since the past "mediocre" episodes.

    The humor is excellant, this episode will give you laughts at every attend they try to make a joke.

    Also, the plot is interesting. Mr. Garrison tries to get revenge a Kathy Lee, who ruined his chance of being a star. This showed us a bit from Mr. Garrison's past.

    The animation is amazing, they really improved it. For this episode, the animation is the biggest sucess for South Park.

    The reason I gave it a 8.6. Its because, I think it needed to show more Stan and Wendy's relationship, they seem to ignore each other and are just trying to stop Garrison from un-leashing that shot.
  • Silly in a good way. I laughed so many times during this episode!

    This episode is way funnier than I ever remember. It starts off with one of the funniest conversations I've ever heard. "Dude, did you see the rainbow?" "Urgh, I hate those friggin' things!" "Dude, no-one hates rainbows." "I do, you'll be be standing there, minding your own business and a rainbow will come up behind you, crawl up your leg and bite the inside of your ass." "Dude, a rainbow is an arc of colour in the sky when rain comes!" "Oh, I like those things...". That would have made the episode, but later on, Cartman also manages to ask: "If dolphins are so smart, why do they live in igloos?" Lol. Hilarious. The plot of this episode is good, with Mr Hat trying to kill Kathie Lee Gifford and Cartman misinterpreting an advertisement and thinking he needs to bulk up. Beefcake!! Beefcake!!
  • Great early episode

    This is the first episode that portrays Cartman’s hatred toward hippies. The focus of the episode is Cartman, who has won an award in an essay contest. In order to look good on television, he tries to “beef up” by eating Weight Gain 4000, but instead he becomes morbidly obese. Mr. Garrison carries his own subplot for the first time in the series as well, focused on his growing insanity and necessity to kill Kathy Lee Gifford.
    Wendy gets the “I’ve learned something today” line that will later become Kyle’s trademark, this time the lesson involving the futility of revenge. And once again, Kenny is killed by a stray bullet, only this time he is sent flying and gets his head impaled on the flagpole. He slowly slides down the flagpole as Officer Barbrady says, “Thank God no one got hurt!”
    “Weight Gain 4000” is a good installment from Season One, which has so far opened quite gracefully. Although we still haven’t met any of their parents (except for Miss Cartman, who has appeared in all three episodes thus far—makes me wonder if Stone and Parker had originally planned to keep their families ambiguous), the episode is pretty typical. Kyle and Cartman have their usual banters, which prove to be the best moments, and Mr. Garrison’s play was a riot. The humor here still isn’t on the level of “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” but it’s at least on the upswing.
  • 8.5/10

    Cartman wins the "Save Our Fragile Earth" contest with his essay. He will be awarded a trophy, presented to him by Kathy Lee Gifford. Mr. Garrison starts talking to Mr. Hat and he reveals that he hates Kathy Lee Gifford because she won a talent show that Mr. Garrison was in. The mayor of South Park tells the class to put on a play. She puts Mr. Garrison in charge of it. Cartman goes home to watch TV. He sees a commercial for "Weight Gain 4000". It supposed to make you big and strong. He gets his mom to buy some. He gets so big he cant fit in the bus. Later, they're rehearsing the play, and Mr. Garrison accidentally says "to hell with Kathy Lee Gifford". He gets fired from directing the play. He decides to kill Kathy Lee Gifford. He goes and buys a gun. Then Wendy sneaks into Mr Garrisons classroom to read Cartman's essay and sees Mr. Garrison holding a gun practicing to shoot Kathy Lee Gifford. The day of the award ceremony Cartman is huge. Mr. Garrison goes up to the top of the Book Depository to get ready to shoot for Kathy Lee Gifford. Wendy and Stan go up there to try and stop him. He still tries to shoot here, hitting Kenny instead. Kenny dies. Then Wendy gets up on the stage and tells everyone that Cartman just copied the book "Walden". No one cares. Kathy Lee Gifford goes home before Cartman gets to be one TV. He wants to be on TV so bad, that he goes on a show for fat people (since he gained 700 pounds). He cant even get out of his house.
  • Try the new energy drink !

    Just another ordinary day in South Park.
    Boy receive the essey resaults and it appears that Eric is the winner. Kathy Lee Gifford is coming to South Park to give the prize to Eric and he wants to look the best for TV screens and starts using the brand new energy drink Weight Gain 4000. Meanwhile Mr.Garrison has a painful childhood memories and now the demons of the past starts to hunt him down and to drive him crazy as he will try to do a desperate thing for the deserved revenge. Elsewhere Stan Kyle and Wendy are trying to find out if Cartman really did cheated on essey and to stop Mr.Garrison from doing anything. All of this is just a part of growing up in South Park Colorado.
  • After Cartman wins a essay, Kathy Lee Gifford is coming to South Park, making Mr. Garrison remember a past experience...

    Wendy becomes jealous when Cartman wins a essay contest. As a reward, Cartman is going to get a trophy on live tv with Kathy Lee Gifford. Cartman uses Weight Gain 400 to "beef up" but just becomes really really fat. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison plans to kill Kathy Lee because he beat her in a talent show. On the day, Mr. Garrison is prepared to kill her. Stan and Wendy talk him out of it, but then he changes him mind. He shoots at her,but misses because Cartman breaks the stage, sending her into the air. Cartman doesn't get to be on tv. Wendy announces how Cartman won the essay, he copied a book, but no one cares.
  • Mr. Garrison tries to kill Kathie Lee Gifford and Cartman cheats on an essay.

    Weight Gain 400 is a good episode although not a great one. The storyline is generally unique and funny. There are many better episodes, but this one is good nonetheless. After all it is only the 3rd episode ever created by Matt and Trey. Cartman cheats and wins essay contest and Kathie Lee Gifford comes to South Park to present him with the award. Kathie Lee showed up Mr. Garrion in a talent show contest when they were in school so Mr. Garrison vows to get revenge on her by killing her. Thnaks Matt and Trey for everything and October 4th is just around the corner.
  • Hmm, it's story isn't all that exciting, but it does have its classic moments.

    Kathie Lee Gifford is coming to South Park to present Cartman an award for his best essay on the environmental destruction, and Mr. Garrison wants to kill her. Meanwhile, Cartman, trying to look his best to Kathie Lee, begs his mom to buy him energy drink Weight Gain 4000. The story is pretty boring and flat, but the episode does have its classic moments. In the first three and a half seasons, Cartman's (and Stan's and Kyle's) voices were alott more raspy and high-pitched. Heck, Cartman whining to his mom to buy Weight Gain 4000 is a classic. As with Mr. Garrison's regular conversations with his hand-puppet Mr. Hat (before Trey and Matt became jerks in season 6 and removed Hat), and the show's usual mocking of celebrities, Kathie Lee Gifford in this case. So I'd watch this episode more because of the classic jokes, but not a real story. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend downloading it off iTunes Video for 2 bucks, but rather just watch it off TV. It's at least worth it, unlike (cough) seasons 6, 9, or 10.
  • Really shows us just how crazy garrison is!

    This episode is mostly focused on Mr. Garrison. There is a secondary plot involving Cartman and an essay contest.

    This episode is great for the third episode in the first season. I exspect shows to be a little crappy during there first season but this is not true with the greatness of southpark.

    This episode really shows us what mr. Garrison is all about. It shows just how crazy he can be crazy and insane. This show is one of the funnier shows of the complete first season of the the great show of the south park. Watch it now.
  • Cartman drinks Weight Gain 4000 to beef up before Kathie Lee Gifford comes to South Park, and Mr. Hat plans to kill her.

    Cartman wins a essay contest, and Wendy thinks he cheated. Kathie Lee Gifford is coming to town to give Cartman a trophy, which causes Mr. Garrison to remember how she beat him in a tallent show. Mr. Hat convinces him to kill her, and he buys a gun. Meanwhile, Cartman is drinking Weight Gain 4000 to help him beef up, but it is really causing him to get super fat. Wendy goes looking for Cartman's paper and learns what Mr. Hat/ Mr. Garrison is going to do. When Kathie Lee Gifford arrives, Mr. Garrison is ready to shoot her from a building, but she is in a bubble. Wendy tells the boys and Stan goes to help her. They find Mr. Garrison and talk to him about not killing her. Cartman, who is now really really fat, goes onto the stage, along with Kathie Lee Gifford, who is going to give him his reward. Stan screws everything up, making Mr. Garrison mad again, and he shoots at Kathie Lee Gifford. Cartman breaks the stage, sending Kathie Lee Gifford into the air. Mr. Garrison misses Kathie Lee Gifford and hits Kenny. Cartman doesn't get his reward and Mr. Hat is hauled of to jail. Wendy tell everyone, that Cartman's paper was really just a rip-off of a book, but no one cares. Mr. Garrison's class visits him in the hospital where he says he can't come back until Mr. Hat is better.
  • Another classic from Season 1!

    Well done Matt and Trey. Another great episode to forever enjoy. Cartman wins a national essay contest and then Cartman tries to bulk himself up with something called Weight Gain 4000 but it only makes him fatter....waaaaaaay fatter! It was funny and Cartman will always remain as my favorite character. Plus Mr. Garrison is mad at Kathie Lee Gifford for winning a contest when they were younger and tries to kill her. Well done!
  • Cartman wins a writing contest, which brings Kathie Lee Gifford (somehow) to town.

    I label it as character developement because we learn more of Mr. Garrison. Who he is as a person and his relations with Kathie Lee Gifford. It is funny how Cartman plaigerized (sp?) the whole thing without anyone even noticing. Personally, I would have never thought to plaigerize at such a young age, although on many episodes the age is irrelevent. Wendy completely contradicts herself within the episode. One of the best, if not the best, parts in this episode is when Mr. Garrison orders the gun from Stan\'s uncle. He has a few choices for his gun reasons, like hunting, protection, and... other. Great episode, especially with BEEFCAKE!!!!!!
  • Cartman uses Weight Gain 4000 to "beef-up" quickly before Kathie Lee Gifford arrives in town.

    This is one of my favorite South Park episodes of all time. It parodies the Kennedy Assasinations with Mr. Garrison attempting to murder Kathie Lee Gifford...over a talent show! Also, I love the fact that Kathie Lee rides around in a bubble, I guess a lot of people want to kill her. The Wendy vs. Cartman jokes are hilarious, especially when Cartman starts talking about why dolphins are stupid. And I quote, "If dolphins are so smart, then why do they live in igloos?" The best part of this episode would have to be the opening with Cartman's little rant about "rainbows." Great episode!
  • We learn things about Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hat, Wendy, and others. Is Officer Barbrady really that stupid? In one word...yes.

    Cartman wins a contest after plagiarizing another person's work, and Wendy gets pissed about it, trying to prove he didn't win. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison is planning to kill Kathie Lee Gifford as she comes into town, because she ruined his life while they were younger. Cartman tries to gain weight between that time, Garrison plans to kill Kathie, and Wendy's out to find out the truth about Cartman's paper. Even in the end, she finds no salvation, Cartman has no fame, and Kathie Lee stays alive. And all in between that, we learn how truly stupid some of the South Park residents really are.

    Personally, they could've done better, but I do think this one beats the first two episodes, appeal-wise. 9.6/10
  • The 3rd episode of South Park, it was pretty good.

    The episode was about Cartman winning a national essay contest, Cartman doesn'nt even remember what it was about. Kathie Lee Gifford is coming to South Park to give Cartman a trophy for winning the essay. Cartman wants to slim down before Gifford comes to South Park, he sees an add on TV called Weight Gain 4000. Cartman's mom buys it for him and Cartman bulks up by taking it, but Cartman does not become muscular, he becomes even fatter! The funniest scene of the show was when Cartman and the rest of his friends are at the bus stop and Cartman is wearing a very tight tank-top, and then says something like he's showing off his muscular form. Hilarious, best moment of the night. Overall an alright episode.
  • Silly but funny!!

    I loved South Park in the beginning
    But now not so much as they make fun of anybody and everybody
    Without trying to sound apologetic
    This was one of the shows where Cartman
    Tried to use this formula drink to gain muscle
    But he only gets fatter and fatter
    How they made fun of Kathie-Lee is priceless
    I almost laugh myself very, very, hard
    Just loved this episode!!
    It was indeed very silly
    But also it was very funny as well!
  • Beefcake Beefcake!!!

    This is a decent episode. Not as good as Volcano, but its much better than the first episode.

    Cartman has many great sayings and "beefcake" is up there with the best of them!

    Cartman is going to be on TV and he wants to look his best. He discovers Weight Gain 4000 and bulks up. Kathy Lee Gifford is coming to town as well and since she upstaged Mr Garrison when they were kids he prepares to kill her.

    Instead he misses and Kenny dies! The Mr Garrison plot isn't that interesting, but the transformation of Cartman really is the highlight of the episode! Also there is those immortal words - "Beefcake, Beefcake!!!"
  • Good episode for the most part but it doesn't have much replay value and charm.

    Weight Gain 4000 is a season 1 episode that provides a few laughs and it's a good episode for the most part but it doesn't have much replay value and charm.

    - Cartman's obsession with BEEFCAKE!
    - Best Kenny Death
    - Funny Mr. Garrison and Cathy Lee Gifford Plot
    - Mr. Garrison Musical Dream/Flashback

    - Wendy figuring out that Cartman cheated
    - Not Enough Jokes
    - Not very consistant in humor
    - Too boring to be watched more than twice
    - Cartman still has an annoying voice
  • One of South Park's first episodes and one of it's most hilarious.

    This episode is hilarious. In the episode, Cartman cheats and wins a contest where you have to write an environmental paper and Kathy Lee Gifford is to come to South Park to give him his award. The mayor of South Park tells Cartman that he needs to get in shape for when Kathy Lee Gifford comes. Cartman goes home and see an ad for a thing called 'weight gain 4000' for puny guys. He has his mom buy him some and before you know it, he's humongous. Meanwhile, Mr.Garrison is plotting to kill Kathy Lee Gifford. On the day Kathy Lee Gifford comes, Mr.Garrison misses and shoots Kenny and Kathy Lee Gifford has to evacuate, so Cartman's not on TV.