South Park

Season 1 Episode 3

Weight Gain 4000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • Boring for most of the parts, but a few parts were funny

    Cartman wins a national environmental essay contest by plagiarizing Thoreau's Walden. The prize is getting on live TV with Kathy Lee Gifford, who visits South Park. This causes Mr. Garrison to relive a traumatic childhood memory when young Kathy Lee beat him in a talent show. Mr. Hat convinces Mr. Garrison that he must kill her. Meanwhile, Cartman decides to take Weight Gain 4000 so that he can "bulk up" for his big appearance. He becomes so fat that when he is accepting the award from Kathy Lee, the stage collapses at the same moment Mr. Garrison fires at her, hitting Kenny instead. Cartman gets to be on Geraldo, Mr. Hat is committed to a mental hospital, and Chef gives Kathy Lee some sweet lovin'.I thought this was a mediocre episode. Sorry, this episode was just boring and didn't made me laugh very much I laughed a few times her like. Cartman hating rainbows, Chef's part, some of the performance, the commercial, the play when the kids were beating up, :Godd***, that's a fat***, Chef singing about Kathie Lee, and a couple more. Overall, a mediocre episode of South Park. 5.5/10