South Park

Season 1 Episode 3

Weight Gain 4000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 1997 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Mr. Garrison asks "why are you looking at me like that Mr. Hat?" the wrinkles on his forehead are gone.

    • This is the first episode where Mr. Hat appears to be a separate entity from Mr. Garrison.

    • During Mr. Garrison's flashback, even as an 8 year old, he still has a bald head with gray at the side, yet in the flashback in the episode "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut," he has a full head of hair like everyone else only 8 years ago.

    • Butters appears during the play rehearsal scene beating Pip.

    • The Immortals - The people in the audience during the National Talent Show Finals some 30 or 40 years ago also appear during the Award Ceremony, and then on Geraldo.

    • When the kids are rehearsing the play, the crowd only appears when Mr. Garrison says "To hell with Kathy Lee Gifford." The crowd is nowhere to be seen before then.

    • In one shot, the security guards are on the ground surrounding Kathie Lee, and in the next shot, they are on the truck.

    • Right after Wendy tries to convince the crowd that Cartman's actual paper was 'Walden' with Cartman's name on it, Stan mentions something about Kyle's mom making tuna fish sandwiches. When he does this, you can kind of see him 'lift' off the background.

    • When Mr. Garrison is shopping for a gun he goes up to a mirror and blinks. They are three sections in the mirror and on the left most one he is not blinking while he is in the others.

    • While discussing Cartman's weight gain in the commentary for this episode, co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone explains that Cartman gains 700 lb making him almost as heavy as Sally Struthers.

    • In the Geraldo audience there are two of the same men in the front and back row.

    • The picture of student of the week is Cartman.

    • A new creature is on Jimbo's wall, a bunny-fish and so is a poster of a seal that says GUNS BUY ONE.

    • When Mr. Garrison flashes back to real life he looks the same.

    • The blackboard says vulgar things in Spanish:
      Chupe mis chi chis.

      No me toquen los huevos.

      Mi verga es fea y morena.
      The Spanish vulgar sentences translate to:
      -Suck my tits.
      -Don't touch my eggs(testicles).
      -My stick(dick) is ugly and brown.

      The font used on the blackboard is different from the one used in the first episode. The one used here is called "eraser" and it has that distinctive backwards lowercase N.

      Over the blackboard there is alphabet:
      Az By Cx Dw Ev Fu Gt Hs Ir Jq Kp Lo Mn Nm Ol Pk Qj Ri Sh Tg Uf Ve Wd Xc Yb Za

      Check out pais 6 and 19 of the alphabet...

    • Cartman and the Rainbows - so just what is it that crawls up your legs and into your butt? Cartman's monologue was inspired from a woman Trey and Matt overheard at a restaurant. Apparently, she didn't like rainbows, either. Probably because it means the end of a rainstorm, and she liked the rain.

    • Kenny was killed twice. The first time was during the Indian scene where he was crushed by the tepee. The second time was when he was catapulted into the air.

    • Mr. Garrison's pants in the flashback scene of him changed from dark green to lighter green.

    • If you look at the second man in the front row (the only one clapping his hands), he's in the audience but also he's one of judges.

    • When Mr. Garrison said "Wait there's more" Look at the writing on the blackboard, It disappeared in the next scene.

    • When Wendy is trying to stop Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hat is sitting on the rifle, but when Mr. Garrison lowers the rifle Mr. Hat is nowhere in sight. Right after Stan asks "Man, did she really throw her voice with two dummies at once?" Mr. Hat is again on Mr. Garrison's right hand.

    • Wendy's purple mittens dissipated and reappeared on her hands when she was looking at her essay.

    • When Cartman squeals to him to go to the store, He knocked his box of Cheesy Poofs off the Couch and out of shot, but in the next scene when Cartman's Mum heads towards the door it has dissapeared and in the last shot of Cartman smiling it back on the couch beside him.

    • When the stage collapsed, it snapped in two, but when Cartman shouted at the TV reporters one part snapped,

    • When Wendy said that she's learned something today, The black outline on her purple coat is missing.

    • Look at Wendy when she said to Mr Garrison "I know that she's hurt you, She's hurt a lot of people", the right side of her hair is missing.

    • When Wendy's head is shown front, her hair is long. When her head is showing left or right, her hair is little bit shorter.

    • Officer Barbarady's pants change from black to blue.

    • The stock on Mr. Garrison's rifle changed to grey on his way to the book depository but he got the rifle with the brown wood stock on it but then it changed back to brown inside the book depository.

  • Quotes

    • Man: Howdy, Mr. Garrison. Nice gun.
      Mr. Garrison: Thank you.
      Woman: Nice gun, Mr. Garrison.
      Mr. Garrison: Thanks. Hello Officer Barbrady.
      Officer Barbrady: Nice gun.
      Mr. Garrison: Thanks. Is there somewhere in town where I can get a good clear shot- er, view of Kathie Lee?
      Officer Barbrady: You know, I think the book depository would be a good bet.

    • Clyde: Mr. Garrison, am I an Indian or Pioneer?
      Mr. Garrison: Do you have a feather on your head?
      Clyde: Yeah.
      Mr. Garrison: You're an Indian.
      Clyde: Oh.

    • Mayor: Come on, people! We've got to turn this place around! Hang up those lights, put up that banner, castrate the cows!
      Cows: Moo?!

    • Mr. Garrison: I'm just sorry I ruined everyone's chances to be on TV.
      Kyle: Not Cartman, he gets to be on TV anyway!
      Mr. Garrison: Really? On what?
      Geraldo: Obesity, anaposity, corpulence. Whatever word you use, it still represents one thing. Being a big fat ass. We have now, live via satellite, Eric Cartman, who is now so obese he can't even leave his bedroom.
      Cartman: (Enormously fat) When is this gonna be on the air?
      Geraldo: Do you have anything to say to the viewers at home?
      Cartman: Follow your dreams. You can achieve your goals; I'm living proof. Beefcake. Beefcake!!

    • Mr. Garrison: (gasps) No Mr. Hat, I couldn't… kill Kathie Lee Gifford!

    • Mayor McDaniels: Kathie Lee Gifford loves kids.
      Mayor's assistant: When they're in a sweatshop that is!

    • (After being caught while attempting to kill Kathie Lee)
      Mr. Garrison: I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!

    • Cartman: Dophins, Eskimos, who cares? It's all a bunch of tree-lovin' hippy crap!

    • Chef: That boy needs to run his ass around the block a few times.

    • Wendy: Officer Barbrady, Mr. Garrison is about to kill Kathie Lee! We have to find him!
      Officer Barbrady: What? You mean the teacher? Wait a minute. (He thinks to when he told Mr. Garrison the best view of Kathie Lee)
      (in Barbrady's thought)
      Mr. Garrison: Is there somewhere in town that I can get a good, clear shot, I mean, view of Kathie Lee.
      Officer Barbrady: You know, I think the book depository would be a good bet. (It begins echoing) I think the book depository would be a good bet. Book depository. Depository. Depository.
      (back to present)
      Officer Barbrady: Damn! He could be anywhere! I'll send out an APB.

    • Cartman: I'm gonna be on television. I'm gonna be on television.
      Stan: We don't believe for a minute that you won that contest fairly, fat boy.
      Cartman: Oh, stop defending your girlfriend for writing about some stupid fish.
      Stan: Dude, dolphins aren't stupid. They're intelligent and friendly.
      Cartman: Intelligent and friendly on rye bread with some mayonnaise.

    • Stan: What's that stuff?
      Cartman: Weight Gain 4000, it's helping me bulk up.
      Kyle: Bulk up to what? Fat ass?
      Stan: Super fat ass?

    • Geraldo Rivera: Obesity. Adiposity. Corpulence. Whatever word you use, it represents one thing: being a big fat ass.

    • Cartman: This is sweet. Camera crews are setting up, and I'm lookin' totally ripped. Beefcake. Beefcake!.

    • Cartman: If dolphins are so smart then why do they live in igloos?

    • Mr.Garrison: Well you can just stay in there Negative Nancy.

    • (after Cartman "bulks" up...)
      Kyle: Cartman, you are such a fat ass that when people go past you they say, 'GODDAMMIT! THAT"S A BIG FAT ASS!'
      Cartman: No. They don't!
      (man walks past Cartman; looks at him)
      Cartman: Hey!

    • Mr. Garrison: Knock, knock Mr. Hat.
      Mr. Hat: Who's there?
      Mr. Garrison: Orange.
      Mr. Hat: Orange who?
      Mr. Garrison: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

    • Mayor: Kathy Lee Gifford in South Park. This is our chance to make a name for ourselves: to prove that we're not just some piss-ant, white bread, mountain town.

    • Mr. Garrison: To hell with Kathy Lee Gifford!
      Everyone: (GASP!)

    • Cartman: I'm talking about rainbows. I hate those friggin' things!

    • Stan: Asian culture has plagued the world for years, we must end it!

    • Cartman: Follow your dreams. You can meet your goals. I am living proof. Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!!

    • Stan: That's impossible! Cartman doesn't know a rainforest from a Pop-Tart!
      Cartman: Yeah, I do! Pop-Tarts are frosted!

    • Wendy: Hi guys.
      Cartman: Oh, look another hippie. Peace Wendy.
      Stan: Shut up Cartman.

    • Mr. Garrison: I can't kill her Mr. Hat, your gonna have to.

  • Notes

    • This is the first appearance of Bebe Stevens.

    • Although shown third on original broadcast, this episode was the second one to be made, and is nearly always shown second on re-runs. The online episodes at also feature this episode as the second.

  • Allusions

    • Kathie Lee's vehicle resembles the Pope-mobile a lot.

    • Isaccs Hayes' Joy:

      Chef's song "Kathie Lee" seems slightly based on Isaac Hayes' song Joy

    • Walden:

      The essay which Cartman sent in was the novel Walden with Henry David Thoreau's name crossed out.

    • Magic:

      When Mr. Hat and Mr. Garrison argue over killing Gifford this is simular to the 1978 film Magic when the ventriloquist has multiple personality disorders and argues with his puppet.

    • Carnival Cruise Lines commercials:

      When Kathie Lee Gifford sings "If They Could See Me Now" this is a parody of her singing the same song in real life in Carnival Cruise Lines commercials from 1992 to 1995.

    • Doc Hollywood:
      As Mr. Garrison walks down the street with his new purchase, everyone calls out "Nice gun", This is similar to a scene in Doc Hollywood, in which Doc Hollywood (Michael J. Fox) walks down the street with a new pig given to him as payment for a doctor's visit. Everyone comments,"(that sure is a) Nice pig, Doc" etc.

    • The Exorcist:
      Mr. Hat's spinning head echoes that from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

    • Taxi Driver: Mr. Garrison:
      Are you talking to me? Mr. Garrison's line is from Taxi Driver (1976), starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster. This is the movie that would-be Presidential assassin John Hinckley saw over and over until he was obsessed with Jodie, a teenager then, and which led to his stalking Jodie while she was at Yale, and finally, to his spectacular bid to impress her by killing Ronald Reagan. The rest is history. The interesting thing is that Hinckley grew up in Denver, Colorado, not far from Park County, South Park's location.

    • Darth Vader:

      Mr. Garrison: It is... too late for me, young Wendy

      Mr. Garrison says this in a manner very similar to Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies.

    • Current Event/Kathie Lee Sweatshop Scandal:

      When they first talk of having Kathie Lee, there's a brief discussion on the sweatshop scandal that was surrounding her at this episode's airing.

    • Sweet Charity:

      When Kathie Lee is younger, she parodies the song "If My Friends Could See Me Now" from the musical Sweet Charity.

    • Scooby-Doo:
      When his attempt on Kathy Lee fails, Mr. Garrison utters the infamous phrase, "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids." This line is always spoken by the foiled villain at the end of Scooby Doo cartoons.

    • Kennedy Assassination:

      In the episode Officer Barbrady tells Mr. Garrison that the book depository is a good bet for getting a clear shot of Kathy Lee Gifford

      President Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald chose the book depository in Dallas, Texas as the location where he took his shots at President Kennedy from.

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