South Park

Season 13 Episode 11

Whale Whores

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Dear lord let this be the worst of it

    Okay okay, I get the jokes and some were funny. but overall this was the worst episode of southpark I have ever seen, and for anyone who knows how i felt about the Starling two parter that's saying something.

    still it's worth at least one watch if only to see how close one can go to being insensitive without actually crossing the line.....too much.

    it starts simple with making a comment on the japanese attacking whales and dolphins to a really over done degree. but as it turns out it was just a set up reason and filler after the first 2 minutes just to get Stan into a boat and thus the real comment is one a show that I have not seen and I'm guessing most others haven't or do not care to for the very reasons said in this episode.

    whatever social commentary though is completely dwarfed by the overkill of how far the Japanese will go like killing a football team, and the solutions to the issue was so retarded it undermined everything good before hand. the only thing saving this from a lower rating with me was that although bad jokes I still laughed at this thing.