South Park

Season 11 Episode 1

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Randy uses the "N" word on live TV and faces public ridicule for it and Stan tries to understand Token’s feelings on the subject. Meanwhile, a little person visits South Park Elementary and Cartman can't stop himself from laughing at him.

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  • "M" Jokes over "N" word fare better....

    This is the pivotal episode of SP. The biting satire CARTMAN brings toward REAL person "Dr David Nelson" who used to have an INFOMERCIAL on television was more than hilarious. The jokes are hysterical. Face likes a GOOD "M" joke. Oh I know... Peter Dinklage -GAME OF THRONES--will come and kick my ass. I saw THE STATION AGENT and feel your you have to CRINGE when that moron takes a PHOTO of him) but this is HYSTERICAL. Watch Dr. Nelson Warbale and Wobble around LMAO. Let's face --What RANDY said isn;t so far off for old school white people to THINK "People who ANNOY you" but not say. But RANDY said it because he thought he would win MONEY. Randy is an IDIOT. Randy;s always been an Idiot. But he;s also LORD. Randy is fairly INSANE. he gave himself testicular cancer

    yeah Randy isnt quite all there. No way would this episode AIR in 2015 LOL.. .Not a CHANCE.moreless
  • "If you really think it's not a big deal, then you really are ignorant."

    I really loved the way this episode tries to give a clue to whites about their use of the N word in a way that doesn't involve their heads and a brick. I think the Stan/Token storyline is the key to the episode. Overall, this is an insightful and funny episode.
  • Most people seem to miss the point and the episode would tell me that these people are likely whites, who like Stan "just don't get it."

    This episode takes on several important issues at once and not the ones which some people seem to think, which is part of the point of the episode as well. First, there is the reality that white people DO NOT understand what it feels like for a Black person to be slurred racially, a point underscored by the reviewers who think this episode is about "poor white people" who get hounded for their racism. It is not that at all, though it makes the point that hounding them doesn't make them understand their offense any more. "I was just being ironic" says one guy, utterly oblivious. I didn't see that anyone who reviewed this episode gets that even though that is Stan's revelation at the very end of the episode- that white people just don't understand. It is not about how white people get hounded for being racist, though this is part of it, but it is about how white people don't understand and can't and should stop pretending they do or can when someone drops the N word to or about a Black person. Stan's dad goes before Congress feeling all damaged and beaten up (and as this series has shown us, his dad is a moron who never understands anything and always gets everything wrong) while completely disregarding that his own word caused harm to others, harm which his son doesn't understand (his son who is smarter than him) and which he clearly doesn't understand. The thing with Jesse Jackson is very funny too because there is this thing that every racist white person does when they get caught sharing their racist feelings. They go and kiss Jesse Jackson's ass as if that makes things ok, but as Token points out "Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of Black people." Jesse Jackson also seems to enjoy this role too much and so they are mocking his delight in this role. Throughout the entire episode Stan keeps telling Token to get over it, and that he knows how he feels and all that stuff which we hear from white people whenever someone like Don Imus slanders Black people. Stan also makes a speech to a Black group about how they can never understand what it would be like to reminded of an embarrassing and painful part of their past, which is of course exactly what happens when the N word is used. These are all great points, but the evident lack of comprehension of their points is a shame. This episode shows the danger of not discussing things, because as the icons of some of the commenting people on this episode show, racism is still alive and well. I see one icon of Barack Obama with a great big Afro hairdo for example which might not be there forever, but which is clearly aimed at mocking him as a Black man. This episode makes several great anti-racist points, but it is lost on some white people despite the fact that the episode itself warns white people through the character of Stan that white people just won't get it, which should remind us that there is something we might not get on the surface unless we think about it. Hopefully this episode did more good than harm to racial feelings of people because it did have this potential to really get people talking in a positive way rather than perpetrating the negative racist feelings which we still see everywhere in our society and on this very review list. Racism isn't just about violence but can cause harm lots of ways. I am impressed by how Parker and Stone go right at this issue in an irreverent way but one which should get us talking about the stupid things that still plague our society.moreless
  • hilarious

    randy uses the n word on wheel of fortune and soon everyone refers to him as "n word guy." can he fix this rep? token is mad at stan because stan claims he understands how token feels. cartman makes fun of a little person by continuosly laughing at him.

    hilarious episode. cartman making fun of that midget makes me laugh hard. laughter is contagious! overall a good opener to the 11th season, good plot and hilarious in parts, "Wih Apologies to Jesse Jackson" gets an easy A+ in my books, a really funny episode with a good plot, too. what more could you ask formoreless
  • Randy Marsh uses the 'N' word on National TV and suffers prejudice as a result.

    What a brilliant episode - fantastically funny and as always smack bang on target. It should be made compulsory viewing.

    I particularly enjoyed the look on the audience of stunned, black faces when Randy attempted to explain to them how cruel it was to use an offensive expression which alluded to something in the past - and also the ambush by the red-necks.

    What is so clever about this episode is that it made a point both about the insensitivity of many closet racists and also the over-reaction of some politically correct groups. Genius.

    While some shows get tired and predictable, South Park just gets better and better.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

B.J. McCrory

B.J. McCrory

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Adrien Beard

Adrien Beard

Voice of Token Williams

Recurring Role

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Principal Victoria, Woman Introducing David Nelson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • The rednecks chasing Randy all bear Remington 870 pump-action shotguns, which means there's no way they could shoot repeatedly without pulling the foregrip.

      And furthermore, I don´t think they would be allowed to enter the Capitol building with these.

    • Along with the i he used to solve the puzzle he also picked b,n,g and o.
      spelling: bingo

    • This episode was featured on CNN because of the controversy generated around the N word.

    • Trey Parker voiced David Nelson by inhaling helium.

    • Second appearence of Jesse Jackson, who last appeared in Trapper Keeper.

    • Unlike on South Park, the real Wheel of Fortune isn't ever broadcast live.

    • During the Wheel of Fortune round, when the first few letters appear, the panels turn blue and Vanna touches them to make them appear. When the A in NAGGERS pops up, however, Vanna turns the panel, as in the game's old format.

    • While in the spoken-word poetry place where Randy reads his "n-guy" poem, a picture of the famous gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson is shown with the word "Thompson" written on it.

    • In-joke:

      While David Nelson is trying to reason with Cartman in the Principal's office, you can see a framed photo of Rosie O'Donnell and Principal Victoria. This may be a possible reference to the episode Trapper Keeper, in which Rosie visits South Park.

    • In real episodes of Wheel of Fortune, the letters given are: R, S, T, L, N, and E. Yet in the South Park version, R, S, T, L, and E were given automatically.

    • The word Nigger is said 42 times in the episode, 3 times by itself, and 39 times as "Nigger-guy".

    • The New York News paper says the following

      Headline: Jesse Jackson Accepts Apology

      Under the photo it says:

      South Park's Randy Marsh seals the deal with a kiss. The by-line is Rev. Jesse Jackson Receives Apology in the End.

      The sidebar stories are as follows:

      Voting hits all-time low

      The Rich Make make more Money

      Random Car Bombings

      Big Oil Exec Embezzles $100 Million Dollars

    • The letters Randy gives on Wheel of Fortune are B,N,G,O, which is an anagram for bong.

    • In the Closed Captioning, every time n***er was said, it appeared as "n-word", n***er guy appeared as "n-guy".

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Dr. Nelson: Listen up everyone, Eric Cartman is about to walk in. When he comes in, everyone say "hello fatso!"
      Craig: I don't think that's a good idea sir.
      Dr. Nelson: He has to learn his lesson.. here he comes!
      (Cartman walks in the gym)
      Everyone: Hello fatso!!
      Cartman: Hey! What the hell is that! You think that's f**king funny, Kyle? Did you make everyone say that? I bet you did! What the hell is going on!?
      Dr.Nelson: Now you know how it feels.
      (Cartman looks at Dr.Nelson and laughs at him)

    • Woman: Today we are going to have a guest speaker talk to us about sensitivity and the power of words. In a moment you will meet Dr. David Nelson, who has first-hand experience in overcoming slander, because David is himself a little person. Who knows what a little person is? Yes? Over here?
      Butters: A midget?
      Woman: Not exactly. That term is actually considered offensive, and that's why Dr. Nelson goes from school to school getting us all to think about what we say. He has two PhD.'s and has published six books! Please welcome David Nelson!
      Dr. Nelson: Good morning, students! How are we all feeling today?
      (Cartman chuckles)
      Dr. Nelson: I would like to share with you all my-
      Cartman: No! Dude! No f***ing way! Dude!
      (Cartman starts laughing harder)
      Dr. Nelson: That, that words are like bullets. And if you give-
      Cartman: Stop! Stop! Stop!
      (Cartman keeps laughing)
      Mr. Mackey: Eric, be quiet!
      Dr. Nelson: No, no, it's okay. He'll run out of steam here pretty soon.
      Cartman: Look! Look look, look. They put a little suit on him.
      (Cartman continues laughing)

    • Randy: Alright I'd like to solve the puzzle: Niggers!
      (quiet, Vanna reveals an A in the blank)
      Stan: Ooh.
      Randy: Oh naggers. Of course, naggers. Right.

    • News Guy: Well it has appeared that the "Nigger Guy" epidemic, is ov-. Oh Dammit I said it didn't I?!
      (Police take him away)

    • Rev. Jackson: Very well if you want to apologize, I will accept.
      Randy: Oh, thank you Mr. Jackson.
      Rev. Jackson: Brian, get a picture of Mr. Marsh Apologizing.
      (Rev. Jackson pulls down pants, underpants)
      Rev. Jackson: Kiss it.
      Randy: Huh?
      Rev. Jackson: Apologize, kiss it.
      Randy: You want me to kiss your...
      Rev. Jackson: Thats right, apologize.
      Randy: Uh,o-ok I'll just (bends down) Lets see here.
      Rev. Jackson: Apologize.
      (Randy kisses Rev. Jacksons butt)

    • Randy:
      Words with venom
      words that bind
      words used like weapons to cloud my mind.
      I'm a person, I'm a man
      But no matter how i try
      People just say hey, there that nigger guy!

      Everywhere i go it's always the same
      Everyone just thinks of me as that one single name
      Hey nigger guy, nigger guy, hi nigger guy.

      Now go, call me nigger guy
      fill me with your hate
      try to bring me down
      Oo ah, you're to late.

      When will it end,
      Will there ever be a time,
      When i can be thought of as more than just nigger guy?


    • (Randy is standing in front of an entirely Black audience)
      Randy: And so, it is my honor to announce the Randy Marsh African-American Scholarship Foundation.
      (Audience applauds)
      It is my hope that this Foundation will PROVE my commitment to the education of African-American students and erase, once and for all, my identity as "the Nigger Guy".
      (audience looks around awkwardly)
      You really don't know how hard it is to be constantly reminded of something lame that happened in your past. I mean, I just wanna move on from what happened on Wheel of Fortune, you know? And when people call me (begrudgingly) Nigger Guy they're bringing up a painful chapter of my history and all the negativity that went along with it. You just can't imagine how that feels.
      Audience Member: Is this Nigger-Guy serious?

    • Cartman: (Sitting on David Nelson) Say Uncle!
      David Nelson: Uncle.
      Cartman: (Sitting on David Nelson) Now say Carol Anne don't go into the light.
      David Nelson: Carol Anne don't go into the light.

    • Kyle: Dude, are you sure you want to do this? Apparently, this guy has a black belt in karate.
      Cartman: It's a midget, dude.

    • Cartman: (laughing at David Nelson) Alright, alright, who is the freakin' genius who dressed him up in little suspenders? Clyde, was that you? (continues laughing)

    • David Nelson: You see, no matter what you say, I'm still standing.
      Cartman: Barely! (laughs continually)
      David Nelson: No matter how you act I can rise above it.
      Cartman: Rise above it! Get it? Like he can rise above anything.

    • Cartman: Look, look how his face gets all red, it's like a little strawberry!

    • Randy: Well...Gave it my best shot. at least we had a fun trip, huh gang?
      Sharon: I can't believe that you said the "N" word on national television.
      Randy: What? Well, what was I supposed to do Sharon? I thought I was going to make $30,000! Stanley, the only reason daddy used that word is that he thought he would win money.

    • David Nelson: Students, I am going to beat the crap out of this kid to prove a point.
      Cartman: HaHaHa, no, no, it can't talk, dude; that isn't fair, I'll laugh too much.

    • Skeeter: Well well well, looks like we got ourselves a "Nigger Guy"! (Pumps shotgun.)

    • David Nelson: Words are like bullets, and I just let them pass right through me.

    • Store Clerk: Hey, what do you think you're doing?
      Randy: I just need to get some aspirin.
      Store Clerk: You aren't welcome in this store, "Nigger Guy".

    • (While Cartman is laughing at David Nelson.)
      Cartman: Look! They put a little suit on him!

    • Randy: I'm really down with African Americans!

    • Token: I'm not fighting anybody.
      Cartman: Token forfeits! Whites win! Whites win! Race war's over everybody, whites won again!

    • Cartman: It's not us that you have to worry about. It's Token.
      (Camera flashes over to Token at his locker)
      Cartman: He is gonna wanna kick your cracker teeth in.

    • Token: Now you don't get it?
      Stan: Yea! I totally don't get it!
      Token: Thanks dude.

    • Butters: Fellas! Come quick, Cartman's gonna fight the midget!

    • (Cartman is laughing uncontrollably)
      Principal Victoria: Eric, Mr. Nelson is concerned about how you respond to little people.
      Cartman: (stops laughing) Oh! Did I hurt its little feelings? (laughs)
      David Nelson: You know, you think you have the power to make me insecure. But your words are actually completely powerless.
      Cartman: Oh, oh oh! If we could get like 8 of these, we could dress them all up like little beavers, right? And then put 'em in a pond and see if we can build a dam. (laughs)

    • Stan: Hey Token, I just wanted to let you know, everything is cool now. My dad apologized to Jesse Jackson
      Token: Oh, I see. So I'm supposed to feel all better now.
      Stan: Well, yeah
      Token: You just don't get it Stan!
      Stan: Dude! Jesse Jackson said it's OK.
      Token: Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of Black people! (walks away)
      Stan: He told my dad he was...

    • Cartman: Race war…c'mon…race war…c'mon.

    • Pat Sajak: The category is, "People Who Annoy You."

    • Cartman: It's on! RACE WAAAR!! Race War's on everybody! It's going down! Shit is going down!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The song playing during Cartman's fight with the midget and during the credits was "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed.

    • This is the first South Park episode to have the N word uncensored and in a derrogatory way. Although it was said in "Death Camp of Tolerance", it was in a different context.

    • Scene change:
      The following scene change took place within four days of its premiere

      The whole scene with Nelson and Cartman in Principal Victoria's office had a few changes, for example the midget's face was the same complexion when Cartman made the strawberry joke. However, now his face is red!

    • Scene Change:
      The following scene change took place within four days of its premiere.

      When Nelson told everyone to say "hello fatso" to Cartman, when he walked in they say, "Good Morning, fatso". But by Saturday when Cartman walked in they said "Hello, fatso", albeit unenthusiastically. They also added Nelson's line about kicking Cartman's ass by Saturday.

    • Scene Change:
      The following scene change took place within four days of its premiere.
      In the end scene when Cartman and Nelson were fighting they edited it so that at the end when Cartman got off of him he said different lines so that Cartman was dazed for a shorter time period.


    • To Kill A Mockingbird:
      The scene where the rednecks want to shoot Randy is a very loose allusion to the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" where Atticus protects Tom Robinson from being killed by the racist white people.

    • Corona Extra:

      During the stand up performance Randy is seen drinking a drink that looks very similar to Corona. Corona Extra is a popular imported beer.

    • Rice Brothers:

      David Nelson is drawn to look just like the famous informercial twin brothers John and Greg Rice, who are also little people.

    • Poltergeist:

      Cartman: Now say: Carol Anne! Don't go into the light!

      When Cartman makes David Nelson scream this, it's similar to the 1982 film, Poltergeist. When Carol Anne is trapped, the little person medium is screaming out to her.

    • Youtube: Cartman mentions watching Randy's disaster on Youtube. is a very popular website where users can post video clips and watch them. Yet, the clip of this scene is gone because it violated the ToS of Youtube.

    • Michael Richard's Incident:

      The scene at the Laugh Factory where Randy is singled out is a take on the now infamous incident of Michael Richards ("Kramer" from Seinfeld) losing his cool and using the "N" word at some audience members.

    • Wheel of Fortune: At the start of the episode, Randy appears on the popular long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Pat Sajak.