South Park

Season 11 Episode 1

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • "M" Jokes over "N" word fare better....

    This is the pivotal episode of SP. The biting satire CARTMAN brings toward REAL person "Dr David Nelson" who used to have an INFOMERCIAL on television was more than hilarious. The jokes are hysterical. Face likes a GOOD "M" joke. Oh I know... Peter Dinklage -GAME OF THRONES--will come and kick my ass. I saw THE STATION AGENT and feel your you have to CRINGE when that moron takes a PHOTO of him) but this is HYSTERICAL. Watch Dr. Nelson Warbale and Wobble around LMAO. Let's face --What RANDY said isn;t so far off for old school white people to THINK "People who ANNOY you" but not say. But RANDY said it because he thought he would win MONEY. Randy is an IDIOT. Randy;s always been an Idiot. But he;s also LORD. Randy is fairly INSANE. he gave himself testicular cancer

    yeah Randy isnt quite all there. No way would this episode AIR in 2015 LOL.. .Not a CHANCE.
  • "If you really think it's not a big deal, then you really are ignorant."

    I really loved the way this episode tries to give a clue to whites about their use of the N word in a way that doesn't involve their heads and a brick. I think the Stan/Token storyline is the key to the episode. Overall, this is an insightful and funny episode.
  • Most people seem to miss the point and the episode would tell me that these people are likely whites, who like Stan "just don't get it."

    This episode takes on several important issues at once and not the ones which some people seem to think, which is part of the point of the episode as well. First, there is the reality that white people DO NOT understand what it feels like for a Black person to be slurred racially, a point underscored by the reviewers who think this episode is about "poor white people" who get hounded for their racism. It is not that at all, though it makes the point that hounding them doesn't make them understand their offense any more. "I was just being ironic" says one guy, utterly oblivious. I didn't see that anyone who reviewed this episode gets that even though that is Stan's revelation at the very end of the episode- that white people just don't understand. It is not about how white people get hounded for being racist, though this is part of it, but it is about how white people don't understand and can't and should stop pretending they do or can when someone drops the N word to or about a Black person. Stan's dad goes before Congress feeling all damaged and beaten up (and as this series has shown us, his dad is a moron who never understands anything and always gets everything wrong) while completely disregarding that his own word caused harm to others, harm which his son doesn't understand (his son who is smarter than him) and which he clearly doesn't understand. The thing with Jesse Jackson is very funny too because there is this thing that every racist white person does when they get caught sharing their racist feelings. They go and kiss Jesse Jackson's ass as if that makes things ok, but as Token points out "Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of Black people." Jesse Jackson also seems to enjoy this role too much and so they are mocking his delight in this role. Throughout the entire episode Stan keeps telling Token to get over it, and that he knows how he feels and all that stuff which we hear from white people whenever someone like Don Imus slanders Black people. Stan also makes a speech to a Black group about how they can never understand what it would be like to reminded of an embarrassing and painful part of their past, which is of course exactly what happens when the N word is used. These are all great points, but the evident lack of comprehension of their points is a shame. This episode shows the danger of not discussing things, because as the icons of some of the commenting people on this episode show, racism is still alive and well. I see one icon of Barack Obama with a great big Afro hairdo for example which might not be there forever, but which is clearly aimed at mocking him as a Black man. This episode makes several great anti-racist points, but it is lost on some white people despite the fact that the episode itself warns white people through the character of Stan that white people just won't get it, which should remind us that there is something we might not get on the surface unless we think about it. Hopefully this episode did more good than harm to racial feelings of people because it did have this potential to really get people talking in a positive way rather than perpetrating the negative racist feelings which we still see everywhere in our society and on this very review list. Racism isn't just about violence but can cause harm lots of ways. I am impressed by how Parker and Stone go right at this issue in an irreverent way but one which should get us talking about the stupid things that still plague our society.
  • hilarious

    randy uses the n word on wheel of fortune and soon everyone refers to him as "n word guy." can he fix this rep? token is mad at stan because stan claims he understands how token feels. cartman makes fun of a little person by continuosly laughing at him.

    hilarious episode. cartman making fun of that midget makes me laugh hard. laughter is contagious! overall a good opener to the 11th season, good plot and hilarious in parts, "Wih Apologies to Jesse Jackson" gets an easy A+ in my books, a really funny episode with a good plot, too. what more could you ask for
  • Randy Marsh uses the 'N' word on National TV and suffers prejudice as a result.

    What a brilliant episode - fantastically funny and as always smack bang on target. It should be made compulsory viewing.

    I particularly enjoyed the look on the audience of stunned, black faces when Randy attempted to explain to them how cruel it was to use an offensive expression which alluded to something in the past - and also the ambush by the red-necks.

    What is so clever about this episode is that it made a point both about the insensitivity of many closet racists and also the over-reaction of some politically correct groups. Genius.

    While some shows get tired and predictable, South Park just gets better and better.
  • One of the best and groundbreaking SP episodes

    In this episode, Randy says the N word on Wheel of Fortune, and brings out the wrath of the nation. Meanwhile, Cartman can't stop laughing at a midget, and brings to the point of fighting. This episode starts from the start with being offensive, yet it makes you laugh at yourself, and the obsecurity. Cartman's story is also funny, as not only is it normal Cartman, but it has a little social moral in that there will always be someone like Cartman. Stan also has a storyline here, trying to make local classmate Token, believe that is stupid rather than racist. Though not quite as funny, it's just as moral. Overall, this is an excellent episode. 10/10 A+
  • I thought you can't say that word on TV. well it is south park

    In this episode Randy said the N word on TV and then Stan thinks Token is going to beat him up and Token tell Stan he doesn't get it. Then Randy goes to a lot of trouble to tell everyone that he is not a rasis but everyone calls Randy the Ni**er guy. Then this guy Dr.Nelson comes to the school to tell everyone that words are like bullets. And Cartman makes fun of Dr.Nelson because he is a Miget and wears little suits. Then Randy still goes to a lot of trouble to fix his mistake and it works. Then Cartman fights the Miget and Dr.Nelson kicks Cartman then Stan learns what Token is trying to tell Stan He doesn't get it
  • This is one of the best episodes of South Park ever made.

    That episode is Awesome, Cartman and that midget, i could watch that all day. So many little stories within the episode: Cartman fighting the midget, Stan and tokens 'Race War',Randy apologising to Jesse Jackson all really funny. If you had to pick one episode to watch all day it would have to be this one. The quality of the episodes is just getting better and better cant wait for season 12. All time Classic quote:Look at him, his face has gon all red, he lloks like a little strawberry. I think that its gonna take a pretty good episode to top that!
  • One very good episode.

    This episode had alot of very funny parts in it starting with the beggining when Stan's dad was on Wheel Of Fortune and again when Cartman got in a fight with that little person. This is just one example of how South Park can be jam-packed full of jokes and funny material. It was probably the best way possible to open up a new season and a great episode to build expectations up for the current season. I like these kind of episodes where Stan's dad plays a big role and the kids play a funny role in it as well.
  • With apologies to.........little people and African Americans for thinking this is funny

    Randy says the "N - word" live on the Wheel of Fortune and is labelled as the "N - word guy" and is forced into disgrace along with his innocent son Stan. Meanwhile Cartman gets on the wrong side of vertically challenged Dr. Nelson by laughing hysterically every time Cartman sees him and the two of them fight.

    This is an insult to offensive TV to call this offensive TV as it is so insulting even i who isn't part of any of the targeted demographics felt a little hurt but it you put your decency to one side whilst watching this you'll enjoy one of the most ground - breaking South Park episodes ever.

    Even though the 3 different plots are hilarious and interesting all the way through; they end so abruptly and on such a peculiar note that it seems in vain of such a great build - up and there is no "I've learnt something today", no moral lesson is taught.

    There were some notable points of the episode where you could feel the writers holding back; the Michael Richards spoof could've been a lot funnier and it would've been good to see what other people in South Park thought of the themes dealt in this episode rather than the irrational few like Cartman. And also Trey Parker and Matt Stone's opinions on racism and ignorance aren't revealed unlike many other episodes of the same satirical nature. It's sad that many popular side characters are hardly appearing; instead they've drawn generic characters for background scenes and it does give South Park depth as a town but it shouldn't mean the termination of characters that we've come to know and love. The episode looks beautiful with rich detail and 3D effects that makes this stunning to watch. The depiction of the little person is sadly accurate and the crowd scenes and fight is animated really well. Once again; good performances all the way around but there's something lazy and cruel about voicing a midget just by inhaling helium. Cartman is at his funniest (thank you Trey) even though his voice has changed quite a bit over the ten years and Randy is also at his zaniest and is a very main character from this point on.

    As a season opener; it's not the best but from it's visual, audio, writing, humour and shocking factors, it's an instant classic.
  • I would really want to watch this again and again.

    Cartman cracks me up with the Kenny don't go into the light and the laughing. What a start to season 11, with apoligies to mrs Jackson, but the kissing bum part, was a part what every show has init. Bit racist i didn't think it would be naggers (and im top set in english). Just Cartman was imsperational start. Who ever created this show is a master. I could watch this show over and over again. I can't wait for the season to come out, I will be first in line to get it. This show is the best show ever.
  • lil racist but still good.

    After a disappointing tenth season, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have started off Season 11 with a bang - satirizing the media frenzy caused by the Michael Richards racial slur incident late last year and yet again touching on a very fragile subject matter: the "N-word." The reason "South Park" can get away with using the N-word over 40 times in one episode, of course, is because - unlike "Family Guy" or other basic shows - "South Park" has evolved into an intelligent criticism of society and every episode deals with some kind of current events issue, and in particular this episode addresses the impact of these harmful words more so than just the shock of the word itself. Stan's dad Randy uses the N-word on national television and becomes the subject of hate - facing a sort of modern-day twist on racism, with people calling him "the N-word guy" and not allowing him to shop in stores or go anywhere without being confronted. He's even chased down by a pack of rednecks who take issue with his degradation of an entire race.
  • Decent Start for the Season.

    This first episode of the 11th year of this great show had its moments for sure but also had its boring one too...but overall, it was decent, a good episode.
    I love the way Cartman wants to start the racial fight between Stan and classic. Along with that, Cartman making fun of Dr. Nelson also remains the funniest aspect of the episode.Their final fight was great, specially for me as I love the background music (Down with the sickness-Disturbed).
    But there were also some pretty dull moments like Randy joining that organization. I would expect more from a Randy episode but he was just not that great for once. The character was not well used....may be because he was a bit too "moral" But yet, decent episode.
  • Stan's dad and the... naggers

    A good start of season 11 in my opinion. Stan's dad, Randy Marsh accidentally says the word "nig*er" on TV so people start calling him "nig*er" guy". So the two-word term goes out of the dictionary. Well, as for myself, I am white and at times I do use the word "nig*er". Not on TV, though. But I think there's nothing wrong with it cuz everybody is racist, some just a little bit, some very strongly. Face it : There's nobody who's not racist, those who say they ain't are liars. (By the way, Token having all that whining about Stan apologizing to him kinda pissed me off. He should just get over it !!!)
    Also, a man visits the school who gets a ~little~ angry with Cartman. So it's Cartman VS. the midget and you can guess who wins. I think this episode has some of Cartman's best moments. The midget wants to change Cartman's ways and opinion and he just... laughs. Well what did you expect ? The conclusion ? Cartman kicks ass.

    My favorite part : Uh...all Cartman VS. midget things were so hilarious ! Especially in the principal's office.
  • A great episode to start off season 11!

    In this episode. Randy uses the "N" word on live TV and faces public ridicule for it and Stan tries to understand Token's feelings on the subject. Meanwhile, a little person visits South Park Elementary and Cartman can't stop himself from laughing at him.

    In other words, fantastic.

    Great plot: It was original and exciting. Gotta love a Randy episode.

    Sub-Plot: Cartman and the little midget was hilarious. What can I say? It was gold for this episode.

    Humor: Fantastic. Great jokes, althrought. It got repitive.

    A great South Park episode. This episode starts off the nearly perfect season 11 for South Park.

    The reaosn it got a 9.1 is for repitive jokes about the "n" word. Nonetheless, a recommended and great episode of South Park.
  • Randy accidentally says the "n" word on 'Wheel of Fortune', while Cartman has fun at the expense of a 'little person' visiting the school, in this decent start to the eleventh season...

    This was, in my opinion, a very decent start to the eleventh season. Compared to season 10's leaves-a-bad-taste premier 'Return of Chef', this is miles ahead. If we have a few more episodes of the standard, we might be in for a reasonable season.

    I have read a lot of reviews saying that people can't deduce the 'moral' of this episode. Well, in my opinopn, there isn't one, at least not one single, clear one. I personally just found it exploring a lot of different avenues and thoughts, but was none the worse for it.

    A very decent start to a season that is, hopefully, better than the shakey season 10.
  • The plot of this episode is a dull repeat of the actual incident it is trying to satirize without any originality. Also, the message of this episode was very confusing.

    Yes we are quite aware that Matt and Trey are known for satirizing current events but the problem with this storyline with this episode is that it mainly replicates the incident without ANY bit of twist or originality. At least when they replicated the Terry Schiavo incident with Kenny, they got into a unique heaven vs hell struggle for Kenny's soul. This episode does nothing new with the current event they were provided. They mainly place Randy in another idiotic situation that leaves Stan embarrased and having to deal with Token disliking them. I think it this show were original they wouldve used a different word and a different racial group in place. (How about how the word chink is offensive to Chinese and other Asian-Americans?)

    According to the reviews I am reading, I am hearing very conflicting ideas as to what the moral of this episode is supposed to be. What is my problem with the moral "words hurt"? The simple answer: IT'S PRESCHOOL MATERIAL!!!! This isnt a kids show...this is an adult show. If I want moral lessons on how words hurt I would watch Barney or some other kiddy show. The N-word and its offensiveness is no new thing. It's been around for maybe centuries.

    If the lesson of the episode was to be that people who respond to racism tend to act like or worse than the racists themselves, then Matt & Trey did an incredibly crappy job. I would have written an episode of this show protraying that kind of message better because clearly the plot was too dull and too uninteresting for the message to come out clearly and work!

    Fortunatly Cartmans laughing/fighting with the midget actually got me laughing but that was the only good part of the episode but it had no real lesson either. The A and C stories were incredibly dumb and repetitive. No real insight whatsoever.
  • Superb episode, one of the absolutely funniest episodes in my opinion.

    Loved the whole part with Randy trying to abolish the word "**** guy" and the analogy to Prison Break when the other "**** guy" says "We have a plan to make all of this go away" just like Michael Scofield does. The part with the little person and him saying "words are like bullets" all the time was also brilliant. Looked like a reference to the midget fight on Jerry Springer. Also, Cartman made an extra-ordinary display on this episode with his tries to start a race war in school versus Stan and Token, and when Token says he isn't going to fight anyone, Cartman goes "whites win AGAIN!"

    Absolutely hilarious, really was a great start to the season.
  • An interesting start to the 11th season but definetly not out of character for Matt and Trey.

    An interesting start to the 11th season but definetly not out of character for Matt and Trey. This whole episode is about how Randy (Stan's Dad) says the N word on Wheel of Fortune when the blanks are N_GGERS and the clue is "People Who Annoy you" That one second has to be one of the funniest moments in South Park history. I still cant help but laugh at the situational comedy there. The rest of the storyline is not that great but I did like how Matt and Trey were making fun of the reverse discrimination of how people are so used to protecting the victims of discrimination that they themselves discriminate against the people who discriminate. The few cameos of the people who said the N word were entertaining to remeber them all but in generally after the first 2 minutes there was basically nothing special until the last 2 minutes when they banned the phrase **** GUY". That was just such a funny scene because there was one black guy there and all the time the black people are looking like what the hell is going on. It is definetly a good opener for the 11th season which is a bunch of satires and spoofs on modern events and ideas. Overall I liked it as one of the better season openers but definetly not the best.
  • Wow that episode was compelety uncanny and freakin hysterics season eleven I've ever seen!

    Two of my favorite characters and scenes was pure genius. My most favorite scenes were:

    The wheel of fourtune scene: When Randy said the N-word on national television and everyone was totally shocked when he said it.

    Cartman yelling " RACE WAR! IT'S GOING DOWN IT'S **** GOING DOWN!" had me bust a gut.

    Just loved the david Nelson part all the way through and Cartman bust out laughing when he sees him.

    Jesse Jackson let Randy apologizes by kissing his ass and takes a picuter.

    Rednecks chasing Randy because he using N word on national television and calls him " ****

    Cartman beat the crap of David Nelson and that was totally worth it ( Funniest fight of the series)

    Now, I think that episode was ten times better than Stanley's cup and Hell on Earth in 2006. Keep up the awesome work, Matt and Trey!
  • Shows just why Matt & Trey are geniuses. Season 11 kicks off with a bang.

    A great way to start season 11. This was a really funny episode. Randy saying the word N*gga on television and then becoming known as "That N*gga guy" was hillarious. Kissing Jesse Jackson's arse that was great. I loved how Randy and all the other N*gga guys" tried to tell everyone that they didn't know what it was like to have something painful always said to them. Prompting one black guy to deliver this hillarious line. "Is this N*gga guy for real?". Let's not forget about Cartman fighting the midget that was brilliant. Really liked the way Cartman turned everything the little guy said into a mock relating to his height.

    A good episode but there are alot better episodes in season 11

  • A very great episode.

    this episode was a great way to start out the 11th season. It once again broke the 4th wall by contining saying the n-word.It was more than I expected and it was racial(of course, its south park)but as usual it good it taught its lesson at the end of the episode.if this keeps up then it will be the best season yet.
  • i thaught it had a good lesson.

    I thaught it may be a bad episode at first but it got better on into the first 10 minutes. i thaught the idea of Cartman fighting Mr. Nelson was funny. but I think Matt and Trey could do funnier episdoes. but overall the part where Michael Richards saves Randy from the rednecks was good. and Randy trying to ban the word **** guy" but i felt that randy regreted saying **** on national televison and i still think the episode could have been better written but i think was good enough and Matt and Trey did a good job. that's all i have to say about this.
  • The first (and last) South Park episode to be watched by me.

    I never liked South Park because I heard about them making fun of Steve Irwin, making a whole episode counting how many times they could say s**t, so I decided to watch a whole episode and see if it was any good.
    I wasted 25 minutes of my life.
    This whole episode was just seeing how many times they could say the N word, and even if it wasn't, they didn't need to say it 42 times! Could they really not think of anything more to put in the script?
    "Hmmmm.... I don't really know what to write here... (writes the n word 42 times) Perfect!"
    And there was the crap side story consisting of Cartman fighting a midget. How incredibly hilarious!
    The animation still makes me cringe. The characters waddle everywhere!
    All in all, an episode so crap it stopped me from ever wanting to watch another South Park episode ever.
  • A fine example of south park's crazyness. But not the best, of course!

    Es un episodio bastante cómico, donde la tópica social son las palabras discriminatorias que rondan por todo el mundo y ofenden a las personas de diferentes razas o a aquellas que cargan con alguna desventaja física...o con un momento embarazoso?

    Resulta que en la "Rueda de la fortuna" el padre de Stan, Randy necesita adivinar una palabra para ganarse 30.000 dólares. Le muestran la palabra en el tablero que es muy parecida al insulto racial N*ggers (negros, en forma denigrante) pero resulta que era "Naggers" (negativos), bueno al decir "Negros" pierde el dinero y la gente lo señala como un racista, esto cambia al disculparse con el supuesto emperador de la gente negra, Jessie Jackson... (la manera en la que se disculpa, XD!). Pero Randy pasó de ser un racista a un objeto de "discriminación", a donde quiera que vaya la gente le dice el "tipo negro" N*** Guy) para burlarlo por su momento vergonzoso. Mientras tanto Token se enfada con Stanley y este no sabe como entender el sentimiento de Token cuando alguien dice la palabra con "N". Por otro lado el Dr. Nelson, persona que padece de enanismo visita la escuela de South Park para dar un discurso sobre como la carencia de tamaño no tiene por qué limitar a nadie, pero se mete Cartman en el medio que no deja de reírse de el con tan solo verlo y discriminarlo de manera excesiva.

    Bueno, en "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" se muestra un lado mas que idiota de la gente como solo "South Park" puede lograrlo, y muestra como la discriminación ataca de diversas y estúpidas formas.
  • One of the smartest episodes of South Park EVER!

    I watch south park mainly for the satire and the way it makes you see things from a different angle. This episode was exactly why I love the series, The way they tackled the Michael Richards indecent was pure genius, I was sure they would do it but just make fun of him for 22 minutes, But instead, They had a completley different take on the whole thing! Brilliant, Brilliant episode, Cheers to Matt and Trey!

    Also.. "The People who annoy you" joke still makes me laugh when I think about it.
  • If you thought "Stanley's Cup" would be the downfall for South Park, watch this and you'll be laughing!

    Just before this episode was the season 10 finale, "Stanley's Cup", which was very boring and weak.

    But now, the season 11 premiere episode, "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", signals another good season of SP after a mediocre 10th season. It satirizes the incident where Michael Richards used the "N" word in a stand-up comedy routine in November 2006. This time, Stan's dad Randy accidentally uses the N-word as an answer when he's on "Wheel of Fortune", and then the whole town laughs at Randy. This is just one reason why the episode is funny and also promotes an anti-racist message.

    However, in my opinion, the N-word part of this episode is not the funniest part of the episode. The episode gets VERY funny when the little man visits South Park Elementary, and Cartman gets into a non-stop laughing chain. I was also laughing non-stop when Cartman was doing it! This episode not only goes against racism, but also shows how Cartman can be such a brat!

    If you haven't seen this episode yet, watch it now! I would like to warn anyone who is of black or African-American origin, or generally is offended by racism. If you fall in any of the three aformentioned categories and do get offended by the racist epithet that begins with the letter "N", do NOT, and I did say "NOT", watch this episode because this episode does use the N-word 42 uncensored times! There are times in this episode that do use the generic terms "N-guy", "N-word", etc. So it's your judgement whether you want to turn away from this episode or actually learn something with the price of hearing that dreadful word.

    I recommend this episode for anyone who isn't offended by the N-word. Download it off iTunes if you want.
  • What a pathetic episode…

    As a long time South Park fan (I've seen ever episode and have been a fan since the show's inception), without a dout this episode sucked. I didn't laugh, the storyline wasn't entertaining at all, and the political statements were way too obvious.

    The problem with this episode was that it was so easy to tell what the episode was parodying. We all know that it has to do with Michael Richards and the "n"-word obviation in New York City (they're trying to ban the use of the n-word). That's been my annoyance with South Park in the last few seasons - it's so obvious. And the fact that more and more people say that this is what South Park is about is only worsening the show. Trey and Matt need to go back to the random, stupid, hilarious, and absurd styles of South Park before Season 7-8. And seriously, the midget storyline was pathetic.
  • Funnier than the movie.

    I thought the new episode of the 11th season was the best. It was perfectly written. I knew south park would try and go over the edge sooner or later and in this episode they came pretty dam close. 24 hours after this show aired there was a story on it in just about every news station. Some how they still dont have to censor the N word. Comedy central had to sign an agreement to not use the N word on the comercials anymore. Well anyways the episode starts of with Stans dad on the game show wheel of fortune and the hint was people who annoy you. Then he guessed the N word but the real word was Naggers. Then every one started hating him for being racist. Trey Parker and Matt Stone really worked hard on this one. I hope they dont stop.
  • Political and social statements in south park? Never..

    You've got to love how well written each episode is. For those who are oblivious to the statements behind south park.
    Here we go.

    Ban the use of the 'N' word.
    That congress only cares about issues which effect themselfs.
    Nobody but african americans can understand how it feels to be that social status and to be called a 'N'.
    Cartman laughing at the midget is really the viewer laughing at a midget. A guilt free laugh because you can pretend to laugh at Cartman. While the writer is not laughing with you (the crowd).
    With the rednecks it was a twist on their old (still the same) bigotry towards blacks. Still more values but thats just the surface.
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