South Park

Season 8 Episode 14

Woodland Critter Christmas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    I knew of this episode's infamy before watching. A lot of people said how strange and disturbing this episode was, and so I was weary going into it. But I ended up liking it a lot. It didn't have a whole lot of laughs from me, Cartman and the ending were funny, and I guess the idea of evil woodland critters is funny in itself. Such a strange episode. A lot of episodes from South Park are strange but this is probably the strangest. It's still a really good episode though, one all fans should see. A+ episode. Perfect. See it
  • Definately my favourite episode yet.

    My favourite bits would have to be Santa blowing the critters heads off with a shotgun. The mountain lion cubs giving abortions and sacraficing Rabity. Who would have thought that such cute critters could worship Satan. It also shows how crazy the imagionation of Cartman is and shows just how bad his realationship with Kyle is. One small bad point, where's Kenny
  • Woah

    In this episode, Stan is spending christmas time, in the forest when he comes across some woodland critters, who are trying to have a fun christmas. They ask him to build them a manger, and he does. Later that night they come to him in the night to tell them that one of them is pregnant with the son of their lord. They then take him to celebrate with them, but their fun is soon ruined by the evil old mountain loin, who's done this before. They ask Stan to stop them and accepts. I won't say anymore, but it's not even close to what you expect, total 180 on all christmas stories. Definite favorite of mine, must watch episode even if not a fan. 10/10 A+
  • Oceanic6 - y thought this was terrific

    It's Christmas in South Park and Stan helps some adorable woodland critters build a manger for a virgin mother who is pregnant with their leader, little does he know that they're psychotic satanists who used Stanley so it's his (very reluctant) duty to save Christmas and the world.

    After watching, all is could say was Wow, i've never been so disgusted yet amused in half an hour ever. This starts out as the cheesy snuff Christmas specials we've come to know and hate and totally flips it on its head.

    The writing is just magic; a constant barrage of jokes that makes every Christmas cliche bearable, from the names of the critters to the pushy narrator who forces Stan to be the hero of the story.

    Woodland Critters Christmas is also recommended to someone who has a thicker skin when it comes to comedy; not only does this episode put - down Jews, AIDS, abortions and animal cruelty in one blow of hatred but the gruesome depicitons of bodies being torn apart and unborn babies being extracted are either going to appeal to you or not, for me and i'm sure most people it was the former.

    Once again, the animation is great and one must appreciate the effort to animate animals moving seperately but realistically. Although the improved animation is a blessing and a curse when it comes to the gross sequences where the stop motion would've been preferred.

    As this episode relies heavily on technology to alter the sounds of the voices, it's difficult to commend the individual voice actors but Trey Parker whose distinct vocals are heard on the narrator is by - far the MVP of this episode.

    Woodland Critters Christmas is the perfect Christmas present for any South Park fans and is proof that the show doesn't need a talking crap to have a great Christmas episode.
  • The best episode of Season 8!

    Woodland Critter Christmas is the best Christmas episode of South Park and maybe the best south park episode period. Stan kills a lion that kills satan when he is born but Stan didn't know that and now the Satanic Critters can give birth to their lord. But Santa comes along to save the day...with a shotgun! There is a twist at the ending also. This sadly was the last Christmas special we got. Overall, Woodland Critter Christmas shows South park at it's best, Satanic Animals, Blood Orgys, and Abortions. Hopefully Trey and Matt will give us another Christmas episode soon. I give this one a 10/10.
  • Who'd expect those critters to be devil worshippers?

    I absolutely love this episode!

    Stan as a main character, Cartman as the narrator, Kyle being sacrificed to the devil, Santa Claus shooting critters with a shotgun, Cubs performing an abortion especially on Kyle, and no Mr. Hankey! Seriously, is there a thing that this episode is lacking?

    Greatest christmas episode ever, the only thing I found this episode special since it deals with the Devil and Abortions (But I don't agree that abortions need to be done on christmas).

    This episode also shows how a great writer Trey parker can be, the episode exceeds all expectations^^

    If you to see want a South park classic, watch this episode, and trust me, you'll be suprised at what the critters did to rabitty^^
  • This episode tells the story (in rhyme) of a Woodland Critters Christmas. Stan stumbles upon them and finds out that they worship Satan instead of Jesus Christ.

    This episode tells the story (in rhyme) of a Woodland Critters Christmas. Stan stumbles upon happy woodland critters and finds out that they worship Satan instead of Jesus Christ. I thought this episode was one of the best of South Park. Even though there was a lot of violence, it was very well written. The rhyming and the songs were very funny. It was a unique episode that defines what South Park is all about. I think Cartman and Stan are the best characters in the show. I think everyone should see this episode because of the ending you didn't see coming.
  • This episode is extremely unique. I was so disgusted when I watched the first half of the episode. But, the ending surprised me. Beyond perfect effort for Trey & Matt. This is my second favorite episode. My favorite is Casa Bonita from Season Seven.

    This episode is extremely unique. I was so disgusted when I watched the first half of the episode. But, the ending surprised me. Beyond perfect effort for Trey & Matt. This is my second favorite episode. My favorite is Casa Bonita from Season Seven. Casa Bonita & Woodland Critter Christmas are about as perfect as an episode of South Park can get, I think. Trey & Matt have out done themselves on this episode. I just wish all episode of South Park were as wonderful as Woodland Critter Christmas & Casa Bonita. Trey & Matt rule! Long live South Park.

    zarpado el excelente uno de los mejores episodios de South Park.
    Eso es lo que me copa de South Park, que elige los argumentos mas retorcidos y los convierte en una historia de suspenso y terror en clave de auténtica comedia absurda e inteligente (y escatológica varias veces).
    En este episodio Stan (quien es el interesado en vivir aventuras navideñas) se encuentra con unos animalitos del bosque, que son realmente tiernos y adorables. Ellos vendrían a ser animalitos de Dios, pero cada vez que la puercoespín va a dar a luz a su salvador viene una leona y se encarga de impedirlo. Esta vez los animalitos se encuentran con Stan y le piden si no puede eliminar a la leona, y afortunadamente lo logra dejando huérfanos a 3 leoncitos que vivian con su madre. Misión cumplida, ahora sería una hermosa navidad para los animalitos, pero luego Stan se da cuenta que estas adorables criaturas son enviadas de Satán que querían dar a luz al anti-cristo y someter a la humanidad.
  • Santa shooting animals. Animals worshiping the devil. Kyle being the incarnation of the devils son. What more could i ask for!

    This episode was pretty damn funny. I was watching it at the starting and found it funny but then when the animals revealed who they are and i was lauging alot. I loved it when Santa was shooting all those animals. It was soo cruel yet really funny. I loved at the end when Cartmans telling the story when Cartman kills off Kyle by dying with aides. It was almost as everyone lived happily everyafter. And Kyle died two weeks later after having aides. Overall, this was another very well plotted and funny episode. I liked it alot and enjoyed it.
  • One of the best episodes ever! Stan trys helps out a group of small animals, but finds out that they are Sattan worshippers.

    This episode is narrated. As Stan or the boy in the red poof-ball hat is walking in the forest, he discovers small woodland animals who can talk. He helps them get a star on their Christmas tree. They ask him for another favor. Every year, one of the animals carrys the baby of their God, but the mountain lion always kills the animal. Stan goes and kills the mountain lion to help the animals. When he returns, he learns that the animals God is actually Satan. Now the animal can give birth to the anit-crist. Stan goes back and gets the baby mountain lion cubs, and teaches them to do abortions. They go to the animals where the animals tell Stan they need a human sacrifice that itsn't a Crisitn to put the anti-crist in. It can't be Stan. Then, Kyle decides to do it so the world would be a better place for the Jews. Santa comes and starts to kill the animals. Then, the anti-crist enters Kyles body. Just then, Kyle yells at Cartman. They are in Mr. Garrisons class. He tells Cartman to stop telling the story. Finally, Kyle decides to let him finish. The anti-crist has entered Kyle's body. The baby mountain lion cubs, do a abortion on Kyle and get the anti-crist out. Santa shoots it and it dies. The narrator talks again. He says all the animals died and everyone lived happily ever after, except for Kyle who died of AIDS.
  • It's another awesome Christmas in South Park.

    I'll have to say that the first time that I saw this episode, I was shocked. Not at how far this episode goes, but at how quickly it turns from what seems like a total spoof on Christmas movies and television to a Satan-worshiping blood orgy. Stan goes into the forest and finds some woodland critters and agrees to help them build a manger for their savior that will be born soon. It's all told by a rhyming narrator, and there aren't too many laughs for the first part of the episode. That made me a little suspicious, but when we find out that these critters worship the devil and love blood orgies, then the hilarity ensues. It quickly turns into mountain lion cubs giving abortions, Kyle wanting to become the anti-Christ, and Santa shooting all of the critters with a shotgun. Of course it turns out that Cartman is telling the story and he has Kyle die of AIDS in the end. I love this episode because it quickly turns from intentionally boring to one of the strangest, most disturbing episodes that I have ever seen. I love South Park.
  • "And they all lived happily ever after... Except for Kyle who died of Aids two weeks later." "Goddamit Cartman!" Warning:SPOILERS ALERT

    Wow, what can I say. This Christmas Special is not your ordinary CS but the twist is what had me laughing all the way through.

    Stan comes across some woodland critters near Christmas and they ask him to help them with their Woodland Critters' Christmas. Reluctantly, Stan does and gets himself in a lot of trouble. One favour after another, Stan is asked to kill the woodland mountain lion because it eats the woodland critters' saviour each year. Stan goes and manages to kill it and comes back to a nasty surprise - the woodland critters are devil-worshipers! With the Anti-Christ getting closer to being born each minute, Stan has to find a way to stop him.

    Classic South Park episode, full of jokes all throughout, and a great ending to top it off. Watch it now, you won't regret it.

    This was the first christmas special i saw and i nearly died of laughter.
    Cartmen as always p$%^^% off kyle just because hes a jew and santa with a shot gun and satan looked like a chick(I mean the baby bird not the woman).
    Most people wright that this is the best christmas special and they are wright .
  • "BLOOD ORGY!" lol Tis is a Critter Christmas.

    This episode is one of the funniest episodes of South Park ever. Animals that act like Happy Tree Friends, Blood Orgy, Satanic animals, PURE GOLD! Where do Matt and Trey come up with this stuff?

    The whole episode was just so funny. And their right, God wouldn't have sex with an animal, only Satan would. And the cubs learned abortion and got the Anti-Chrit out of Kyle's butt. Tis is a dream come true, except for the part when Kyle died 2 weks later of AIDS. How in the world did he gei AIDS anyway? I don't know, but it's still humerous.
  • 125th Episode

    Not only was this the first and only Christmas Episode of South Park that I have ever seen, it is also one of the first South Park episodes I have seen at all.

    While it may seem a little weird to say that this is my favourite Christmas episode when I haven't seen the rest, it definitely is, mainly because I don't see how SP can make one better than this, with great gags such as the narrator "said the little boy in the red poofball hat" and the revelation that it was Cartman's school report written only to tease Kyle for being a jew, the ending being a classic line with the narrator summing up that everyone lived happily ever after... except Kyle who died of Aids ("God dammit Cartman!")
  • The greatest Christmas tale ever told!

    Simply, without a doubt the best Christmas story EVER. This episode is filled with irony and hearty belly laughs. Anytime you have Satan, Santa & Jesus in the same episode, you have to realize you are witnessing something spectacular. This is definately one of the best episodes of South Park. 3 thumps up!
  • Cartman narrates the story of the woodland critter Christmas and how they worship satan. One of them is having the anti christ and mountain lion cubs give abortions in Kyle's behind.

    This was probably the most messed up South Park ever and it was disturbing but you should still see it. Interesting to watch but parts made me a little disgusted while others made me laugh. The whole blood orgy scene was gross, but the end with Kyle dying of aids was funny.
  • Not the Christmas Special you thought you would get.

    Woodland Critter Christmas is easily one of the most bizarre, disturbing and utterly hilarious episodes the show has ever done. First off, it’s a Christmas Special so you think you’ll be treated to a heart-warming tale similar to the show’s previous Christmas Specials. Think again. With animal sacrifices, blood orgies and abortions all around this is not a family episode.

    Stan encounters the Woodland Critters preparing for their yearly Christmas celebration. After helping them out several times (building a manger, killing the mountain lion) he finds out that the Woodland Critters are Satanists. They are going to raise the Anti-Christ and now nothing can stop them. Stan manages to set this right with help from Santa and his Shotgun. Turns out the whole story is being told mb Cartman for the classes assignment, tell your own Christmas story. Kyle dies of AIDS at the end.

    It’s a rather disturbing episode with plenty of violence. The humor is still there and is not shadowed by the episodes ultra-violent imagery. The narration is very funny and the entire episode is told like a Classic Christmas story, but a lot more twisted. Woodland Critter Christmas is easily one my favorite South Park episodes and an all-time favorite Christmas Special which I look forward to every year. Hail Satan!
  • Stan kills a lion, and lion cubs learn to perform abortions... (contains spoilers)

    A little boy plays by himself in the snow untill he is approached by some cute little talking animals. It's the perfect beginning of a classic Christmas tail. The cute little animals find Stan and ask him for his help. Cause you see, the animals need a manger for the birth of their savior for that squirrly will be giving birth, and she is a virgin.

    Well... Stan offers to help... unwillingly... and soon the manger is built.

    And that is the end of the story... Or is it? Stan wakes up in the middle of the night to see his animal friends looking at him. And they ask him to do another favor. You see, the lion of the mountain keeps eating the animal friend who becomes pregnant. And they need him to kill the lion.

    Once again he unwillingly helps them. Once the lion is dead however, he finds out that the savior of the critters also happens to be the antichrist. And you thought that it was straying from it's south park roots.

    Here is what most people will have a problem is. Whenever subjects like antichrist worship comes up, people get a lil upity. But whoever takes South Park seriously has a few issues of there own.

    I myself am a Christian. Probably not the best one, but I try. But one most also relize that most people who watch the show know the difference between good and bad. I thought this episode was absolutly halarious, and I don't let South Park control my life.

    The part where the lions learn to perform abortions, with a song that would come off the night christmas cartoon made me pee myself. Does that mean I think abortion is right? No!

    Anyway, if you are able to watch a cartoon series and not let thigns like this bother you, then you will be pleased to a pure classic. Other wise, don't watch it.
  • When Kyle is walking through the woods one day, he comes across some woodland critters. After helping them through various deeds, he comes to see the real woodland critters, with a surprise ending.

    What a great ending! It seemed throughout the whole episode that it might be a dream or something, but it was hard to tell because I knew I was watching South Park. The highlight of the episode would have to be when the critters starting having the blood orgy after their sacrifice.
  • The best Christmas South Park since the Christmas Poo!

    I love the storyline of Woodland Critter Christmas. All of the cuttest animals was addicted to Satan and i like the squirell with a blue bonnet. That inspired me Rocky J. Moose. I like the story because that remember me Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas and that's funny that Cartman write the story to all of the class for again annoying Kyle because he's Jew
  • Classic SP!

    This episode was like the 'Happy Tree Friends and Friends' have Christmas in 'South Park'! Hilarious stuff! I love to watch 'Happy Tree Friends and Friends' and 'South Park' with a twist of Narnia (that is 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' to boot) so this was like a holiday party bonus! The satanic forrest critters were hilarious and when Kyle wants to become the saviour of the Jews, that was really funny. It's interesting how 'South Park' can get away with Jewish humour like that but 'The Apprentace' can't! The mountain lion cubs were real cute too, like younger versions of Aslan?