South Park

Season 8 Episode 14

Woodland Critter Christmas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Santa: Alright, what the hell is going on?! Why is there a red star glowing in the sky?!
      Squirrely: We finally did it Santa! We brought forth the Anti-Christ with help from our good friend Stanley!
      Mousey: Death and pain await all living things!
      Santa (stares angrily at Stan): Little boy you should be ashamed!
      Stan: Yea but I didn't mean to help them, I tried to stop them!
      Santa: Well good going stupid! There's only one way to stop devil-worshipping critters.
      (Pulls out a shotgun, cocks it, and blows Squirrely's head off)