South Park

Season 17 Episode 3

World War Zimmerman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • EP - 1703

    This one was a godsend. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the story was so rich, despite its immature display. There are few gags in this episode that didn't make me laugh.

    Despite that, the beginning was a little confusing, and if I hadn't watched the promo before it, I would've been raising an eyebrow for nearly two minutes.

    But once the episode got into motion, it didn't slow down.

    And Butters beatboxing is one of his greatest moments ever. Period.
  • Back on track?

    The first 2 episodes weren't as bad as people say. They were bad for Southpark episodes, but if they had been a Lizard Lick Towing two-parter, you'd have thought the writers had been deservedly shot and some awesome writers had been hired to dig the show out of the constant shower of 5h1t that it is.

    This latest episode had elements of earlier Seasons and was SO much funnier than the previous two. Hopefully, the next episode will be even better since they've had an extra week to work on it.
  • Much better than first 2 episodes.

    Well still nothing special for us non american viewers ! But if was good for USA viewers.
  • Great episode

    After 2 weeks of bs, they put up a great episode last night, they didn't hold back against George Zimmerman. It was very interesting funny and of course very racist
  • FInally!!

    This was the first GOOD episode of the year took till the third episode of season 17. If we forget the last two weeks---and think of this one as the first new episode of Season 17 we finally have a winner. This episode works for many reasons, socially relevant, funny, racist, and interesting. Cartmans paranoia and guilt take over after the Trayvon Martin verdict and Cartman uses the Stand Your ground law a lame excuse. pretty funny, pretty topical, and brings out the stupidity and prejudice of the law "Stand your ground:. Nice.... Oh and I see they put TIMMY in the classroom as he is rarerly seen anymore.