South Park

Season 3 Episode 17

Worldwide Recorder Concert

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

An ad is featured at the beginning of the episode announcing that "POX presents The Musical Event for the New Millennium." Over four million third graders are going to gather in Oklahoma City for a recorder concert, featuring the song "My Country 'tis of Thee", conducted by Yoko Ono and Kenny G. Mr. Garrison has the children of South Park elementary practicing hard so they can sound good. Mr. Mackey brings in news causing a look of horror on Mr. Garrison's face; the event is being moved from Oklahoma City to Arkansas. Mr. Garrison tells Mr. Mackey about his not wanting to go back there and see his father; and Mr. Mackey asks him if there was any history of sexual abuse in his family, which causes Mr. Garrison to break down. Mr. Mackey suggests that Mr. Garrison go to Arkansas and face his demons. On the bus trip, Cartman tries to find the "brown noise", that certain frequency that causes someone to lose bowel control and crap their pants. Mr. Hat verbally abuses Mr. Mackey causing a fight. The children arrive in Arkansas and are put next to a group of children from New York. The New York kids call them queefs and the boys try to look the word up, meanwhile Cartman finds out the "brown noise" is believed to be "92 cent below the lowest octave of E-flat." Mr. Garrison confronts his father about his demons. Mr. Garrison asks his father, why he never sexually abused him as a child.

Yoko Ono tries to make herself understood at the recorder rehearsals. Since the boys still don't know what a queef is, they decide to make up their own word to use and will bust the New Yorkers when they claim to know what the word means. The word they decide upon is mung. They bust the New Yorkers, but the New Yorkers tell them that mung is a word, which they define as the stuff that comes out of a pregnant woman when you press on her stomach. Mr. Garrison talks with his mother about his lack of sexual abuse. Cartman plans to ask Kenny G if he can help them find the brown noise. Mr. Mackey talks with Mr. Garrison's father, who finds out what Mr. Garrison's problem really is. While Mr. Mackey doesn't agree with what needs to be done, he asks Mr. Garrison's father if he can just stand by and do nothing to save his son, after all "family is about compromises." Mr. Garrison is going to bed, hoping that his father will molest him. Cartman and Kenny have found the "brown noise." Stan wants to use the "brown noise" against the kids from New York.

Mr. Garrison's father talks with his friends at the bar about his son's problem. They offer him no help. The boy's plant revised copy of the sheet music on the door of the New York kid's room. A concert official finds the music and scrambles to make more copies. Back at his parent's home, Mr. Garrison is visited in the night by his father.

With his demons behind him, Mr. Garrison leaves a happy man. When he's gone, Mr. Garrison's father reveals that Kenny G did the deed for him. The concert event is ready to begin and the boys see their revised music up on the screen. They race towards the front to try and stop the concert, but they don't make it and crap breaks out, all around the world. On their way to leave, the kids from New York tell that they know they were the ones who changed the music and that was "pretty cool."

Kenny dies when he "craps himself to death."
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