South Park

Season 14 Episode 4

You Have 0 Friends

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Finally a good episode.

    Let's face it, the golden age of south park is long gone and people were starting to lose faith in South Park after the last last two seasons, but this weeks episode gave us all a glimmer of hope that trey & matt(or matt & trey) still can do it, if they only pull themselves together. It almost felt like good old times. A parody of facebook was overdue and they did a good job on that, keep it up guys. Also the Tron allusion fitted perfectly in this weeks episode. Too bad there was no light cycle race. ^^
  • This will go down as one of the best episode ever.

    First of all I could only give South Park 10 if I got a good dose of Cartman at his best. But this episode rocked nonetheless.

    It's a fresh intresting storyline that is South Park to the core. On top of that it managed to slap millions of people across the face - Speaking for myself I have people adding me as a friend who I dont even know! It kinda was a wake up call to me, but thankfully I got over facebook a while before this episodes came out so I didnt feel as shamed!

    This episode is what I want from South Park, I've been harsh about the show in the last few years but this season is constantly impressing me. Its shaping up to be one of the best seasons.
  • Parker and Stone amalgamate Facebook and Tron to whack out another smashing episode!

    This episode tackled facebook friends. Everyone has accepted a friend request from someone that they don't actually know and how many people on your 'friends' list can you say you're actually friends with? They inject humour into current issues and take the michael out of all those people who think facebook is the be all and end all.

    Cartman's character is at its best in this episode. He is insensitive, obnoxious and obtrusive, everything you expect from him, as he sets up his own podcast informing people who to add and to delete Kyle as a friend. This is because Kyle added Kip Drordy, the schools biggest neek, who now thinks that Kyle is his best friend so he takes kyle's facebook page to the cinema with him. Absolute facebook humour at its best!

    The episode includes some great Randy moments, "Hey Stan, my computer says we're not friends anymore." Stan: My Facebook profile went rogue, dad...I sent all my friends somewhere else. Randy: Okay, so we're not friends then? All in all another great episode, but just falls short of beating 'Medicinal Fried Chicken'.
  • facebook parody!

    the boys make stan a facebook profile, even though he says he does not want one. people take facebook way too seriously and stan just wants out. when he tries to delete his profile, he gets sucked into facebook, where he learns his profile is stronger than him. meanwhile kyle sends a friend request to a loser named Kip and soon everyone else deletes kyle as a friend.

    a good episode on how people view facebook, i thought. pretty funny. the last act bores me a little but the rest is pretty much solid. final grade- B+ seems fair methinks
  • The best South Park episode in years

    I never give a 10 to anything but this episode was worth it. Never before have I seen such a spot on parody of facebook and the social networking craze in general. It was done so incredibly with the Tron parody and the Fox Business parody. The plot is that all of Stan's friends have facebooks and they create one for him, even though he doesn't want to get involved. The depiction of all the random activity on facebook was spot on and the part with chatroulette was absolutely hilarious, actually the truth in this episode is what made it so great. I was waiting for Matt and Trey to do a facebook parody and I was certainly not disappointed. So far this season has been nothing but a pure success and I hope that Matt and Trey continue this outstanding role that they have been on.
  • Stan's unwanted Facebook profile takes on a life of its own and engulfs him in a Tron style "Battle to the death"... with a twist...

    I am totally with Stan on this one... Facebook sucks...
    I deleted my dumb profile years ago!
    Who wants to tend to a virtual farm and use friends as a status symbol?? Trey and Matt hit the nail on the head and drove it into the nuts of the internet's biggest scurge!

    P.S. The TRON thing was inspired!

    P.P.S. I tried ChatRoulette once for a laugh... ended up laughing on the other side of my face when I saw all the naked guys and such... so even though I knew what was coming, I still laughed my bum off! And I was with kyle on that one! Hahaha!
    South Park is still the best show on TV! Love it!

    "F$%k off dad!"
  • Stan finds himself unwillingly drawn into the world of Facebook when his friends make a profile for him, while Kyle suddenly finds himself with no on-line friends after adding an unpopular kid. Spot on and hilarious (until...!)

    Recovering from a weak beginning to the season with 'Sexual Healing', 'South Park' certainly is on a roll at the moment.

    Following up last week's classic 'Medicinal Fried Chicken' (and 'The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs' before it, which was also very good) was never going to be an easy task, but I'm pleased to say that, on the whole, Parker and Stone have come up with another great episode in 'You Have 0 Friends'.

    I have to say, at first I wasn't looking forward to this episode – the preview shots that I saw made it obvious that it was going to be in part based on 'Tron'; I haven't seen 'Tron' for years and wasn't really too excited about the episode. But to my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be hilarious (until the later stages, more of that in a bit).

    The whole Facebook spoof was perfect, and spot on. I admit to being a Facebook nerd (having migrated from MySpace a couple of years ago). At one stage I too was into all the virtual farms and whatnot, but nowadays only use Facebook to keep in contact with close friends. Anyhow... just about all of their targets were spot on (though they maybe could have spoofed Mafia Wars too, which is pretty big).

    Stan's initial sections of the story, adding people he didn't even know and such, were great (and some nice Randy moments to boot). And Kip Drordy, the unpopular kid that Kyle feels sorry for and adds, plays out wonderfully, being funny and strangely touching at the same time.
    All this backed up by Eric's friend-making podcasts made for an enjoyable tale. I've always said that several sub-plots add to a story generally makes for a much better episode, and both this episode and last week's 'Medicinal Friend Chicken' support this theory.

    The episode was all going so perfectly, with it's well-aimed spoofs... until...
    ...Why the hell did they feel need to throw in the ridiculous 'Tron' "inside Facebook" idea. It wasn't all that funny, and the episode didn't need it. I know some will have loved it, but it really spoiled an otherwise terrific story for me.

    It's a real shame, as otherwise this is a top-notch episode. The rest (non-'Tron') of the episode is still strong enough to give this a decent 9.5 from me... but it could so easily have been a solid 10!
    Either way, things are looking good for the 200th episode next week.
  • Stan is forced to join Facebook.

    Possible Spoilers:

    I Loved this episode. I hate Facebook, twitter, Myspace,etc. I think it is a waste of time and pointless. Apparent Matt and Trey thinks so as well.

    The jokes were great throughout the entire episode. I loved the whole Tron sequence. It was very well done. I totally side with Stan. There is no reason to have it. Especially when all you do is share pointless drivel and all it takes to make a friend is to click confirm. The ending was a little predictable given how the story was wrapping up. But that is just fine. The kid was a little weird and pathetic, but likable.
  • Would have been more pertinent about 5 years ago with MySpace, but still an entertaining episode.

    I was pretty worried after watching the season opener "Sexual Healing" that this was going to be an equally mediocre season. So far the three episodes following Sexual Healing have been significantly better; not as good as classic South Park of course, but still a whole hell of a lot better than The Simpsons and Family Guy are doing these days in terms of entertainment and humor.

    As someone who deleted my facebook profile about 2 years ago, I wasn't quite as "in" on the jokes as I should have been I guess, but it did seem to me like a lot of the material they were using is the sort of thing that people were joking about back when Myspace first got big in early 2005 or so, and the "I have 4386063638542 friends online!" thing kinda relates a lot more to how it was with Myspace rather than how it is now with Facebook, but oh well.

    Also Chat Roulette has been done to death in the media by now so I felt like that was kind of beating a dead horse. I wish they had integrated Twitter into this episode, namely how so many clueless news anchors are using it to feel relevant these days when in fact Twitter is one of the stupidest and most absurd sources for any type of valuable information or opinion available.

    Other than that, good episode though.
  • It's a good episode, but the Facebook pardoy wasn't fully utilized

    In this episode, Stan is forced to join Facebook after his friends make him an account, something I can totally relate to as a former Facebook addict. Eventually, after being pressured to add everyone on facebook, he attempts to deactivate his account, but is literally sucked into Facebook. Meanwhile, Kyle is quickly losing friends after adding a kid with no friends named, Kip Drody. The story is great, but honestly the pardoy of Facebook is pretty underutlized. While they mention facebook games like, Farmville and Yahtzee, it's not a great pardoy, although the Tron pardoy along with Stan's storyline was pretty great. Overall, excluding some underutlized jokes, this was a fairly funny episode. Overall, 8.5/10 B+
  • Stan is forced to get a Facebook page despite not wanting one. Of course it grows a mind of its own and forces him to action. Kyle befriends a boy with no friends on Facebook and loses all of his friends causing a dilemma for him as well.

    Truly solid mockery of sites even like this one we belong too. The socialization of America and the world! It's funny and like most subjects the boys deal with it is spot on!

    A number of brilliant pieces to this puzzle. The subtle use of Cartman's show which is a rip off of the gentlemen who does the very same thing on one of the business channels. The Tron theme for the User versus Profiles piece of the story. The outcast who Kyle befriends which turns him into an outcast.

    Now personally I don't use Facebook. I have a page that someone did for me just like Stan. In a humorous side note, I got 27 friend invites today alone. I don't even use it and I'm getting that kind of response! Poor Stan gets guilt-ed by his Father and Grandmother of all people besides others, some of which are complete strangers on the street. I have to say it amazes me the number of invites and friend requests I get and the huge number of people I don't have the slightest idea who they are. So it seems this experience Stan is having is quite real in today's times. Poor Kyle. He tries to do the right thing and it backfires on him. He even goes to Cartman for advice and of course you saw where that got him!

    So the writers and creators of South Park hit the mark again. Excellent depiction of the current trends and a great storyline too boot. This season has sizzled except for one episode. Keep up the good work. Thanks for reading...
  • The pressurized soul sucking phenomenon that is Facebook engulfs everyone except for Stan, but leave it to his friends to take him along for the ride.

    All the boys get a Facebook, except for Stan, who thinks its ridiculous and unnecessary. However, they end up making him his own page and he is forced into using it. When he thinks it just isn't for him, he attempts to delete his account, but his actions are followed with consequences as he is literally sucked into the Facebook world, which is very Tron-esque.

    Meanwhile Kyle pity-friends a 3rd grader which causes him to lose all his real friends via Facebook. With the help of Cartman, they try and find Kyle a friend that is outside the spectrum of knowing the friendless 3rd grader. While wading through many "dicks" on ChatRoulette, they are able to find him a match. In the Tron universe, Stan has to battle his profile to gain access back to the real world. In a no holds barred deathmatch of Yazhee! Stan defeats his profile and returns back to normal. With all the previous pressures of his girlfriend and dad bugging him about Facebook, everything returns to normal, giving Kip 845,000 Facebook friends and a false sense of reality.

    At first, I thought this episode was below average. Now thinking about it, there is a major relation to my own Facebook experience. I finally caved a few months ago due to all the surrounding pressure, that I had to just roll with it. It does indeed suck the life out of you, but is a good way to keep in touch. Also, remembering a handful of funny lines, this was another solid entry into the season 14 cannon, not quite taking over last week's.
  • Matt and Trey are on a roll

    Not since season 11 have we gotten 2 classic south park episodes right in a row. The episode from start to finish was fantastic. Stan don't get the hype about facebook and wants to ignore it. But the other boys surprise him with his own account. Everyone, including his grandmother want him to add them, or comment, or poke, or whatever and he gets sick of it and tries to delete his account, but gets pulled into Facebook itself. This sequence I enjoyed very much and I liked the Yahtzee battle with stans evil profile. Another classic down, lets hope for 3 more.