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Season 15 Episode 7

You're Getting Old (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • This episode was a tearjerker

    This is one of the only episodes on 'South Park' that have VERY emotional scenes, the others are: "Assburger", "Going Native" (Butters yelling at his friends & parents and Kenny comforting him as he cries at the airport), "Kenny Dies" and "The Return of Chef". As Jonathan Brandis always say, "When you grow up, you stop believing". The only parts I find really emotional were: Kenny, Kyle and Cartman abandoning Stan, Randy & Sharon having a heated argument, and the ending where The Marshes have been separated. So heartbreaking, to be honest. Love the episode though.
  • south park season 15 episode 7 you're getting old

    This episode blew me away......maybe I am seeing too much....but....First of all the cultural references to the lame movies that otherwise talented actors are putting out there and the contemporary music that all sounds the same are funny. Yes they repeat the sh*t analogy ALOT.....but when you are VERY cynical and bitter towards life......that is pretty much what you see and hear coming from everyone and everything all the cynical? But in reading other reviews, no one has mentioned the reference to Ground Hog Day and one of its lessons.....doing it over and over until you get it right or you cannot affect anything in this world/make a positive impact in this world until you change YOUR ATTITUDE/ACTIONS. No one has mentioned the obvious yet interesting interjection of the matrix (alcohol is the magic solution for him to see the ROSY REAL? world) and his diagnosis of aspberger's (a seemingly catch all syndrome for people that are not very good in social situations). Then, I agree, the end - with landslide - very sad - definitely feeling forced to confront age and change. What form I don't know.
  • This is the End Beautiful Friend

    This episode was running at about a 7 for me until the fantastic ending. The story begins with Stan who is having his tenth birthday. The stuff with Cartman is pretty funny, and it is made funnier by the fact that some families actually do this (although it's usually with siblings and not friends). The stuff that's mocking modern music ranges from funny to repetitive. The mock film trailers and the jab at The Zookeeper (reheated sh*t) are really funny, especially if you hate the type of film they are mocking. Some of the jokes do get repetitive, and I personally didn't find Randy's stage persona to be funny. The end really brings it home. The last few minutes change South Park forever, and make this episode arguably the saddest episode of South Park. I take the ending to mean that we have seen the end of an era, and possibly the beginning of a new era. Given the cynicism of the episode (I interpret the speech by Sharon about how repetitive everything has become to be a not so subtle jab at the show itself) it seems that this could really be the last season of South Park. In any case the last few minutes redeemed this episode, and I eagerly await the next one.
  • It had a cliffhanger,but a great episode though.

    South Park is not ending yet,but this was a great episode. However,the Show's creators decided to leave us with a cliffhanger again. It starts off at Stan's birthday as he's opening presents. And Cartman gets presents too,because whenever someone opens a present,Cartman gets one too or else he'll throw a tantrum.Now,I'm mad by this fact.In HumanCentiPad,His mom stood up to him,but not now.Stan gets a CD for a new music genre called Tween Wave. But his mom takes it away because she hates it. Randy tries to talk her out of it,but ends up liking the CD. The parents ban it like a bunch of Soccermoms and try to get their kids to like The Police,but even the kids call it junk. Sigh,kids these days.Then,Stan decides to listen to it at night. But he starts to call it (beep),But his friends don't believe him.He visits the doctor and learns that everything he sees his poop. Meanwhile,Randy starts his own tween wave music,but when the mom finds out,she gets very mad at him. Meanwhile,Stan sees everything as poop:ice cream,flowers and previews. Then,he promises not to complain about the poop when he goes to the movies. But when he sees trailers for a Mr Popper's Penguins spoof or a bad Adam Sandler movie,his friends walk away and don't want to hang out with him.But things get worse. Randy admits to the mom that he's unhappy,so is she.So then it cuts to a sad montage of Stan moving and Kyle and Cartman playing video games.But then it shows Stan staring at the roof and that's it.No really that's all of the episode.What about the story?Are the parents divorced?Is Stan done with Kyle and Cartman?Why am I asking so many questions?Because there were a lot of plot holes missing at the end?Trey Stone and Matt Parker decided to just end the episode like the horrible Stanley's Cup episode with the boy dying and that's it. There were a few funny moments in it like Randy playing his on Tween Wave music and the trailers in the X-Men:First Class movie,but that was it. Why end the episode like that?It's just a huge cliffhanger at the ending.It just ended like how the Sorpranos ended:Cutting to a black scene.Thank god,this isn't the last episode of South Park,but really,Trey and Matt,make a better ending than that stupid Stanley's Cup episode. And don't end the show like this.So this review is basically 413 words long.My longest review ever to be made. Awesome.
  • Can You Say, "Cliffhanger?"

    This is one episode that might change South Park forever. In it, Stan celebrates his tenth birthday, but he sees nothing to enjoy after it as he soon turns into a very cynical jerk who is unable to see anything good about anything. His mother has the very same attitude, and it soon leads to what could be the end of her marriage. Stan becomes such a killjoy that none of his friends want anything to do with him, and the feeling is mutual. Even Eric Cartman seems to have changed as he seems to show signs of turnning over a new leaf when he becomes the new best friend of Kyle of all people. I would like to say that this is a wonderful episode, and I can harly with for Fall to see the conclusion. I give it a perfect 10.
  • It's a cliffhanger, it's sad and it's not even very humorous but it does what it was trying to and that's what makes it easily the best episode of the season and one of the best in the past two or three years.


    Like I said, this episode isn't very funny compared to what SP usually is (or at least tries to be with some of the newer episodes) but don't make the mistake of this being a totally humorless episode. Their is some pretty good humor in here and every time they do make a joke it's always funny, not the hit or miss like lots of the other seasons episodes. But what makes this episode so good is that it is filled with emotion. I know it sounds weird with the reputation South Park has earned but this is one of the most emotional episodes in a TV show I have ever seen. Without trying to spoil anything it reflects on something we all have gone through, growing up. It shows that even out favorite little group of mischief causing, foul mouthed friends will have to go through it just like us. It's sad to see them start to change and in such an accurate way, the change that starts with the characters doesn't seem forced and it feels natural, almost like it's supposed to be this way. Honestly, don't hide your emotions and you'll have more tears than laughs by the end of this episode I guaranteeit.

  • Good episode

    Another entertaining episode to build on last weeks. Have to say, this episode really lacked subtlety in places, something you can not often say about south park. I think it could have done without the overuse of the "poop" sound effects and imagery. But hey, maybe I have reached the age where everything looks and sounds like poop :)

    But it redeemed its self with a good ending and something to look forward to for the next episode, when ever that might happen to be. Some great moments. The children listening to the police album made me laugh, then for quite some time after thinking about it. All in all, a good message and take on cynicism and misunderstandings in modern culture. Some overkill in places, but enjoyable.
  • All stan hears and sees is sh!t.

    There was alot of sh!t in this episode. The episode starts off with stan having his tenth birthday party and one of his gifts is tweenwave. However his parents don't want stan to listen to it and every kid in south park likes it but every parent thinks its sound like somebody taking a sh!t. As it turns out stan later thinks that tweenwave does infact sound like somebody taking a sh!t along with everything else. Meanwhile randy decides to force himself to like it so he doesn't appear old. The episode said alot like when randy and sharon were fighting, I could definitely picture matt and trey talking with each other and realizing that they are getting to old to do south park cosidering they are both married and have kids. After this episode and a shocking ending its possible this could be the last season of south park. Lets hope it isnt.
  • perfect

    the crap jokes started off pretty funny and got kinda old by the time the episode was done. but the trailers were good. I'm pretty disappointed in myself for reading spoilers whilst not having seen the episode. i usually read R@R threads for episodes, even if i have not seen them, just to get an idea on how people thought of them. thus, the ending was spoiled, but it was still pretty big. the last few minutes was great. I'm really interested in seeing what they do next on the show. Should be great, I hope so anyway of course. Even though the "crap" jokes got old, this is still my favorite of the season thus far.
  • This episodes deserves and award

    Seriously it does its the first South Park episode that has every made me shed a tear at the end not only because of the stuff in the show but because of the message the episode represents in real life things change and we have to deal with it.So the episode it about Stan who following his 10th birthday he dosent find anything enjoyable anymore instead everything sound and looks like crap eventually it annoys his friends even his best friend Kyle and their bond is broken in the end Stan's parents divorce and move because they have had enough of the same crap every single week and it shows a montage of Stan alone in his bed in depression.

    So far the best episode of the season
  • After a couple of disappointing episodes, this seasons mid finale delivers a memorable episode.

    Season 15 so far has been a disappointment, especially when compared to South Parks other past seasons.
    HUMAN CENTiPAD, T.M.I and City sushi weren't bad, whilst there were some clunkers such as Funnybot, Royal Pudding and Crack Baby Athletic association.

    However, to end the 1st half of this season with an episode like this was certainly a surprise.

    What makes the episode very memorable was how it gives a literal term to how some of our tastes can change as all of us get older, such as the things we used to think were awesome turn out to be sh** or the friends we used to hang out with are now sh** to hang out with.

    The humor was pretty funny, with classic Cartman getting a present on Stans Birthday as well as some sh** references, although by the end of the episode, the sh** jokes started to wear off a bit, but at the same time, it was quite shocking to see his friend as sh** since his tastes would change, possibly permanently.
    It was also fun to see Randy getting caught up in the Tween Wave music craze being his usual self.

    What surprised me the most at the end however was its impression of a series finale as well as a touching punch when it turns that Randy and Sharon are going their separate ways to find happiness, Stan showing no signs of forming back to his old self AND Cartman and Kyle becoming friends.

    The future is uncertain right now for the show, even though it is unlikely as Matt & Treys contract is up until 2013 and as its the mid season finale. It could be the rest of the season trying to get Stan back to his old self again, Stans absence from the show, or having a huge emphasis on Stan.

    But then again, South Park would be doing it right to serve us the unpredictable outcome which leaves us anticipating their possible series finale this autumn or find out what would happen to Stan.

    Unless they pull off another Terrance and Philip: Not without my anus and pi** off fans again.

    Overall, an episode with a good amount of humor that made me laugh, making a good point about getting older as well as an emotional tug on us South Park fans eagerly anticipating if the series will end this early is what makes a great show in my eyes.

    I give South Park 'Your getting old', an 8.6/10
  • This season doesn't suck we're just getting old.

    I would not put it past Matt and Trey to have made a string of Soso MEH episodes together only to blindside us with this one. It just seems like something they'd do. Certainly this season We've had our UPS (Last week with Butters and the Human Centipad) and Downs (EVERYTHING ELSE) But this episode was great I don't know where they are going with this turn of events. Remember when Kenny Died for good and he was back a few episodes later? This was an instant Classic hell it even indirectly references Simpsons did it. (IE There is a twist remincent of Milhouse's parents) Where does South Park go From here? is this the end will we have a part 2 in the fall that just ties everything back to where we were before or is South Park ending?
  • I don't know what to say

    This was easily the best episode of the season. I laughed several times and the episode ended at an odd point without resolution. I hate that we have to wait till fall to see the continuation. Stan is left in Teenage Angst a little early and he's become a pariah to his friends, Cartman and Kyle are now close friends, Stan's parents have split and the show has taken a dark turn. I always wonder when they plan to end the show even though I never want it to go away but it seems that Trey and Matt have enjoyed success with something else and now crave more and might want to end what made them comedy giants. I hope they continue the show and keep mixing it up even though this season was a piece of crap until this episode. It's not that I'm getting older, it's that the season sucked until this masterpiece.
  • Is this the end of South Park?

    This episode was funny because of the jokes regarding people getting older and possibly becoming more cynical. The Sh!t stuff was funny, repetitive but funny none the less especially Randy on another ridiculous quest to prove that he is in tune with the new tween music craze (which had some great seens with kids complaining that their parents don't understand them) and the trailers when the boys went to the movies. Also Stan's cynisism was funny like the episoode but what really makes this a great episode is the cliffhanger ending. Everything was unresolved like Randy and Sharon's divorce, Stan hating everything, and Kyle and Cartman becoming friends. That last line was no joke they where playing xbox and seemed to be enjoying each others company. If this doesnt get resloved until the season finale and the show then ends it would be a great way to end the show. P.S Cartman's greediness at Stan's party was hilarious and I really liked the L.A Noire reference which is one of my favorite games. Overall a funny epiosde with a shocking and emotional ending.
  • Speechless! Bravo!

    Aside from the fact repeated listening to and seeing SHXT is really gross...unless you are into fecal matter like The Germans or Beavis....really guys..too many shxt noises and not enough variety.
    How about someone with consitpation.

    No really, the end was a total amazing piece of TV cartoon history. Poor Stan though..won't be enjoying
    No Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift crap. I mean, yeah, even bob Dylan sounded like Shxt (LOL). As people age--the music of their early youth JUST ISN'T THE SAME...its is for a long time..then is NOT. And you mostly STOP listening to what you did when you were 15.(occasionally some music is Timeless--such as PINK FLOYD for me)

    Music evolves. People change. What's in the future for South Park? I have to wait six months. Come On..Please NO NOT 6 months!!

    Actually this was a really hard episode to watch. Not for me. But it certainly is painful if you have reached the age of Sight and Cynicism. Stan needs-
    A Calling.

    Cant wait to see the NEW South Park.

    P.S. How could you NOT name Jennifer Aniston as Worst Shxt ever imposed on public paying movie goers.
    Sandler made a few funny movies. She makes Shxt.
    They ALL sucked.
    Name One.

    Oh-I gave this a 10 despite any flaws because a TV show running this long 14 1/.2 years that still CHANGES and takes Chances...and did it very well tonight--deserved a 10.
  • South Park is comming to an end. This episode made me realise its for the better. That's the power of this episode.

    I have heard numerous times that Matt and Tray were thinking about ending South Park. I now believe they are going through with it. The end is near and it isn't bad. Because they don't have to follow up with an even more ridiculous season next year they can go all out on the last part of the season, what I believe to be the series finale.

    It's exactly like the speech made by Sharon. It's like the same shxt happens over and over and it all resets until it happens again. Every week it's just the same story in a different way and it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Then it just becomes kind of shxtty to me. That's what happened to this show as well. It just becomes shxtty, because so much has been done.

    Thanks to this episode I don't think the end of South Park is that bad. Just finish it with bang, guys.
    Looking forward to the last episodes of South Park. How sad it may be.
  • wow..they actually did this

    On Stan's 10th Birthday His Mom takes away one of his presents which was a CD of new music. Stan goes home and later that night when he listens to his music again it sounds like Crap. So he goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him that since he likes neither New Music or Old Music he will begin to see everything as Crap,so when the boys go to see the new X-Men movie and Stan comes too He continues to see Crap as everything and makes them leave. So when Kyle stops to talk to him He see's Kyle as Crap and then walks away. Randy goes on a stage and sings with a woman and Shannon comes and sees him and she brings him home and they scream at each other. At the end of the episode We see Shannon and Randy having a divorce and spliting up and Stan continues to see Crap and nobody can help him. We also see a friendship forming in between Kyle and Cartman. this episode just blew me away. not that it was just funny it was..really good.
    the trailers were my favorite part me and my father were laughing like crazy. but the whole story with stan and randy was fantastic. i give this one of my favorite episodes cause not only did it include a good story but it is keeping the audience in check cause it ended witth the marsh's divorced and stan alone.
    i cannot wait to see what happens next