South Park

Season 15 Episode 7

You're Getting Old (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Speechless! Bravo!

    Aside from the fact repeated listening to and seeing SHXT is really gross...unless you are into fecal matter like The Germans or Beavis....really guys..too many shxt noises and not enough variety.
    How about someone with consitpation.

    No really, the end was a total amazing piece of TV cartoon history. Poor Stan though..won't be enjoying
    No Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift crap. I mean, yeah, even bob Dylan sounded like Shxt (LOL). As people age--the music of their early youth JUST ISN'T THE SAME...its is for a long time..then is NOT. And you mostly STOP listening to what you did when you were 15.(occasionally some music is Timeless--such as PINK FLOYD for me)

    Music evolves. People change. What's in the future for South Park? I have to wait six months. Come On..Please NO NOT 6 months!!

    Actually this was a really hard episode to watch. Not for me. But it certainly is painful if you have reached the age of Sight and Cynicism. Stan needs-
    A Calling.

    Cant wait to see the NEW South Park.

    P.S. How could you NOT name Jennifer Aniston as Worst Shxt ever imposed on public paying movie goers.
    Sandler made a few funny movies. She makes Shxt.
    They ALL sucked.
    Name One.

    Oh-I gave this a 10 despite any flaws because a TV show running this long 14 1/.2 years that still CHANGES and takes Chances...and did it very well tonight--deserved a 10.