South Park

Season 15 Episode 7

You're Getting Old (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • I don't know what to say

    This was easily the best episode of the season. I laughed several times and the episode ended at an odd point without resolution. I hate that we have to wait till fall to see the continuation. Stan is left in Teenage Angst a little early and he's become a pariah to his friends, Cartman and Kyle are now close friends, Stan's parents have split and the show has taken a dark turn. I always wonder when they plan to end the show even though I never want it to go away but it seems that Trey and Matt have enjoyed success with something else and now crave more and might want to end what made them comedy giants. I hope they continue the show and keep mixing it up even though this season was a piece of crap until this episode. It's not that I'm getting older, it's that the season sucked until this masterpiece.
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