South Park

Season 15 Episode 7

You're Getting Old (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • It had a cliffhanger,but a great episode though.

    South Park is not ending yet,but this was a great episode. However,the Show's creators decided to leave us with a cliffhanger again. It starts off at Stan's birthday as he's opening presents. And Cartman gets presents too,because whenever someone opens a present,Cartman gets one too or else he'll throw a tantrum.Now,I'm mad by this fact.In HumanCentiPad,His mom stood up to him,but not now.Stan gets a CD for a new music genre called Tween Wave. But his mom takes it away because she hates it. Randy tries to talk her out of it,but ends up liking the CD. The parents ban it like a bunch of Soccermoms and try to get their kids to like The Police,but even the kids call it junk. Sigh,kids these days.Then,Stan decides to listen to it at night. But he starts to call it (beep),But his friends don't believe him.He visits the doctor and learns that everything he sees his poop. Meanwhile,Randy starts his own tween wave music,but when the mom finds out,she gets very mad at him. Meanwhile,Stan sees everything as poop:ice cream,flowers and previews. Then,he promises not to complain about the poop when he goes to the movies. But when he sees trailers for a Mr Popper's Penguins spoof or a bad Adam Sandler movie,his friends walk away and don't want to hang out with him.But things get worse. Randy admits to the mom that he's unhappy,so is she.So then it cuts to a sad montage of Stan moving and Kyle and Cartman playing video games.But then it shows Stan staring at the roof and that's it.No really that's all of the episode.What about the story?Are the parents divorced?Is Stan done with Kyle and Cartman?Why am I asking so many questions?Because there were a lot of plot holes missing at the end?Trey Stone and Matt Parker decided to just end the episode like the horrible Stanley's Cup episode with the boy dying and that's it. There were a few funny moments in it like Randy playing his on Tween Wave music and the trailers in the X-Men:First Class movie,but that was it. Why end the episode like that?It's just a huge cliffhanger at the ending.It just ended like how the Sorpranos ended:Cutting to a black scene.Thank god,this isn't the last episode of South Park,but really,Trey and Matt,make a better ending than that stupid Stanley's Cup episode. And don't end the show like this.So this review is basically 413 words long.My longest review ever to be made. Awesome.