Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2013 on NBC

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  • Whoa!

    This episode is going to stay with me for a long, long time.

    There needs to be more talk on Southland. The writing is brilliant and the cast is exceptional. Southland is an Magnificent Televised Experience.
  • 2 episodes in one

    Do we really have to be reminded that Cooper is gay at the beginning of EVERY episode? I'm getting tired of getting the gay agenda rammed down my throat no matter what TV show I watch. The first 5 minutes of totally gratuitous heavy handed propaganda had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the episode, which was great.

    In every cop drama on TV, you expect to see the rest of the team come to the rescue in the nick of time. Not here, though, which for that reason we can call it a surprise ending. I liked the Lucero character and was sad to see him get killed off.
  • Chaos - Southland

    A crazy episode, an unexpected premise, one shocking bullet of a surprise....

    This was a different kind of Southland, but in many ways it was still the same. They pushed the boundaries of edginess and they left us wondering how these cops wake up and do what they do every single day.

    Strong, strong show tonight.
  • I'm confused!

    So did Ben set up the break in of Sammy's house? Why? Who's the guy who did it? That girl's brother??? Help me. Love the show. Been watching it since Day 1.
  • Best Episode -EVER

    WOW--this was enthralling, riveting, nail biting TV. Real dialogue, real situations. This was the best episode of this series I have seen. THE WINDS was the only other episode with this much emotional impact but this episode had a more harrowing situation. I dont want to give away anything except this was exceptional television. I dont think anyone wil l give this episode less than a '10". if you didn;t like this--go back to watching FAKE , clean sanitized cop shows like ROOKIE BLUE,

    This episode worked on two outstanding levels. The unexpected exchange in the gay nightlcub was bold television. yo uwont see that kind of scene and dialogue on Hawaii 5-0. You wont see it on anywhere else. This made use of every single banned word and not in an exploitive way. This episdoe includes both the "F" word and the "N: word. And I dont mean the 4 letter F word. Unexpected. hasn;t been used in a TV show in on the "NO list". Watch and see.

    The Plot--Cooper and his partner are kidnapped by what appear to be meth or crackheads.

    This isnt the first time this storyline has been was used in Starsky and Hutch, Miami Vice, The Rookies, Police Story (kidnapped cops) BUT the way this episode was written and acted was so far beyond it made those all look like superficial shows and at the time, shows like Police Story were cutting edge. Simply put this was an outstanding episode. gve it a 1 0 because you just dont see this kind of riveting intense episode on network TV. It isn;t for the average TV viewer (casual viever) i.

    BTW-a Side note-This was the ONLY episode ofthis series to show a gun "impact" shot (I wont say more yiu have tp see this episode). No it wasn't a TRUE impact shot-but it's as close as they have rarely have any shootouts on this show--the level of gunplay in this series is extremely low for a police series. I guess they want us to beleive gunshots are far less common in real police life and the producers don';t want to turn this show into a typical "action" series. They focus more on the reality level and characters. That is fine-except when you combine action with true grit realism-you get THIS--a brilliant episode. Next week is last one of season and I beleive a sequel to this one (capturing these two meth psychos (NOT SURE on that). But .we will see..
  • The 10's have it! Brilliant!

    Okay I thought this was a simply awesomely acted episode. And that is crazy considering the very high standard of the scripts and acting with this program. The coming out of Cooper to his politically incorrect partner was spot on and totally unexpected. Wow and to go from there to s situation were they both have to depend on each other . I swear I couldn't move till the end.

    Lydia is such a driven woman and I hope she makes Captain though in real world such dedication is rarely rewarded.

    Don't get me started with Sammy who I think is . But I must say the character is so well acted I swear at times I forget its just a show.

    OMG how could I forget the meth-heads. Wow those dudes rocked. I swear I haven't seen such achilling portrayal of how meth can so royally screw up someone. Kudos Am gonna check out the names of those two especially the older meth head. Those dudes were just stunning. I couldn't decide which was more riveting the search for the detectives, Sammy and Stroke Face hell even Dewey.

    I wonder how they gonna be able to top this one.
  • You will never forget this episode!!

    If you have been watching this season, then this episodes is a real swerve. Not for the squeamish but it is really worth watching.

    I dont think there was one bad performance and the writing was excellent
  • Things take a turn for the disastrous!

    Gotdamn what an episode. Between the fates of Stroke-Face and Hank, I can't figure who got it worse.

    I guess it was Stroke-Face. Sherman pulled the biggest a-hole maneuver ever!

    Hank was a little annoying but damn, he was one of the more animated wingmen. I liked him.

    They ran across two of the realest methheads ever. Powerful excellent episode!
  • this was such a sick episode

    WoW... WTF... can they even show this on tv.... this show is soo hate that i don't see a review of this episode on the main page of i see some bs about HIMYM and Cult.... not 1 article about probably the sickest hour of tv i've seen since breaking bad's first couple of seasons.
  • Nail biting!!!

    I HATE the fact that I literally had to do 3 google searches to find a place to discuss this show!! I literally had moments I couldn't catch my breath this hour, EPIC! If this show gets cancelled.. I can't even know what to say!
  • Had me on the edge of my seat!

    this Episode was outstanding! Cooper and Lucero getting kidnapped by the two Meth heads was so terrifying I forgot I was watching TV. It is a great example of just how dangerous Police work is and how they risk everything in this line of work. I was sad that Lucero got murdered. Glad to see Cooper got away alive and can't wait to see what happens next week when he is found. Next week is the Finale already.
  • After countless intense episodes, Southland delivers a punch to the gut

    It's hard to connect with Bryant and Sherman's problems when Cooper and Lucero get kidnapped by meth addicts (If you want a wildly unpredictable, outrageously dangerous situation, go with meth heads. Just ask Breaking Bad). Every week, Southland's promos say basically the same thing: "the most shocking episode ever puts these officers in danger! No one is safe!" Well, this week's episode lived up to this promise. The show's realistic style (devoid of music, shot on location, etc) made the ordeal incredibly disturbing to watch. This darker-than-usual episode greatly brings to mind The Shield and Breaking Bad as well as the recent film End of Watch, in tone and plot. In past seasons, Sammy Bryant was the go-to guy for emotionally devastating plots. This season, Cooper has taken a beating and then some. In a TV show, we want catharsis, resolution, comfort. But in real life, disturbing and senseless acts happen and, as Southland shows through the eyes of the men and women on the front lines, life doesn't owe us peace or closure. Does the show owe us this? We'll find out in next week's season (hopefully not series) finale.
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