Season 3 Episode 4

Code 4

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2011 on NBC

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  • $#!^ Whoa !!!

    Spoilers galore ahead...

    Southland Season 3 is intense. Not since Tom Everett Scott's character was unexpectedly gunned down by his neighbor (and survived, to bore another day) had I imagined Southland would go all Jill-Hennessy-sudden-car-accident and kill off a cast member at the end of an episode. And to think, while I was never a big fan of Detective Moretta, I was beginning to appreciate him more as of late. All I can say is that the lack of Detective Ochoa in this episode was something of a relief; seems like Det. Adams does fine all by herself. Although... maybe now they can partner her with Sammy Bryant and make a tight little Southland package. What? Too soon?
  • I didn't see the end of this episode coming - although I think I know why it happened.

    A much better episode than the previous three; it presented an interesting crime, featuring a fourteen year old criminal, which is both tragic and unfortunately all too realistic. John is back on Ben's case - I can't tell if he actually feels Officer Sherman has forgotten the most important of his lessons, or if he's just in a really bad mood from excruciating back pain. Of course, the big event was the shooting and subsequent death of Detective Nate Moretta. It certainly made all of Sammy Bryant's issues seem small, by comparison. I won't speculate here the reasons for killing off Detective Moretta, but I have my theories. What changes this will bring to future stories.... well we'll see.