Season 3 Episode 6

Cop or Not

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on NBC

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  • This is the reason why I watch Southland.

    The show is very emotional and realistic. Every character has their own personalities, their own beliefs, and their tactics and ethics of police work. Start off with in the morning, you have Cooper with back pain getting out of bed with a bottle of pills on his nightstand. Det. Adams can't sleep, as her mother is having vociferous echos of sexual intercourse. Sherman is already in the gym doing his daily cardio workout routine. Det. Bryant is woken by his deceased partner's son. As the episode carries on, many opinions and rational generalizations were developed and expressed by each and every character at the crime scene. Ethics of policework goes to question as Officers Cooper and Sherman question why they are here babysitting a "HollyWood Star" detail, while they should be out doing actual policework. Eventually they break and abandon their detail to find a young boy who is alone in a house with his grandfather who has been dead for 3 days.

    Adams questions herself on one of the two questions every police member in the force questions, (what to do if they die in the line of duty, and what to do if they were off the job).

    Det. Bryant's emotions get pushed to the limit, as he stands off with the same Latino gangsters at the same place where his partner was murdered. In the end, the stress, emotions, and actions on the job are realistically reflected in this episode.
  • Am officially 1 week behind in my episodes - saw this yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised.

    We were reminded that the territory covered by the police in Southland is not only the drug infested, gang controlled, crime ridden area called South Central. It extends into Hollywood proper - the land of the rich and famous. The disparity between the level and quality of police coverage in the two neighborhoods was immediately apparent. As Officer Cooper remarked, close to 4000 police were pulled off active cases during the Michael Jackson funeral. In this story, we had a particularly brutal double homicide of a pop star and her personal trainer. While he is the primary suspect, the less famous/successful actor husband, commits suicide before guilt or innocence could be established. An unfortunate bi-product of the investigation is the suspension of Detective Lydia Adams, over photos of the crime scene, taken will her smart phone, and intercepted/televised when she uploaded them to her computer. We will see over the next few episodes what effect this has on the detective.