Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on NBC

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    This was my first time watching Southland since the pilot and I have to say that the show has improved by leaps and bounds. It still is not that great a series, but it is a little bit different than all of the shows about the fuzz on channels like CBS. It is gritty, it is filmed like the FOX reality series Cops, but some of the storylines are not all that realistic. Cockfighting and chainsaw massacres in LA in one day? I do not know if I buy that.

    Still, not the worst way to spend an hour. Maybe I'll tune in again.
  • I'm Lovin It

    I'm beginning to think that Season Three is coming into its own. Characters are developing again- Sammy is over Tammy, it only took forever to learn- Ben is coming head to head with the demons that drove him to become a cop- and it looks as though Lydia is coming closer and closer to sleeping with her ex-partner... it's bound to happen eventually. My only gripe with this episode was the extremely predictable side-story involving a store owner with the gun... Given the typical 'irony' of the show, it was pretty easy to guess that Officer Sherman was going to live to regret his judgement call.
  • I'm still not seeing episodes of the calibre viewed last season. Maybe it's because last year, I was meeting the characters for the first time, and enjoyed watching their growth and development.

    Yesterday's episode was good, not great. We haven't seen enough of Susan Blakely (as Ofc. Sherman's mom) to care much about her - it makes her rape and assault, while tragic, seem diminished in importance, particularly since she has gotten past it. All of Ben's moral indignation and rage seemed disingenuous,therefore; more affect that real emotion.
    There were some interesting tidbits in the episode - I found the case caught by Detectives Adams and Ochoa engaging on several levels. The process used and the facts discovered in what I'll call "the chainsaw incident", were quite arresting (no pun intended.) The story line of most interest was glossed over. I'm hoping more time is devoted, in future, to what appears to be the dissolution of Det. Bryant's marriage.
    It's been said, but I'll reiterate, that they are cramming too much information into one episode. I don't know why Bryant and Moretta, for example, were after the guy they caught with the cock(rooster) in his hands. Too much is missed when the writers attempt to feature every character. Hopefully this changes and soon.