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  • Season 5
    • Reckoning
      Episode 10

      Lydia Adams hunts Cooper's kidnappers. Sammy Bryant thinks he has found the real thieves. Meanwhile, John Cooper deals with the kidnapping and Lydia grows closer to Russell Clarke.

    • Chaos
      Episode 9

      Two meth addicts kidnap John Cooper and Hank Lucero, and the search for them takes priority over everything else happening in the precinct. Elsewhere, Ben Sherman juggles obstructing Sammy Bryant's search for Strokeface with pacifying Brooke who is increasingly unhinged.

    • 4/3/13

      It seems every gang member in the basin will show up for a drug lord's funeral, and the officers must deal with the resulting free-for-all on the streets. Ben Sherman makes the decision for Sammy Bryant about the tape, but does not expect the results the decision brings. Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson work the murder of Sgt. Hill's son, but disagree on how to handle the evidence that incriminates another officer. Elsewhere, John Cooper's isolation feeds his depression.

    • Heroes
      Episode 7

      Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson search for a John Doe. John Cooper's attempt to rescue Hicks is hampered by past demons. Sammy Bryant weighs telling the truth about the tape. Ben Sherman makes a commitment to Elena while still involved with Brooke.

    • Bleed Out
      Episode 6

      Tammi strikes back, which means Sammy Bryant must answer questions from Internal Affairs about their altercation. John Cooper turns to Hicks for a sympathetic ear after a bad day, but he doesn't find one. Ben Sherman enjoys a complicated love life. Lydia Adams investigates a baby's death and is more shaken than she would like to admit.

    • Off Duty
      Episode 5

      Ben Sherman takes steps to arrest a drug dealer, Dewey Dudek's foot pursuit turns dangerous, and Sammy Bryant starts his 15 minutes when an action turns him into a mini-celebrity. Elsewhere, John Cooper wonders what retirement will do to him and a death row inmate reaches out to Lydia Adams.

    • 3/6/13

      John Cooper and Hank Lucero spend their shift answering odd calls. Sammy Bryant and Ben Sherman's shift is consumed by a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson track a killer who appears to have cooked his victim's body.

    • Babel
      Episode 3

      John Cooper gets his new partner on the same day MCDC has a major outage and emergency calls aren't dispatched timely. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Sammy Bryant and Ben Sherman's partnership becomes more strained. Elsewhere, Lydia Adams tries to connect with an old love.

    • Heat
      Episode 2

      John Cooper's routine traffic stop turns into a confrontation with boot Gary Steele. Lydia Adams looks into the murder of a man whose wife is a boxer. Ben Sherman does some investigating of his own after a drive-by shooting injures Dave Mendoza.

    • Hats and Bats
      Episode 1

      John Cooper's new boot, an Afghanistan war veteran, rubs him the wrong way. Lydia Adams grapples for the perfect balance of work and parent responsibilities. Elsewhere, Sammy Bryant files for custody against Tammi, and Ben Sherman hooks up with a new cop who has a dangerous attitude.

    • Southland: Shooting in Progress
      Episode iTunes Special
      Go behind-the-scenes with the cast as they discuss Southland’s realistic and fast-paced filming style.
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