Season 3 Episode 1

Let It Snow

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2011 on NBC

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  • The anticipation was so high, for those of us who love this show - we wanted the return and first episode to be near perfect. It fell short of that - but wasn't terrible.

    I'm hoping the writers understand that loyal viewers have set the bar pretty high for this show, and therefore, they will make every attempt to ensure future episodes meet or exceed our expectations. It was great seeing the major players again - we pick up in this episode, almost where we left off; John Cooper is still in pain, Ben Sherman wants to help his partner (and everyone else in L.A.), Det. Adams would love her old partner back on the streets (she and I have some concerns with the lady she's currently partnered with) - Sammy and Nate keep their personal lives separate from the job, etc. While the plot involves two genuine tragedies, a bit of humor is injected when Officers Cooper and Sherman mediate a quabble over the return of a doll, and there is good news (we think?) at the end of the program when Sammy's wife announces she's pregnant. Maybe this belongs in the trivia section - but I'll end by stating this is the second review I've done (in as many months) that ends with snow falling. Somehow the beginning of snowfall makes everything seem like it's gonna be alright.
  • Not my favorite episode but Southland is back.

    Like I said, not my favorite, however, I am psyched that Southland has returned for a third season. Here is my analysis of 'Let It Snow':

    The Good: happy to see the majority of the characters are back- I had read that they were going to be eliminating a few to cut down on costs. The buddy-cop chemistry between Officers Sherman and Cooper continues and it was, for me, the most redeemable thing in the episode.

    The Bad: They overdid it with the story-lines. Three cases was one too many for this premiere- as a result, none of them were very fleshed out. Det. Adams didn't need a new partner- they should pick one and stick with them. Finally, the character of Tammy brings great comic relief to the show- I was sorry to see that an important scene with her and Sammy was relegated to what felt like an afterthought. Southland has delivered in the past, I am sure that Season 3 will find its rhythm.