Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2013 on NBC

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  • What a season finale !

    Don't want to ruin the show for anyone who taped it - just hope the show comes back for another season. Just a great series.
  • Outstanding series but the implementation gives one mixed feelings . . .

    This review is as much a season ending, as it is series ending, as it is complaint. No one knows if this is the end of the series, just this season, and certain very few know or can understand why TNT gives this wonderful series so few episodes every calendar year.

    I love this series, especially the character of Officer John Cooper, but also Detective Lydia Adams, and Officer Ben Sherman, and we can't forget Officer Sammy Bryant. These characters make the story come to life and the actors bring the characters up off the screen and into our hearts and minds.

    What isn't fair are the mixed feelings from only getting 10 or so episodes a year. The series deserves 22, 24, yes, even 26 episodes, when we're left with such a cliff hanger as the writers give us with Part of me hopes a six season won't be coming along because of how only 10 episodes at an hour each doesn't give us enough to last 10 months between seasons. Hey, maybe if the episodes were 2 hours each, yeah, that would be great!! But, honestly, the majority of my mind, body, and emotions want seasons six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and beyond. Yeah, and the greedy part wants more episodes and/or longer ones. Southland is simply that good anyone into police drama, which seems to be most of the country. Why TNT gives us so few hours per year, I have NO idea.

    As for this episode, it is a must watch for all Southland fans! There is so much going on and left undone and so many possibilities for the next season it isn't funny, which again makes 10 episodes. OK! I promised myself I wasn't going to continue about the short seasons each year. The episode is great, but honestly it left me (and I expect many others) with this feeling or something similar to it.

    Bottom line: Find the time to watch it, if you haven't and watch the entire series, too (if you haven't).
  • Reckoning

    Southland started to get really good in the second half of the season, and the finale wrapped things up nicely, while still leaving the door open for a 6th season, should our prayers be answered and the show come back.

    Michael Cudlitz, Regina King, Shawn Hatosy, yes, even Ben McKenzie all delivered great performances in the episode and should consider this as their potential Emmy submissions.

    Hopefully not the end, but good enough to allow us to remember the show fondly should it be.
  • Which Meth head was Shot?

    To answer some of your complaints "WHY" the series only gets 10 episodes or so a seaosn instead of 22 (NO ONE shoots 24 episodes of episodic shows anymore--a typical season is 22 episodes. ) The resaon is simple--it COSTS a lot more to do a show like this than a cheap sitcom or reality show. This series is shot on steadicam camera, on locations, and features well staged car stunts and fights. that takes time and money. TNT isn;t willing to fork over the big bucks for a full 22 episode season n a series that has so far only generated a CULT following. YES--we are the BETTER TV viewers who seek out Quality programming but the bottom line is DOLLARS. This series doesn;t have BIG NAME actors , SEXY WOMEN, VIOLENT over the top action to promote. It's based in realism and gritty street scenes. We get what TNT is willing to finance. the show was canceled on NBC after a few for NBC--a bland network--made sense.

    Now would someone tell me WHO was killed in the finale--which scumbag Meth head was shot?? i couldn;t tell. they didnt "catch" him in the this wide open. They can pick up where this season ended next just leave us with the notion that NOT all bad guys get caught which would make sense for THIS show. I mean--do they EVER let anyone "get away" on any other network police shows? or do they show up in the last 5 minutes and GET the 'bad guy". I cant recall ONE episode of NCIS, LAW and ORDER, BLUE BLOODS, HAWAII 5-0, or older shows that DIDNT capture the bad again this was as good as CHAOS (that will nbe hard to top) but still a solid episode.

  • Whoa, again ...

    I saw this episode when it aired. On the heels of episode 9, all i can say is 'Whoa,' again.

    Hand Michael Cudlitz an Emmy, please.
  • Crazy Ending!!

    Should be interesting to see how it picks back up assuming theres a next season. Still An Underrated Great Show