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  • Sammy Bryant is a pussy

    I completely disagree with the previous review, Ben Sherman is my favorite cop on that show, in every situation he made the right decisions and knew what he needed to do as a man. Now Sammy Bryant is a total pussy, he cries, whines to Ben, and also couldn't shake the guilt of lying and almost caused him and his partner to lose their jobs. He also never got over Nate dying. So to sum up my opinion, Sammy Bryant is a bad and weak cop, and Ben Sherman is a solid and great cop.
  • Officer Ben Sherman - What an A-Hole

    I do like Southland but it's weird because I can't stand the main character, Officer Ben Sherman. He is a total Ass Hole who thinks he's the bee's knees. To be honest, he is the perfect character to portray the common stereotypical cop that everyone hates. It's not even his over inflated ego, or his privileged upbringing that makes me dislike him. These are annoying traits but I can forgive these. It's his whole personality and mentality that makes my blood boil.

    I've been watching him for five whole seasons and I've lost count of the times he has proven himself to be a vicious, spiteful, mean-spirited, vindictive C word. Here are just two examples that come to mind...

    In season 3 or 4 his partner said something to him that was a petty insult, nothing serious, in fact, it was a bit of light hearted banter. However, because it poked his inflated ego, he responded by outlining a possible scenario where his partner might not be the real father of his kid. He planted this cruel thought into his partners head by saying, "your wife could have got anyone to ring you pretending to be a doctor from the lab giving you the DNA results" Officer Ben Sherman was basically saying that his partners wife was manipulating him for child support. If you re-watch this scene you will see that it was a nasty, spiteful unprovoked attack.

    Also, remember when Officer Ben Sherman accused his partner of being dirty for finding that pipe? He accuses someone of being dirty even though a few episodes later, Officer Sherman MURDERED that pimp in cold blood. It was a PLANNED execution because he took that spare gun to work with him to plant it and give him an excuse to shoot. That there is the worst kind of dirty cop.

    He is a manipulative, two-faced liar who has convinced himself he has superior morals and ethics even though the truthful facts prove he has little conscious and even less morals but his arrogance won't let him see these truths.

    Another PERFECT example of his mans nasty character is when he bumped into an old friend from university in the street. (S05E05) This old friend used to sell weed and without knowing Sherman was now a cop, he handed him his contact info and said he can still get anything. So, what did Officer Ben Sherman do? He went straight to the drug team and gave up his old friend. If that wasn't bad enough, he then continued to ask his partner if he would make a good detective. The reason he was asking is because his drug dealer tip off made friends of all the right people to get a promotion and become a detective. So, to sum up, he sold out his old university friend for a chance to be a detective.

    Seriously, the more I consider Officer Ben Sherman's actions in Southland, the more I see and the more I can't stand him. I would LOVE to see him get killed off.

    The only saving grace is, thank goodness for Officer John Cooper. Now this is a real decent straight up cop. He is also a genuine good guy and I love watching this character, Unlike Ben Sherman who makes me sick to my stomach.
  • I don't get it!!!!!

    The States can fill 100's of channels with crap programs and adverts, lets face it the adverts are more entertaining than most of the programs they show. But just occasionally there's a stroke of genius. A program that just not Americans get; then they go and cancel it. I struggle sometimes with the American way of doing things sometimes. What kind of numbers does a show have to make for it to be commissioned in the states? If a show is well written like Southland the audience just does not stop in America it's worldwide. Now surely that should be supported? In England we have something called a licence fee it's about 160.00 GBP a year and everyone pays it, cable is an optional extra. In return, licence payers get a multimedia powerhouse which is unique in the world (no adverts) & a voice.


  • Needed marketing ... no way this show should have been cancelled

    There is no way this show should have been cancelled, it was great.. the writing, the reality, details all bang on. Marketing, well... I heard about the show through co-workers and only started watching last year. Really needs to be picked up by a network and marketed more effectively. Who decides this, all the crap on TV and this gets cancelled? Cancelling my cable
  • twice??? REALLY???

    this is the second time they have cancelled this network needs to pick it are so many questions and so much more they can do with it!!! there are loyal followers and they do this??? I for one am cancelling TNT from my cable package!!! idiots!!
  • Cancellation

    I really enjoyed watching Southland, and I wish it was not cancelled!! Please bring it back!!!
  • Amazing show thrown in the trash...

    I'm saddened to hear that this show has been cancelled. Why do Americans prefer "Under the dome" 90210 and Rookie Blue. Southland is the closest thing from being the real deal! Shame on the networks for bad advertising of this amazing show. NBC had the money, then went to TNT. I really hope another network takes it and shows it to the world via ads how great it is! Good luck Southland!
  • TV is boring without Southland.

    I am a major crime drama junkie. I grew up watching matlock, Ironside, Perry Mason, Dragnet, and the entire Law & Order Franchise. I still enjoy all the shows I grew up on but Southland smokes them all and sets a new standard for crime stories. I am sad that Southland took the ax. TNT can bite me now. I can't believe they replaced Southland with Castle. Are you fricken stoned or just stupid? When you finish replacing all of the intelligent programming with the redundant, boring, and mind numbing programs don't forget to change your call letters from TNT to ZZZ. .
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  • what the flock

    I find a show worth watching and you cancel
  • What the hell

    Why is it they always cancel the best shows..... I dont know one person that didnt like this show .. these god damn corporate channels pull your head out of your a$$

  • Are you kidding me????

    The network is going to leave it like that??? Spoiler Cooper shot, is he dead? WTF!!!!! There better be another season to wrap things up. I hate it when a long time series gets cancelled and they don't bother to wrap it up. Give us 6 episodes at least to wrap up everything on any show that has more than one season!!!!!
  • Why do things always happen to me

    Why do they always end good shows too soon
  • Not your Mom's cop show.

    One of the best shows on tv. And, the best show about cops EVER!
  • exciting, nail biting, edge of my seat good

    10,10,10,10,'s all around!!! I just cannot put into words how much I love this show!!! pleazzzzz don't cancel this show!!!
  • great crime drama

    Terrific show--great acting, realistic episodes--enthralling. Loved Cooper's character--very humane towards others
  • April 10th show

    What a great show, however, shows like that leave you wanting more and more and we were totally disappointed to learn that next week is the final for the season.

    The writing in this show is amazingly complex and hits home so well. The acting is great as well. I dont watch tv but this and Breaking Bad are phenomenal. WATCH IT!!!
  • Best cop show on TV since the shield



    By randyrendon, 7 hours ago

    As a police chief I normally stay away from fictional police programs with the exception of Southland. This program is as real as real gets and hard hitting to the point that I can's wait for next installment. "

    I'm so happy to read that what I'd always believed is true. Southland is THE number one, most realistic, most hard-hitting cop/CSI/anything show on TV at the moment. There are moments that are actually chilling and horrific to watch, however we forget that police up and down the land deal with this on a daily basis. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled - it would be a huge mistake and would leave us with nothing but paint-by-numbers procedurals that bore me to death.
  • Outstanding

    As a police chief I normally stay away from fictional police programs with the exception of Southland. This program is as real as real gets and hard hitting to the point that I can's wait for next installment. The last episode kept me up all night with a feeling of helplessness and the very next day I addressed safety issues and training with my troops. I now feel stronger in my commitment to public service because your program shows us not as super heroes but heroic in the fact that we are prepared to risk our own lives for our fellow man. Your directors and stars brought this all home to me and I too believe the program is deserving of Emmy awards. Thank you all so much and please express my gratitude to the stars of Southland, one of which is from my hometown, Austin, Texas, for putting their hearts into their roles.
  • Emmy's al around

    Too bad TV shows can't get in the running for Oscar's. That episode deserves an Emmy, Cooper deserves an Emmy, and the Hispanic cop (sorry, he wasn't around long enough for his name to stick) deserves an Emmy. I was crawling out of my skin hearing him scream like a little girl. I would too.
  • hey guys doing Southland

    It is a great show. Yes it is not walt disney. I have never talked to a cop who though that he/she though they were in a walt disney movie. It seems to be real in the way that they stories people tell about their lives are real. Like the guy below I used to watch Third Watch but the problem with show and it was good; Was in LA and in Detriot the cops don't like each other and the only thing they can agree on is how much they hate the fireman. Who basically get all the women and everybody likes them.

    Keep up the good work.
  • To the Producer's

    Just a suggestion, you need to make the show like THIRD WATCH, you guys produced that show from 1999 thru 2006 and you have Carlos on the this Show. THIRD WATCH was one of the best show's ever made, were it involoved the police dept, paramedics, and firfighters in NEW YORK, you make Southland like THIRD WATCH you will get viewers,make characters like SULLY,FAITH and most of all BOSCO and dont forget SGT CRUZ and TI,TRY to get Sgt CRUZ or Bosco on this show. I hope you comsider using THIRD WATCH as a starting point for next season,THIRD WATCH!!!!!!
  • Just watched DVD of Babel episode.....

    I'm exhausted. I watched and liked the last couple season and considered myself a fan. Now - its just too much. Nobody in that story has a decent moment in their lives. Maybe It was that way before and I'm just getting old ! I'm overloaded with TV interests so I'm going to drop this one. The rest of you - carry on.
  • southland

    im from austraila and we have just started from season 1 and seaon 4 during the week. its not a bad show. some scenes look real life. shooting dead gangsters from chasing preps down the street,. in season 1 theres a scene where one of the cops is chasing a perp and he is hit by a truck, now you see the truch hit the prep smash and he is flated. dammm very real life there. i must say it would take a while to get use to this show but i can see myself liking it very much
  • southland

    sorry, could hardly hear the dialog for the beeps covering their language. just what we need another realality show. was this rated X or what. references to masterbation, comments of mother f____. and so on. i hope your show crashes and burns.

    i realy expected more fron TNT "Taint Nothin Twoit"
  • Gritty and Interesting

    Southland is a gritty and interesting law enforcement show that I've gradually become a fan of. I appreciate the uncompromising storytelling and the gritty reality each episode offers. However, I do think the show has its peeks and valleys (some inconsistencies in quality and pacing) and impresses the most when watched in complete seasons.
  • Love This

    Love This Show Keep Up The Good Work!
  • Last season was great but

    Take out the gay stuff and last season would have been top notch and would have gotten a 9.