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Southland - Season 3

NBC (ended 2013)



User Score: 447

Episode Guide

  • Graduation Day
    Episode 10
    Officer Ben faces his final day as a rookie and contends with Cooper's increasing dependence on painkillers. Meanwhile, Detective Sammy Bryant is assigned a new partner and then makes a decision about his future with the LAPD.
  • Failure Drill
    Episode 9
    Officer John Cooper's back problem becomes worse as Ben Sherman nears the end of his training period. Meanwhile, Lydia Adams is involved in a shoot-out while preoccupied with the teenaged son of a murder victim and Sammy Bryant turns his attention to his impending fatherhood.
  • Fixing a Hole
    Episode 8
    Sammy Bryant looks for answers to his problems in the desert, as Detectives Adams and Ochoa babysit an important alcoholic witness before a murder trial. Officers Cooper and Sherman disregard standard procedure to help a young boy who needs help.
  • Sideways
    Episode 7

    Detective Adams is suspended from duty and bonds with an injured witness. Meanwhile, a high-speed chase during which a bystander is killed haunts Officer Chickie Brown as Officer Cooper attempts to clean up a neighborhood.

  • Cop or Not
    Episode 6
    Detective Adams discovers there are good and bad consequences involved with being in the spotlight as she works on a celebrity's murder. Detective Bryant goes out on patrol as Officers Cooper and Sherman become frustrated with a tedious security detail.
  • The Winds
    Episode 5
    Detectives Adams and Ochoa are assigned a complicated rape case on the Westside. Officer John Cooper bonds with an abandoned teenager while also having to deal with testifying at his own father's parole hearing.
  • Code 4
    Episode 4
    Officer John Cooper gives Sherman tips on how to be a police officer, including the proper method to make a death notification and arrest a suspected drug user. Detective Sammy Bryant continues to stay at his partner's home as he sorts out his marital difficulties. With Josie Ochoa in court, Detective Adams deals with a drug-related murder case by herself.moreless
  • Discretion
    Episode 3
    Officer Ben Sherman seeks revenge after the man who raped his mother is released from prison. Detectives Adams and Ochoa argue about a chainsaw that may have been used in a murder as Sammy Bryant deals with Tammi's betrayal.
  • Punching Water
    Episode 2

    Detective Sal Salinger asks Lydia and Josie for help when a four-year-old is killed in a drive-by shooting in a series of gang murders. Officer John Cooper is asked to monitor Dewey after he returns from rehab, Ben Sherman is teamed up with Chickie Brown.

  • Let It Snow
    Episode 1
    Detective Lydia Adams adjusts to working with her new partner, Detective Josie Ochoa, as they investigate the disappearance of an illegal immigrant. Detective Russell Clarke settles in to a new desk job. Meanwhile, Detectives Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta track down the killer of two gangbangers. Officer Ben Sherman catches the eye of an attractive woman during a traffic stop, while his partner, Officer John Cooper, copes with increasing back pain.moreless
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