Season 5 Episode 8

The Felix Paradox

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on NBC

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  • Ben Sherman becomes more frightening than ever

    It's a credit to this show that I never feel as if I am watching characters. The writers and actors do a wonderful job of making these characters all too human. No one is without flaws, no one too likeable or too loathsome. But that makes the transformation of Ben Sherman that much more unsettling. Earlier this season, Sherman was disgusted by the lies of Chad Michael Murray's character. Now, he's fine with less than moral tactics. His comment about "who cares how we found the guns & dope, we found it!" was one of the scariest things I've ever heard someone say on this show. At least Bryant is recognizing his bad behavior, recognizing that he has a problem. Sherman, on the other hand, is blind to his moral failings, choosing to rationalize away his choices. Too bad Vic Mackie & the Strike Team aren't around anymore, because with every episode Sherman looks more and more like an ideal candidate.
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