Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • WTF????

    As the wife of a police officer I enjoyed this series!!! If your ending such a true to life show it should have been named "End of Watch" !
  • End of the season

    and hopefully, that is all it is. I was pretty happy with it, still packed with the best acting, production, cop drama and action offered anywhere on TV -ever.

    And the "life goes on" stage was set for the main characters:Cooper -back to drill training; Tang- moving on; Adams- giving up what she loves most, to do what she had to do; Sherman -his flaws maturing with a almost smug not-sorry look: and Sammy Bryant (my favorite) blaming himself for now a second partner tragedy. I didn't have as big a problem with the camerawork or the fill-in-the-missing-scene moments, and the last scene was a little odd, but it was still cool.
  • Thursday

    A great way to end the season, but at times I think the live Cops style camera filming distracts and makes it difficult to discern entirely what is going on. It was hard to follow the car wash chase and then seeing Ben with the body, instead of seeing him actually commit the murder, I get the artistic image they are going for, but it can be a bit of a letdown at times.

    And then the ending was definitely say the least.