Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2012 on NBC

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  • Excellent,, Realistic.

    Season 4 start off with a very engaging and well done episode. This show was moved from NBC to TNT due to its realistic portrayal of minority street gangs, apparent (although I still cant find any excessive) violence, and raw 4 letter word (Shxt) language. If you look PAST that--you have a riveting show with excellent characters, realistic police officers and realistic street scenes. just TRY and get the scene where the officer runs into the backyard of what appears to be an entire gang of black hoods on NETWORK Tv and see how many civil rights do gooders protest. Meanwhile this show is showing REALITY. This show seems to be a hit with real police and not much from the general public who prefer glamour and priced stars over gritty , dirty streets of South Central. This was an extremely engaging and well done episode. My only complaint is I was actually annoyed they didn't show any actual blood impact gunshots in the last 10 minutes where a psycho brought a shotgun into the station house it owuld have been better but....I think TNT has a BAN on "blood squib" impact shots ((as does ABC, and NBC) I dont think I have seen any on this show.. Fox and CBS do not have that ban any longer. Other than that, a Solid 10.

    PS--I have a complaint to TNT--the episode clocked in at 40:21 including opening a 60 minute time slot. TV series from the 50's through the early 90's used to clock in at about 49 minutes per episodic hour. To shorten this down to 40 minutes to add additional commercials is REALLY pushing the limits of what a viewer will tolerate. Other networks now air hour long episodes at about 43 min and 40 seconds ...TNT is lowering that to a scant 40 minutes which means exactly 1/3rd of the hour is commercial advertisements. Ridiculous.....
  • Wednesday


    While this show is overhyped because it is not "the finest hour of television" this is still a raw and gritty program at its best and we saw that tonight. Lucy Liu fit in well, and they aggressively introduced her with racial commentary and a hostile backstory.

    From the shootout, to the chase, this is about as action-packed as you could ask for. Southland eliminates the timewasting scenes most cop shows have and as you saw today just gives us the ones we want.