Space: 1999

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Space: 1999
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It's 1999 and a base has been built on the Moon. Moonbase Alpha safeguards the nuclear waste shipped from Earth and carries out research. Moonbase Alpha is staffed with 311 crew members. On September 13, 1999, disaster strikes. The nuclear waste explodes, in a chain reaction, and the Moon is hurled out of Earth's orbit, into deep space. Thus begins the adventures of Space:1999. "We've had a lot of success so far. We know what dangers to expect out there from black suns, neutron storms, radiation and the like, but if we think we know everything that goes on out there, we're making a terrible mistake!" -- John Koenig, Commander Moonbase Alpha In 1976 several episodes were compiled into movie length specials. Compilation movies: Alien Attack: #1-1 Breakaway & #1-4 War Games Journey Through the Black Sun: #1-3 Collision Course & 1-10 Black Sun Cosmic Princess: #2-1 The Metamorph & #2-14 Space Warp Destination: Moonbase Alpha: #2-18 & 2-19 The Bringers of Wonder pts 1 & 2 Video special: Message From Moonbase Alpha shown at Space: 1999 Breakway Convention in Los Angelas, California on September 13, 1999. This "final" episode is 7 minutes long and features Data Section Coordinator Sandra Benes (Zienia Merton) transmitting a final message from Moonbase Alpha to Earth.



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