Space: 1999

Season 1 Episode 16

Another Time, Another Place

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1976 on

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  • Sucked through a vortex in space and time, the Alphans meet their future selves on the planet Earth.

    The moon hits a mysterious object in space and is flung beyond the speed of light across space and time. Somehow, the Alphans find themselves approaching the Solar system and returning to a perfect orbit around Earth.

    But weird things are happening to one of the women on Alpha. She is having delusions that she is already living out in the open, under the hot sun and is even experiencing sun burn. Moreover, she claims to be Alan Carter's widow and that both he and Commander Koenig died during Operation Exodous!

    After arriving in orbit, the Alphans discover a second moon, identical to theirs and it is on a collision course. Investigating, they find a second, but long abandoned moonbase alpha and the wrecked remains of an Eagle with both the bodies of Carter and Koenig.

    With only a little time before the two moons collide, Commander Koenig, Alan Carter and Dr. Russell journey to Earth where they find their own future. Learning that if the two groups of Alphans meet one another the future Alphans will surely die, the Commander decides to return to his Alpha in the hopes that when the moons do collide that everyone on it will not die, but that time will correct itself.

    I thought this episode was really cool when I was a kid, but seeing it today, I found it lacking. While I enjoyed seeing the abandoned ruins of Moonbase Alpha and the future Alphans back on Earth (dressed like Moses and living in a hippie commune) I think the overall premise of this particular show is pretty weak and the resolution just silly. I can really see why serious sci-fi fans were turned off.

    Still, I like Space 1999 well enough and can suspend some disbelief, but I think there are a lot better epiodes in Season 1. There were a lot worse too, which is why I call this one "middle of the road."