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Space 1999 - the next generation?

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    [1]Apr 26, 2007
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    With all the old shows coming back (Dr Who, Blake's 7, etc) shouldn't Space 1999 be considered?


    The Eagles still look good today and the story line still has legs. Question would be should it be a re-telling of the old story or a next generation kind of thing where by we are introduced too the children or grand-children of the people stationed on Moonbase Alpha when she left Earth's orbit.

    Heck, I'd even love a few episodes dealing with the aftermath on Earth.


    What do you all think ?

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    [2]May 26, 2007
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    If it were brought back it would be a retelling of the original.  A "next generation" concept for a show that hasn't aired new episodes in 30 years wouldn't sell because it would be considered confusing to the majority of potential viewers who aren't familiar with the original  Of course I have long suspected the only way we'd see a new 1999 would be as a parody a la the Brady Bunch movies.
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    [3]May 30, 2007
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    I think a next gen idea might work, if it's done right. Star Trek: Next Gen was a good few years after the original but still worked. I'd like to see a new series written in the same vain as Doctor Who 2005, a new series but with a passing acknowledgment of the old. The first episode could explain how the moon left Earth's orbit. That should be enough to introduce the show to new viewers, whilst not boring the pants off the old fans!
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    [4]Jun 2, 2007
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    I would prefer a re-do along the lines of Battlestar Galactica which is wrapping up 4 seasons.

    I would keep the same look and feel with a new cast. Moonbase would be basically the same, with some new sections and updated technology.  The mysterious feel of Season 1 should be kept but they should lighten the mood a little more - similar to what they do on the Stargate series.

    Name could be SPACE: 2099  (put in far enough into the future this time).  Also devise a new way to blast the moon out of orbit (experimental anti-matter reactor or some other creative method. And this time blow a large chunk of the moon like someone took a bite out an apple.  Keep the Eagles basically the same but with newer Season 2 types included - dont ruing them by making them look some art student on drugs designed them.  And start the base off with a fleet of  of Mark IX Hawks and laser batteries for defense along with missiles.  They could have a shipyard near the base where they could begin building ships to leave the Moon behind - as the series progressed some would elect to leave the safety of the Moon, others would think its a waste of effort and prefer to remain behind.

     The original concept had the base located on  a large asteroid - I guess that would work too.

    Actors from the old series could be used as guest stars (they are getting old, but most of them are still alive). 


    The fans would vote on the 12 best episodes of the series and those would be reworked for the new series. Episodes like Dragons Domain and War Games would be at the top of the list. 

     Will anything like this ever happen? Not unless someone with big money steps up to the plate to fund the project. With all the reality TV crap, crime shows and other junk, the day will come when people want to see something like Space: 2099 again. 

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    [5]Jun 11, 2007
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    I woul;d love to see a new series. The original was pretty corney sometimes but I loved the feeling of hope it gave me. Particularly season 1. I doubt if all the CG would make it any better. The painstaking detail of the original sets and models was unparalled. Still, if done right..........
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    [6]Aug 24, 2007
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    Sorry to pull up an old topic, but I just watched the full series on DVD and had to chime in on the discussion.

    I think there is enough of a fan base out there that remembers the show and if retold with a Battlestar-esque approach it would not only attract the die hards, but open up the series to a new generation of fans. I'm amazed at the number of younger folks who aren't even familiar with the premise of the show.

    If done right, it could be a huge hit.

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    [7]Oct 10, 2007
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    To do a next generation thing with this show would be seen as a joke. Personally i'd enjoy it, but the idea of continuing a story with with an obviously fictional premise, and expecting people to take it seriously.......

    I just think that would be a really hard sell. The idea of remaking is a good one, but i'm not sure if the show has the variety and punch that a modern audience wants. They want violence and people killing each other, and romance and sex, all in one. Just a little extreme for Space 1999. They even had to make the Doctor meaner to make it sell.

    2cents?? is that all it's worth?

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    [8]Nov 21, 2007
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    It's often quoted that fans of Space:1999 are those with an appreciation of the visual as much as dramatic, since the look of this series was so left of field for tv sci-fi, as much as Kubrick's "2001" departed from the sci-fi norm in film. Is there a Caleb Deschanel that would be willing to film this new tv re-make for similar effect?
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    [9]Feb 29, 2008
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    The main problem with a re-make is that people these days generally have a better understanding of science. Even if the Moon which is mostly basalt could be pushed out of orbit without it breaking up, for it to pass through a different solar system almost every week, It would have to be travelling hundreds of times the speed of light. This being the case they'd pass right through within seconds.

    So for a re-make to work, the basic premise would have to change.

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    [10]May 3, 2009
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    dervxerox, Excellent Excellent Point. As a kid I use to love this show but a remake today would not make any sense at all. Also the remake would have to be named "Space 2099" for it to be valid. After all our moon is still here.

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    [11]Aug 26, 2009
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    yes you are right it would great to see it run new show i love the show .that why i like fysy let me know if they do

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