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  • Space 1999 was a show that you either loved or hated.

    On September 13, 1999 the nuclear waste dumps on the moon go critical. The massive explosions tear the moon from the Earth's orbit and send it hurtling into deep space. Our heros, trapped inside Moonbase Alpha and cut off from the rest of humanity must ride the runaway moon until they either find a way back to Earth or a new home.

    Produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the creative minds behind such sci-fi classics as The Thunderbirds and UFO, Space 1999 featured good costumes, fairly believable futuristic sets and great props. Above all, the show has wonderfully detailed model work that easily rivals feature films, like Star Wars, that were made around the same time. Even today, in the age of CG graphics, the show's special effects still look surprisingly good.

    The downside of Space 1999 is in the stories. Because the show has an especially weak premise it immediately turns off most hard core sci-fi fans. The first season does its best and soldiers through mostly on the strength of its cast. There are some good episodes and some surprisingly bad ones too. By the second season the show's producers seem to understand that their main audience is children and re-work the show to include new characters which would make the show even more appealing to kids.

    Overall, I have fond memories of this show from my childhood and have bought at least three of the first season DVD sets. I must say, however, that the show is better nostalgia than science fiction and I can't recommend it for anyone who isn't looking for a little campy, 70s sci fi.