Space: 1999

(ended 1977)





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  • A childhood fav that I somehow still like inspite of how bad it is.

    I was watching this show as a 7-9 year old who had seen every episode of Star Trek re-run a 100 times already. I loved space shows & adventure shows & I was hooked. The music & acting & themes made me think I was watching something really IMPORTANT. Now, I realize how silly it all is. And yet, I still have a soft spot for it. Like UFO, there is no character development & no continuing story. But I like 99 better than UFO. 99 could run into anything out there while UFO was always just the next plan of invasion by the aliens. The science of 99 is ridiculous to say the least. How come the moon doesn't get caught in another planet's orbit? How fast are they traveling? Where do they get replacements for the 20 Eagles they lose per episode? The stories were actually more mystical than scienific. They met "God" and all kinds of beyond human comprehension aliens. The endings were often downbeat which they would never do in a show marketed for kids today. Made me realize that life wasn't all heroics that all worked out in the end. Season 2 of course ruins it. Now it is just a Trek rip off. Nice that the crew is more friendly and personable but the plots are total cheese. And that action jazz music is priceless, right up there with Trek fight theme! I like Maya but she would save the day so easily. Still both seasons are worth a look for the great FX (for the 70s this was top notch) and the scripts that almost pull off a winner.