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  • Space 1999 was the pinnacle of 1970s television. Only a 70s TV show could have come up with the extreme and elaborate premise of the moon being blown out of Earth orbit!

    Space: 1999 tells the story of a group humans living and working on the moon in facility called Moonbase Alpha. After an explosion occurs in one of the toxic waste dumps, the moon is propelled into deep space, far away from Earth.

    I don't remember the original broadcast of Space: 1999; probably because I wasn't even born! But I do remember watching it in the late 90s (!) as a child and I loved it.

    The effects were bad, the character's weren't that believable and the storyline's could have used some sprucing up, but that is what made it a brilliant show - a 1970s show.

    I liked every moment of Space: 1999 as a child. I remember the Eagles being my favorite vehicle, and the laser being my favourite weapon. I recently went back and watched a few episodes of the series and, by god does it look a lot different than I remember! I suppose a child's imagination get's the better of you.

    Overall, I loved Space: 1999 and still do today. It is a classic Sci-Fi series, and to me, the original; the one that got me interested in Sci-Fi programs altogether.