Space: 1999

(ended 1977)





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  • A captain and his space crew are on Earth's moon. a nuclear explosion causes the Earth's moon to break out of Earth's gravitation. The moon along with a space colony is released into a space adventure!

    Being a Star Trek fan, I think this show is very interesting! Instead of a using a starship to space travel, this show uses Earth's moon moving out of orbit! The most unique factor about this sci-fi show is using a traveling moon rather than a starhip. The show is more like Star Trek in the second season. In the second season it seems like the moon is traveling faster. They seem to go to a different planet in each episode. They also get an alien that can shapeshift. This shapeshifter was very useful in many occassions when the crew got into trouble. I gave this show a 9.5 but would have givin it a perfect 10 if there were a couple of more improvements. For one, I think the show should have added "Brian the Brain" to the crew, a robot they discovered early in the second season.