Space: 1999

Season 2 Episode 19

The Bringers of Wonder (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 11, 1977 on



  • Trivia

    • As Alan drove a moon buggy around near the nuclear waste site, the '5' numbering on the sides and front were reversed in many shots.

    • On the medical monitor, Helena saw the Swift landed outside the Alpha nuclear waste site, but if she was still under the aliens' influence, she should have been seeing it in New York. Only Maya and Koenig should have seen the ship (actually an Eagle) at the waste site. Also, they say that the aliens have to be present to exert their control, yet none were in the room with Helena, Maya and Koenig, so she should have been able to see the Eagle.

    • In Part 1, Helena said it was 1912 days after the moon left Earth. In this episode, she says it is 2515 days, placing Part 2 almost 2 years after Part 1. In dialog, Koenig says, "We've been in space for months." The previously given figure would mean it's been almost seven years, not just months.

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