Space: 1999

Season 2 Episode 24

The Dorcons

Aired Unknown May 01, 1978 on

Episode Recap

The status of this episode as ^final^ episode is, as of 1999, a matter of dispute. At a 1999 convention, Zienia Merton reprised her role as Sandra Benes, and working from a Johnny Byrne script, taped ^Message from Moonbase Alpha.^ The ^episode^ is several minutes long and serves to wrap up the Space:1999 story line. Basically, Moonbase's life support systems are beginning to fail, the Alphans have decided to abandon Moonbase for a habitable planet on their sensors' edges. Gravitic forces will swing the moon back past the planet in about twenty years. The message Sandra is taping will be encoded by a device of Maya's construction and sent back to the Earth. For those of us who wondered why the show disappeared so quickly, the concluding episode (more of a concluding scene, really) is a nice example of why fans are fans. Without the fans, no one would have bothered putting together a conclusion at all.