Space: 1999

Season 2 Episode 2

The Exiles

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 1976 on



  • Trivia

    • After being stunned in the Alpha power plant, Helena, Tony and Maya all change positions in later shots from where they originally fall.

    • Helena says they can't allow children to be born on Alpha as the strain on the life support systems would be too great, yet no one made any effort to prevent Jackie being born in "Alpha Child".

    • Cantar's stun is supposed to last an hour but when Tony is stunned he wakes up after only 30 seconds.

  • Quotes

    • (talking about Maya kissing the commander)
      Maya: In your world, a kiss causes embarrassment?
      Tony: Well apparently it does in your world, too, since you had to change into another woman to do it.
      Maya: It's more fun that way. Would you like to try?
      (Tony turns to Sandra as if to ask permission)
      Sandra: Go on, Tony.
      (Tony turns back to see Maya has changed into an ugly old woman)
      Maya: I'm waiting, Tony.
      Tony: You got a long wait, kid. Ciao.

    • Helena:Must you always assume the worst?
      Koenig: Yes.

    • Helena: It looks like a swarm of space bees.
      Tony: Yeah, every one with an atomic sting in its tail, maybe.

  • Notes

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