Space: 1999

Season 1 Episode 24

The Last Enemy

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1976 on
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In a solar system where two hostile planets are always on opposite sides of their sun, one planet uses the wandering Moon as a gun platform, putting Alpha in the middle of a never-ending war.

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  • An underdeveloped story about war.

    Alpha is caught between 2 planets at war. They will be the battle ground & probably get wiped out. Beta seems to be a planet of women (or a women dominated society I guess). We only see one old guy ruling Delta. They never talk about the Betans being all women, this should be a plot point. Or a good reason not to settle there as the men are slaves or something like that. Koenig has some awesome binoculars to be able to see missles hit Delta from the Moon! Dr. Russell almost registers jealousy when the Betan commander tries to seduce Koenig but again, no character insights. Alan's gut instincts are proven right but no dialogue later to mention this. More a lost opportunity than a good ep. Damage report: Alpha hit & Russell says there are casualties but unclear how many.moreless
Barry Morse

Barry Morse

Prof. Victor Bergman (Season 1)

Prentis Hancock

Prentis Hancock

Paul Morrow (Season 1)

Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain

Dr. Helena Russell

Martin Landau

Martin Landau

Commander John Koenig

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Capt. Alan Carter

Clifton Jones

Clifton Jones

David Kano (Season 1)

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Both Bergman and the Bethans state that because the two planets always have their star between them, they cannot directly shoot at each other. It is common practice today to slingshot space probes around celestial bodies, using their gravity to alter velocity and course, what's known as a "gravity assist" maneuver. A straight line course between planets is not necessary. That is, assuming their advanced missiles inexplicably had no guidance systems that could correct their course in mid-flight and they were just firing blindly.

    • Whenever missiles are fired on or at the Moon, Koenig gives the order for everyone to get down on the floor away from the windows. However, if the explosions had damaged the windows, the escaping air would fling the glass outward, as seen in other episodes. Their bigger problem would have been Main Mission instantly decompressing and killing them all.

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